Can we trust her?

Chapter 16

Natasha, Sam, Steve and a scared Tony walked into a small café, it was sunny and people chatted with each other happily.

A waiter came to them, at the moment they were all wearing normal clothes to blend in and Stark had dark sunglasses.

“Can I get you anything?” The waiter asked

“No thanks” Steve answered

The guy frowned at him and Natasha stepped in

“We came here to meet up with a friend” she explained

The waiter smiled and nodded before walking away

The avengers looked around searching for Erik.

“He probably left” Tony said relived

Sam shook his head “Found him”

They turned to Falcon and he pointed at a man reading a newspaper.

“What’s the plan?” Stark asked “walking up to him and being like ‘help us or your kid is screwed’?

Natasha shrugged “Pretty much”

She walked towards him and the Avengers followed. When they finally arrived to his table he didn’t look at them so she had to clear her throat twice to get his attention

He looked at her without putting the newspaper down. “Yes?” he asked clearly annoyed

Romanoff smiled kindly to him “Sir, we are Wanda’s friends and we need your help to-“

Magneto cut her off “What happened to her?” he asked neutrally

Steve spoke this time “That’s why we need your help. A man called Sebastian Carson has kidnapped her”

Erik put the newspaper down “What do you want?”

Stark frowned “We can’t take Sebastian down; we were hoping you could help”

He laughed “You honestly think I would be willing to help a bunch of people that pretend to be something they are not?”

“Your daughter is in danger” Sam said calmly

He looked down at his coffee and controlled the spoon with his mind to mix the beverage, Stark gulp loudly “I gave her my helmet” Erik said

“She needs more than a helmet” Tony let out

Magneto looked at him and broke his glasses with his powers.

Stark sighed and picked them up from the floor.

The spy opened the backpack she had been carrying and pulled out his helmet and placed it aggressively on the table “There’s your helmet”

He looked at it but didn’t move.

“You have a chance to win your daughter back” Natasha added “One last chance. If you take it, you can help us to defeat Sebastian and probably save what’s left of your relationship with her. If you turn down our offer we’ll leave you alone and fight on our own and if we succeed I doubt Wanda will look for you again”

Magneto rubbed his temples and sighed, he finally answered “I can’t. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a coffee to finish”

She was about to protest but Steve pulled her arm gently “Let’s leave” he whispered

Natasha opened her mouth but closed it. Then they started walking towards the exit

The waiter saw them “OH MY GOSH IT’ TONY STARK” he yelled

Then they had to run from the people that tried taking photos of them.

“Stupid Magneto” Tony said as they ran from the people “I really liked those glasses”

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