Two Loves One Heart

Conflicted Heart

Looking up to the stars

Wondering how long until I'll reach places afar

To others my life has been a mystery

The only one who knows the whole truth is me

Will I open up? Will I ever know the truth love?

Will I ever get to feel the touch from the the clouds above?

Looking at the stars

Two people fill my mind

And lately I've thought of them all of the time

One hair that is of a crow, with eyes of rubies

The other hair like that of a snowy winter, with eyes of green grass touched with morning dew

Both have claimed me as their own

As if I was a stray without a home

Who to choose?

The one who is to laughter as a drunk is to booze

Or the one whose master's life over his own is the one that he would rather choose

Which one would set my life on the best ride?

Demon or Shinigami?

My conflicted heart cannot decide...

Should I give my love to:

The heart of Sebastian's or Undertaker's side?

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