Can we trust her?

Chapter 10

Sebastian hadn’t been defeated but at least they had time to rest and prepare themselves so they returned to the facility, Carson had only been there one time and seeing that the Avengers weren’t there he didn’t return.

“There is only one helmet” Maria Hill pointed out, they were sitting in their living room “I am no mathematician but unless you have at least one more of those we are pretty screwed”

“I love how you are always so positive” Stark said with sarcasm

“She’s right though” Steve told him

“Meanwhile we should prepare ourselves for the fight” Sam told them

Everyone nodded, Steve opened his mouth “Hill, can I ask you a question?”

Natasha face palmed, Rogers was going to actually ask her

“Sure Cap” the agent told him

“Is there any chance you are Robin from How I met your mother?” the super soldier asked

She smirked “No”

“Are you sure?” Tony asked

“Yes” she answered again and before leaving she told them they had around 15 or 20 hours to prepare themselves

“Who is Robin?” Vision asked but no one answered

“Stark” Wanda started saying “is there any chance that you have a machine that can replicate metal?”

He frowned “No”

She tried again “If I could tell you how to make one, could you do it?”

The billionaire shrugged “I guess but I should really take a look at it”

She bit her lip

“Do you have a plan?” Natasha asked her

She nodded “Maybe I can take him to the other reality”

He got up “You taking me God knows where?! No thanks”

Steve sighed “Tony, we don’t have much choice”

The billionaire frowned and stared at Wanda “How can I know you are worthy of my trust?”

She shrugged “You’ll have to trust me blindly or we won’t have a chance with Sebastian”

He stood silent for a couple of minutes “Fine! But Cap has to stay here waiting for us”

Captain America arched his eyebrows but nodded “Sure, whatever”

Wanda reached for Stark’s hand and he took it, they sat on the couch “Close your eyes” she ordered, he sighed but obeyed.

She shut her eyes and tried to focus and he did too, this time it was 10 times worse than when she was alone, she could have even promised that her head would explode any time. The pain stopped and she opened her eyes, he let go Tony’s hand and he opened his eyes too. They had both appeared in front of Pietro’s house.

“Sh*t” Stark let out “A part of me thought you were just playing a joke”

She rolled her eyes and knocked on the door, her brother opened it.

“YOU DIED!!” Tony yelled

Pietro frowned at Wanda “You brought him here?”

“I had to” she excused herself “I need you to take us to his house or wherever he has that metal replicator machine”

He nodded and pointed at his car. At first the ride was silent; Tony was still shocked so he didn’t say a word which was weird.

“You found dad?” Pietro asked his sister

She nodded “He gave me the helmet”

He smiled “I told you he wasn’t such a jerk”

“Please tell me Pepper is alive here” Stark asked almost yelling

Pietro nodded “She is, and so is your daughter”

The billionaire almost choked on his own saliva “I have a daughter?!”

“Yes” He answered

“What’s her name?” Tony asked

“Zoe” Quicksilver answered, he felt uncomfortable with that fact that Stark didn’t even know his daughter’s name

“Can I see her?” he asked Wanda

She shook her head “We don’t have that much time” she answered

The billionaire nodded and sat back, three minutes later they saw a tall building with a huge sign that read STARK

Pietro left them at the entrance

“Okay, how are we going to get in?” Wanda asked out loud

A guard saw them “Mr. Stark! Come in please”

He smirked and Wanda followed

Stark read the guard’s name label “Chris, remind me where my metal replicator machine is”

Chris smiled “Second floor to the left Sir”

“Thank you” he said and they took the elevator “This is fun” he commented and she couldn’t help but to laugh. The elevator stopped and they followed Chris’s instructions, luckily there wasn’t anyone else in the room.

“JARVIS?” Tony asked unsure

“Yes Sir?” The AI answered

Wanda got goosebumps hearing Vision’s voice, it was too weird.

He smiled “Show me the plans for this machine, please”

“As you wish Sir” JARVIS said and the plans appeared in a TV Screen

Tony concentrated and after ten minutes he had memorized them “Let’s go” he said

They were about to wake up when a woman entered the room “Tony, what are you doing here?” she asked

They turned to the woman and saw Pepper with a girl about 17 with Stark’s hair color and eyes “Pepper” he let out and before Wanda could pull him away he ran to his girlfriend and hugged her tightly “I missed you so much” he told her

She frowned “You only went to the store”

He let her go and hugged the girl “Zoe” he said in a whisper

“Are you okay dad?” the girl asked

Tony took a step back and kissed Zoe’s forehead “I love you” his eyes were full of tears

Wanda never thought she could get to see the powerful Iron Man crying “Stark we have to go now” she said

He nodded and taking one last glance at them they went out the room and entered the elevator “We should go now” he said almost in a whisper looking at the floor

Wanda nodded and patted his back, he looked at her and smile.

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