Can we trust her?

Chapter 13

Apparently watching a marathon of a series that has episodes makes you sleepy, even if it’s Friends. Wanda ended up leaning her head against Vision’s shoulder while Sam sat on the floor resting his head on her legs, Natasha had her feet on Captain’s lap and her head on the Scarlet Witch’s right arm. Tony on the other hand only decided to take a quick nap when he realized everyone else was sleeping.

“Guys!” A voice woke them up

Instantly everyone opened their eyes and got up

“What is it agent?” Tony asked rubbing his eyes

“Carson is at the Elli’s island; I’ll take you there and wait for you on the air” she told them

The avengers nodded and ran to suit up, then met at the living room to get their helmets and went into the quinjet; Iron Man would meet them there.

Maria Hill was flying the vehicle and everyone stood silent.

This was the first big battle Wanda would fight alongside the Avengers since she became one (not taking into account Sokovia) and she was panicking so she closed her eyes and decided to pay her brother a quick visit.

She knocked on his door and little Erik opened.

“Hey!” she grinned to the boy

He smiled shyly and called “Dad!”

Pietro appeared a second later making his son laugh, Erik lifted his arms to him and his father carried him.

“Let me guess, you are my other sister” he told her

“Yep” she answered

“Is everything okay?” Pietro asked

“Yes. Why wouldn’t things be all right?” she said

He snorted “You visit me when you are upset”

“No I don’t!” she told him “Well sometimes, but usually is because I miss you and now there is a possibility that I might…”

Wanda was going to say die but her nephew was staring at her, anyways Pietro understood her, he changed his playful face into a serious one.

“Don’t worry you’ll be fine” he assured her

She nodded and choked a sob, Erik reached for her and gently caressed her cheek, and Wanda smiled sadly and hugged both her brother and nephew.

“I’m always with you” Pietro whispered in her ear

“I know “she said back “I love you both” she told them and went back to reality.

She thought no one had noticed, thankfully she hadn’t bled, but Natasha arched her eyebrows at her, she asked “Tell me Wanda, what happens to us in the other reality?”

The twin cleared her throat “The avengers broke apart”

Steve almost screamed “Why?!”

She looked at her shoes “Instead of Pietro dying, Clint did”

Natasha felt as if someone slapped her, she couldn’t bear the idea of her best friend dying, in this reality or another. “What happens to us?” she asked again

Wanda blushed “You and Steve are engaged”

The super soldier snorted and Romanoff smirked “Really?”

She nodded and the spy said “Well I am flattered”

Steve arched his eyebrows at her and Natasha winked

“What about Thor?” Sam asked

“He rules his planet” she answered “I don’t know what happens to you though”

He smiled “No problem, you know me; I don’t really want to know”

“And Bruce?” At plain sight it sounded like a vague question but if you really knew Natasha you could sense her worried tone

“He also left” her friend answered

“Am I there too?” Vision asked

Wanda blushed three times worse but hoped no one could see it underneath that helmet “Yes”

“What happens to me?” he asked again

She shrugged and lied “I don’t know I’m sorry”

He nodded but Natasha frowned “Are you sure you don’t know?”

The Scarlet Witch shot her a glance “Yes I’m sure”

The spy didn’t give up “Really?”

Wanda made her a discrete sign for her to take the helmet off, when she did, the twin sent her a telepathic message Stop it! I’ll tell you later and Natasha nodded in agreement.

“Guys we are here” Hill told them they nodded and she left them next to the Statue of Liberty

Steve looked up and saw Stark flying towards them, when he arrived Captain America nodded to himself “Okay, so this is what we are going to do. Tony and Vision you will fly around to look for Sebastian, Sam you will stay in the statue of liberty, you’ll be our eyes up there and finally Romanoff and Wanda stay with me, we’ll take him down here”

Stark snorted “Okay but wouldn’t it be more easy for us to defeat him now? The only advantage he had was mind reading but now we have –“

An explosion cut him off, the tourists that had been taking pictures of them and staring ran away and screamed.

“There’s your answer” Natasha told the billionaire.

“Go to your positions!” Captain America ordered

The flying Avengers obeyed. “Wanda, cover our backs” he ordered her.

The twin nodded and turned behind her while Steve and Romanoff started to search for the scientist. She prepared her energy powers and instantly her eyes flashed red. She searched around her but saw nothing, maybe it was a trap.

“Cap, what can you see?” she asked

But she didn’t receive an answer, suddenly she was afraid to turn her back, but tried to calm herself down, maybe Steve hadn’t heard her.

“Natasha?” she called, her voice came out broken “Natasha, what can you see?”

Still no answer, her heartbeat had increased and she assumed it wasn’t a good sign, her breath trembled and she turned around slowly. There was no one, not a soul. She looked up and caught a glance of Iron Man’s suit. She tried calling him from her microphone but it didn’t work.

Maybe Natasha and Steve had found him and ran to him without her noticing, she kept telling herself. Wanda decided that staying there like an idiot wouldn’t be helpful so she remembered that Sam would be inside the Statue of Liberty so she ran towards it and started going up the stairs, she decided to not run, because if she did she would only get more tired; at least that was before she heard footsteps just a floor beneath her so she ran as fast as she could, the shot of adrenaline made her faster than usual, the person below her also started running faster.

Before she could even take a break she was on the top of the statue.

“Are you okay?” Sam asked worried

She was out of breath but shook her head violently and something like “Steve, Natasha, gone” came out

Sam patted her back “I’ll look for them while you get some rest”

She shook her head again “Someone was following me” she said

Falcon sighed and nodded, he looked more scared than she did.

He slowly went to the door and took a quick peak and spelled with his mouth It´s clear, she should have felt relieved and think hearing the footsteps were just her imagination but something inside her told her to run, move Sam from the damn door and run, but she didn’t, she would have but in a blink someone pulled Falcon out

“Sam!” she yelled and went for him.

A guy with robber’s mask was strangling him so she shot the man with her powers. He flew meters away and she knelt next to her friend

“Are you okay?!” she asked

He nodded “Although I almost wet my pants”

She laughed and helped him up “We need to tell Stark and Vision, try calling them, my microphone is dead”

Sam nodded “Stark?” he called trough his communicator but instead of an answer he heard a piercing sound and took it off “It’ broken” he told her

Wanda nodded “Plan B, we stick together”

“Thank God!” he said “I was scared you might say we should split”

She snorted “I’m too scared to say that”

He laughed “See? That’s why we are friends, if it had been Steve and Romanoff they would have surely and illogically split”

Wanda nodded “Yep, that’s why we are friends, by the way, you don’t look so ridiculous in the helmet”

Sam smiled “Of course I do!”

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