Can we trust her?

Chapter 11

As soon as they returned, Stark started to build the machine, Vision was helping him, but Tony missed Banner; working with the humanoid was okay but working with Bruce was amazing, they complemented each other. Tony was relieved he had something to do because he honestly wanted to get Zoe out of his mind. He never had considered having children but seeing his daughter in flesh he kind of regretted not having one, he had never even asked Pepper about it.

At 4 am he was done and went to sleep for a while, Vision on the contrary went outside to have a small walk, he was rather surprised when he saw the Scarlet Witch sitting under wearing Magneto’s helmet, and he walked towards her.

“Do you mind if I sit?” Vision asked

She shook her head and he sat next to her “Are you alright?” he asked

“Not really” she answered “I didn’t even know my father was alive and frankly didn’t want to know, but now he comes and tells me he wants to make things right”

Vision looked at her “Why are you angry at him? I am new to human relations”

Wanda let out a small smile and started saying “I never knew why my actual mother and father left Pietro and I. After doing a little research when we were about 17, we found out our mother was dead. We couldn’t have had better parents than the Maximoff’s; they raised us and loved us even if it wasn’t their job”

For some reason Wanda felt that she could trust Vision, he was a good listener and friend. She continued “After my parents died Pietro and I had to live in the streets, we would steal and beg for food. Erik finally introduced himself to us when we were twelve. I remember we were in a fair; my brother was searching for coins on the floor while I stared at a candy in a food stand hoping the owner would give it to me because of feeling pity but he only threw me away”

The humanoid was rather impressed “I had no idea” he told her

She smiled weakly “No one has” the sky started to turn into a light blue color.

Wanda cleared her throat “Anyways, I started looking for Pietro so we could leave. A man placed his hand on my shoulder so I turned around hoping to find my brother but I saw a tall man wearing a helmet” she pointed at the one she was wearing “he smiled to me kindly and took my hand, he had something in his eyes that gave me trust, he took me to the stand I had been to earlier and bought the candy for me, I honestly thought he was some sort of angel, I feel stupid saying that out loud” she chuckled

He shook his head “You sound human not stupid”

“Is that an insult or a compliment?” She joked

He smiled and she continued “Pietro found me, and he immediately asked the man who the hell he was. Erik smiled to us and said something like ‘I am your father and I have come for you’. I remember thinking we were finally safe until he told us about his mutant’s army and how he could use our help so I mentioned my telekinesis and he offered me a position with him. My brother realized then that he hadn’t come back for his children, he came back for weapons. Pietro hated him, he told Erik to go away and assured me we didn’t need him, my father nodded and left, that’s when I understood Pietro was right, if my father had actually wanted us back he would have fought for us” Wanda sighed “I hope that helps you understand human relations”

The humanoid smiled “Thank you for telling me this Wanda”

She nodded “Thanks for listening”

Vision turned completely to her and said “You are the bravest and strongest person I have met”

The twin smiled “And you are the bravest and strongest humanoid I have met”

He chuckled and got up “I’ll walk you to your bedroom”

She nodded and followed “Thanks, I was worried about getting lost” she joked

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