Two Loves One Heart

Chapter 2

a/n: heavily edited compared to the wattpad. version; this chapter makes me cringe, I wrote it like two years ago so bare with me. 😂]

Amber's POV

I was a little pissed that my drink spilled but I didn't have time to mope. I walked until I reached a run down brick building with flashing signs that said 'London Magic: Strip Club & Bar'.

I entered through the alley door using a key. Once inside, I walked through a dimly lit hallways until I came a rusted brown door. I knocked, prepared for what came next.

"Well, hello Antler." I was met with a smug smirk. Her green eyes looked me up and down judgingly. My outfit was covered in chai latte.

Ignoring her, I let my eyes roll as I walked past her. Stepping into a smaller area, I u willingly grabbed one of the more revealing outfits.

I was told that the black one piece complemented my amber eyes nicely. The front allowed a good bit of cleavage to show, much to my dislike. My legs were covered by nothing more than fishnet tights.

After getting dressed I quickly did my hair and put it in a ponytail, letting fall down on my back. The eyeshdow was smokey, the lipstick was red and other makeup stuff went on my face.

Lastly, I put on a choker will a cat bell on it. It was a little joke my manager decided to pull because of my cat-like eyes.


"It'll help bring out that cat-like sexiness." The pervert was practically drooling. "Trust me, it'll work. You have the body for it." He stood behind me, his grubby hands running down my sides. I elbowed him in the stomach and left the room, smirking as he groaned in pain

Surprisingly, it worked, I received the most tips out if all the girls that night.


The manager then stuck his head in the room. "Five minutes until show time..." When his eyes lingered on me and the others a little too long, I glared at him and he left, fear evident on his face. The other girls gossiped with one another. For the mission, I decided to keep a low profile and keep to myself.


I had preformed three times tonight. My body was drained of almost all of my energy. At least it brought in good pay. And this time, I'm not giving any of it away to the organization. I have dealt with too many perverts and disgusting hands touching places. I growled as I finished my last lap dance of the night.

As I walked out of the room, someone tapped my shoulder. "What's up hottie? Up for one more round?" I turned to see the face of my target, Alex Jackson. He was a young man in his late 20's. He had shaggy, auburn hair and green eyes. I quickly wiped the tired look off of my face and leaned forward.

"Of course~" I whispered seductively. "Let's go. I have a special room just for you."

Drooling he followed me as we walked into the back halls of the building and into the alleyway.

Once outside, I turned to face him. He was still grinning like an idiot. At this point I was bored so I just cut to the chase. "Okay, here's the deal..."

a/n: cliffhangers are fun ☺]

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