Can we trust her?

Chapter 12

Natasha checked on Hill at 7 am to ask if Sebastian had recovered from the fight but the agent told her that they still had time to rest. There’s nothing better than running in the early morning so the spy decided to use her rest time in that; it was when she had her alone time, time to think about nonsense so when the fight would come she could focus properly, which hadn’t been easy lately. Bruce Banner wouldn’t leave her mind no matter how hard she tried.

The spy had never had a good history with love. She had been mistreated since she was a child, trained to become a weapon and a monster. She had never told anyone that she wasn’t able to have kids, no one but Bruce. When she had first met him he was silent and mysterious he didn’t trust anyone, but as she got to know him she could see how he was a wonderful person with a horrible past, just like she was. They say people who are broken can’t be with a normal person, but they were both broken, Natasha had hoped that they could fix each other but when Bruce left, her heart was broken. She knew that he left to protect her but to hell with that! She was surer to be much more dangerous than him; yes he turns into a huge green angry monster that can’t control himself but she is an expert in manipulation, if she wanted to she could make anyone trust her and then betray them, she had consciously killed a lot f people. If anyone was a monster it was her.

Natasha’s phone rang and she stopped running “Yeah?” she answered

“It’s Steve, come to the living room, Stark just finished making the helmets” He told her

“Okay” she answered and hanged up

Natasha ran back to the facility and had a quick shower before joining the Avengers in the living room.

Sam was making Wanda laugh on the kitchen table while Vision stared at Falcon trying to understand the jokes, Steve was chatting with Stark and Hill was listening to their conversation. Natasha cleared her throat.

Stark looked at her “Romanoff, come have a look at the helmets”

She walked to him and saw 6 helmets on the couch “You aren’t going to wear the suit?” she asked him

He nodded “I am, the sixth one is for Hill” The rest of the Avengers walked towards them.

“Which one is mine?” Falcon asked looking at them; they all looked like Captain America’s mask but with metal, except for the original one.

Stark shrugged “Any you like, except for the original, Maximoff is using that one”

The spy looked at her friend, she thought Wanda hated Magneto; she really needed to have a chat with her.

Sam took one and put it on “Do I look intimidating?” he asked excitedly

“No, you look ridiculous” Wanda told him

Everyone laughed but Falcon arched his eyebrows “You think you can look scary with one?”

She smirked “Oh I do” and went to get her father’s helmet, she put it on and her eyes flashed red

Sam took a step back “Okay okay, you win”

She smiled.

“You made a suit, Stark?” Natasha asked him

He nodded “Yep, to be fair I took one of my old ones and bathed it in with the metal. We tested it and it worked”

Steve turned to Hill “Have you heard anything about Sebastian?”

She shook her head “Not yet but he won’t take too long to come back”

He nodded “Thanks”

Natasha knew Steve was still obsessed with the idea that Maria was Robin from How I met your mother. She had to accept that the agent did actually look like Robin but it was almost impossible that it was true.

“You never thought about acting?” the super soldier asked Maria Hill

She rolled her eyes “Steve, for the fifth time I’m not Robin”

He nodded “Just checking”

Agent Hill sighed and left.

“Who is Robin?” Vision asked again

Natasha turned on the TV “Sam, please put on How I met your mother”

He nodded. The avengers sat down and started watching the show.

“How many episodes is this?” Wanda asked

“208 episodes of half an hour” Tony answered

She almost choked “208 episodes to tell his children how he met their mother?!”

“Basically” he said “That’s why I prefer to watch Friends”

“You watch your Friends?” Vision asked confused

Even Steve face palmed, only Wanda and the humanoid didn’t know about American TV shows.

Stark stood up “Vision, Wanda, you are going to learn today” he said in a serious tone “Rogers make some popcorn while I put on Friends”

The super soldier nodded.

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