Two Loves One Heart

Chapter 1

Trees rocked in the rough breeze. Leaves swirls around to and fro. Winter was here and making itself known. Standing in a park, the only thing keep a certain girl warm was her Chai Latte and her knee length coat. Amber, cat-like eyes scanned the area around her. "Where is that guy?" She whispered to herself. Pulling out her phone she texted said person

Amber: where r u?

Derrick: behind u stupid😘

"Oh..." Amber blushed. Derrick pulled her into a hug and kissed her cheek. Running a hand up and down her back. Pushing some of her chestnut brown hair out of her eyes, he lifted her face to meet his. Amber's blushed deepened as she stared into ocean blue eyes. White bangs shaped his face perfectly.

His lips met hers as they stood by a large oak tree. Her tongue tracing his bottom lip he opened his mouth eagerly. A sudden impatient bark made them break apart. Both looked down at Amber's grey Husky, Coal. Laughing the cat-eyed female took a sip of her latte. "Sorry boy."

Derrick squatted to pat the dog's head. "How's the mission going?" He said his voice lowering urgently. Standing up once more he looked Amber dead in the eye.

"The target hasn't been at the club for the past week. He was there when I started two weeks ago, but always disappeared while I was dancing." She sighed. "But I have intel saying he'll be there tonight."

Derrick nodded. "Good." A sly smile formed on his lips. "By the way," Amber looked at him. "You think you could put on a show for me when the job is done." The girl just nodded and turned her head as her blushed deepened even more, if that was even possible. "Cool. Oh, and wear that red number for me. Okay?" Winking he took Coal, who happily barked and wagged his tail, and walked away, waving at her.

Amber looked up. It was getting dark, she had to get to the club. She turned around only to run headfirst into someone. Her Chai Latte fell on the ground and spilled on the concrete and herself. She lifted her head and her amber eyes locked with red ones. Her hand ran through her hair as she got up.

"Forgive me sir." She mumbled.

The man had also stood up by now. "No, miss. I apologize." His hair was as black as midnight and his eyes ruby red. He held out his hand to her.

Ignoring it, Amber dusted herself off and walked away without waiting for his reply.

'I have a feeling we'll meet again soon.' The man thought before being called away by a young boy. "Sebastian!" A blue hair boy called. 'Sebastian' walked off with the boy, but not before taking one last look at the lady who had quickly walked away.

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