Can we trust her?

Chapter 15

The fact that the quinjet didn’t make noise bothered Natasha, when she was worried she needed noise, in some strange way it relaxed her and helped her think. The microphones had been damaged by the helmet’s metal. Hill ran some tests on Carson’s agents and found out they did belong to HYDRA and now he was gone with Wanda, he must had a hiding place because Iron Man and Vision lost track of him, Falcon even checked the entire Elli’s island twice and found nothing. Now the Avengers flew back to the facility worried and defeated.

“We’ll get her back” Steve kept saying

Sam started biting his nails and Stark had his eyes glues to the floor, Natasha covered her face with both of her hands and Vision walked in circles

The facility was full of agents; most of them were looking restlessly for Carson. When they arrived to their part of the building, Steve and Vision excused themselves to their respective bedrooms and the remaining Avengers sat on the kitchen table including Maria Hill, they were explaining her Sebastian’s plans.

“He’s trying to get our mutant genes and by ‘our’ I mean Steve’s and Wanda’s” Tony said

“Good thing Bruce isn’t here” Natasha said in a whisper

Hill bit her lip “Let’s hope Maximoff doesn’t get convinced to cooperate”

The three of them stared at her

“Excuse me?” Sam said

Maria cleared her throat “She was against you not even too while ago, are you sure you can trust her?”

Stark smirked “We’ll pretend you never said that”

She frowned at him “Do you trust her?”

He snorted “To be honest I didn’t but she has proved to be worthy of my trust, she and I aren’t exactly friends but I surely don’t want anything to happen to her”

“She’s my friend and I know she won’t betray us” Falcon added

The agent looked at Natasha “What about you?”

She sighed “I shouldn’t but I do, I have been where she is”

Hill arched her eyebrows “What about the mind controlling thing she did to you and Banner, did you forgive that?”

The spy stood up “If you don’t know my past, which I doubt, I will remind you that I also did a lot of bad things. I did them because I didn’t know another way around, because people kept telling me that was my purpose in life but someone opened my eyes, he trusted in me when no one else did, not even me. Doing the same for another person is the least I can do. She is changed, she was forced to do bad things to us, she has suffered a lot and she just saved my life by risking hers so yeah, I do trust her and I don’t blame her for what happened with Bruce nor I will ever do”

The agent looked down “I’m sorry”

“I’ll pretend this conversation never happened” Natasha told her

“Good talk Robin” Stark told her sarcastically

“I have a plan” Romanoff said

“What’s the plan?” Sam asked

“We need someone else on the team” she answered

Stark snorted “Who exactly?”

She smiled and ran to the facility where all the agents were looking for Sebastian, she stopped at a computer and whispered soemthing at the agent

The avengers ran behind her, Sam poked her shoulder “Who did you look for?”

She smirked and said “Magneto”

Tony pretended to pass out, or was ir really pretend?

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