Can we trust her?

Chapter 14

They found a janitor’s closet that had a conduct to take you outside the Statue of Liberty for maintenance.

“Stay here” Sam told her

She bit her lip but nodded.

“I’ll be fine; it will only 10 minutes top. I’ll go up there and find Vision and Stark, and then I will come back through this same conduct so stay here, okay?”

“I’ll cover you” she told him

Sam let out a small smile and went into the conduct

Wanda shouldn’t have felt scared; if someone tried to attack her she could easily shoot back, but this was much worse. Captain Freaking America and super assassin Black Widow had disappeared, what was she next to them? Besides she was new to mental control, well new to being the victim.

She closed the door and kept looking at it in case someone tried to break in. Sam would be back any minute now, she kept telling herself. If her calculations were right he had left over 9 minutes now, or maybe it was just a feeling, anyways he was taking a lot longer than she had expected.

“Wanda?” Natasha called from outside “Wanda, where are you?”

She felt her heartbeat increase, Romanoff was outside but her voice sounded distant, what if it was a trap?

The Scarlet Witch tip toed to the conduct and called “Sam”

She wasn’t going out until she got an answer, which was highly unlikely.

“Wanda!” the spy called again, but this time it sounded further away

Her heart shrunk, Natasha was out there, most likely as a zombie for Sebastian. She wasn’t going to let her friend stay in that condition, but she also wouldn’t take the risk of being captured with no one knowing. If Natasha was his minion Wanda would have to fight her and she wasn’t going to use her powers against her ever again, and if they fought hand to hand she stood no chance whatsoever.

“Wanda?” Captain America called from the conduct

She almost cried “Yes! It’s me, I’m trapped, how’s Natasha?”

Steve’s voice came out in a whisper “Carson took our helmets, I got mine back but Natasha disappeared, it’s most likely she’s being controlled. Stay there, Carson has some minions, probably HYDRA agents”

“I can’t let her stay like a zombie!” Wanda protested

“If you go outside, you are going to get your ass kicked by her and the team can’t lose another one for now, not you”

The spy’s footsteps became louder, she was near the door.

“Sorry Steve” the twin said “She’s my friend, and that’s the least I can do for her”

She assumed Rogers answered but she didn’t hear, she opened the door and found Romanoff standing in the middle of the place with a distant look.

“Where’s Sebastian?” Wanda asked “I want to speak directly to him”

Natasha stiffened and he entered the room “Very well, I am here”

He had smirk on his face but he still didn’t look scary, he looked out of place with an evil sparkle on his eyes but his physical looked like a normal person and he had worry wrinkles that only made you feel pity for him.

“What is that you really want?” she asked dryly

He arched his eyebrows “You didn’t buy my tragic story?”

“I don’t do it know”

He nodded “My wife dying is true but what I really want from all of the Avengers is their condition, meaning your mutants gene, even if they are not natural. What I want is to end wars. Let’s go back to the Cold War for a minute, shall we? Nor the part in which your father took part of” she took a step back and he smiled “Yes, I know who your father is but that’s not my point, what I’m trying to say is that two powerful countries were on the verge of nuclear war, it never happened but a lot of years passed and they kept threatening each other, innocent people’s lives were risked and why? Because two guys wanted to fight. If I have superpowers all of that will end”

“At what cost?” Star asked, he Sam, Vision and Steve appeared from the janitor’s room, they still had their helmets

Sebastian grinned “I am so happy you could join us, anyways it’s a good question Mr. Stark, the cost is their own lives”

“You mean you want to kill the president?” Sam inquired

Carson shrugged “The countries leaders should be the ones to pay”

Steve stood next to Wanda “What you want is anarchy”

Stark snorted “Not anarchy, an empire, his empire”

Sebastian laughed “It’s not as dramatic as it sounds”

“Well I’ve got news for you, we are not going to let that happen” Steve told him

Wanda looked at Natasha, if she could him to be distracted she could run to her friend and put her the helmet so she pretended to be sick and fell on her knees, Steve knelt next to her. “Are you okay?” he asked

She whispered in his ear “Make a diversion” and got up again “I’m fine” she told everyone

The super soldier stood in front of Carson “If you plan to control the world at least fight with me like a real man”

He laughed “I do not fancy getting my hands dirty”

Steve clenched his fists “I’ll let you have the first punch” and he looked at Wanda meaning If you are going to do something, do it now.

He shrugged “Fine” and hit Steve’s face

Wanda ran to Natasha and put her Magneto’s helmet; she went back to reality and ran next to Sam.

Sebastian groaned “Nice play”

Steve took a step back and the rest of the Avengers formed a line.

“Let me give you an advice” Tony started saying “Don’t mess with us”

“Too late” Sebastian said, he looked at Wanda and she fell on her knees in pain, her took her by the arm and flew away rapidly.

“Go get her!” Natasha yelled

Vision, Stark and Falcon flew away

“Call Maria” she told Steve

He nodded

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