Can we trust her?

Chapter 17

Wanda clenched her teeth, she was having the worst headache ever and saying that is a lot. On the HYDRA experiments her whole body and mind hurt at the beginning and now she felt the same way. Even though she could fly Sebastian was now drilling her mind, she had no physical pain but she could have promised her head was about to explode.

“It looks like you are alone now” He started telling her “Your friends aren’t anywhere to be seen”

Carson had made it looked like he flew away with her, but he only went around in circles and returned to a secret room in the statue of liberty.

“You tricked them” she said back

Sebastian arched his eyebrows at her in a threatening way. Would you like me to make the pain worse? He said in her mind. She hesitated for a second and he drilled her mind again. Wanda shut her eyes “Stop, please” she begged in a whisper

He smirked satisfied with his torture. He pulled a chair and sat in front of her knelt form. He started saying “We could have avoided all of this Wanda; we could have been a team” she stared back at him with her eyes flashing red. Sebastian chuckled “You know I could still take you in the team. I already have some very effective HYDRA agents, but we both know that they are not much really. So what do you say?”

He sounded like an excited child that needs more people so he can play a game board and Wanda was not proud to admit that even for a fraction of second she consider the possibility of joining him. She doubted that the Avengers weren’t looking for her but she couldn’t help to feel that she wouldn’t be exactly missed by most of them; sure they were her friends but she still felt out of place, Wanda had only been on their team less than a year and still Maria Hill didn’t trust her, to be honest only Clint did after the fight, he convinced every Avenger that she was on the team and right now Sebastian kept, apart from drilling her mind showing her how Pietro had died over and over again, he was her support, he would tell her everything would be all right but now she only had herself and that wasn’t reassuring, Carson had reopened the wound and this time it felt a lot worse.

After what felt like 5 minutes she shook her head “I’d prefer to die”

He shrugged “As you wish. But it’s not that simple, I actually do need your blood and to run some tests we need a big amount of it and it will hurt a lot more than this”

He stared at her, waiting for Wanda to give up and be on his side but she decided that maybe by sacrificing herself some of her sins would be forgiven. So she nodded and choked a sob “Go on then”

He sighed and whistled. With that men with masks came in carrying a table.

“What is that?” she asked now more scared

Sebastian opened his mouth to explain and Wanda felt how he had left her mind so she shot two of the men and ran to the door.

“Grab her!” One yelled

She felt four hands pulling her back and she burned their arms with her palms, as the men yelled Sebastian drilled once again her mind, she stopped struggling and they laid her on the table. Each one tied her extremities to the table with a rope, she couldn’t move because of the pain, every time it was getting worse.

“Let me go!” she kept yelling while the other ones were laughing

One of them pulled out a giant needle and pulled her arm to him, with the strength she had left she shot him and the needle flew away. The man covered his face screaming in pain.

Carson went to her and was about to knock her off but another man, this one younger than the other ones came running in

“Sir, they found us” he said nervously

Sebastian frowned “Well then we should surrender. Go after them you idiots, all of you!”

The masked men left the room and closed the door. He went inside of her mind just for the pleasure of causing pain, this time Wanda had begun to bleed.

Sebastian picked up the needle and held it up in a threatening way.

This is it, Wanda thought, everything I went through, every single memory I have will disappear, even Pietro, at least there’s a chance I will reunite with him, although I’m not sure that I deserve it.

She shut her eyes and waited for the blackness of death to take over her. But nothing happened.

“What the hell?!” Sebastian yelled

The table she was laying on started to tremble and she opened her eyes in confusion. For a second she thought the Hulk was there, only his footsteps made the ground tremble like it was doing now, but then she saw Sebastian looking at the ceiling with confusion, the needle was levitating. They both stared at it hypnotized until the table started to shake violently

“What is going on?” Wanda asked

Sebastian froze for a second and gave her one last look before running for the door and leaving her alone. The table was floating 10 inches from the ground, each second it went higher.

Wanda tried to free herself from the ropes but the material was resistant. In one hand she was thankful for whatever was happening but in the other one she was awfully worried about being crushed by the ceiling, when she was about a meter away from it she focused deeply and broke the legs of the table, and returned to the floor slowly.

A familiar face entered the room

“Vision” she called with a weak grin on her face.

He ran to her with a worried expression, which wasn’t usual. He knelt next to her and started unknotting the rope. “Are you all right?” he asked

She didn’t answer, she was both mentally and physically exhausted, but hey, she was still alive!

“Are you wearing any piece of metal?” he asked her again.

Wanda frowned and tried to remember if she did, luckily she had left all of her rings and bracelets at the facility “No” she answered “Why?”

This time he didn’t answer and picked her up, she was too tired to disagree and let herself relax against his cool skin. She tasted blood and remembered her nosebleed. Wanda sighed and wiped the blood off her face. Vision took her out of that horrible room and started walking to the exit, she laughed weakly and he frowned “What is it?” he asked

She shrugged “You saving me is becoming a habit”

He made a strange noise “It’s a pleasure” he said in his neutral voice

Wanda wanted so bad to dig in his mind, she had promised not to do that again with any of her teammates but resisting Vision’s mind was hard, she knew he was a humanoid but she still was curious; she would have done it if her head hadn’t been in the edge of exploding.

Once they were out he put her down “The other ones are fighting the HYDRA agents while Maria Hill is registering Sebastian’s secret rooms, apparently he had been using the statue as his laboratory. Anyway I shall call the quinjet to take you out of here”

“No” she said coldly

He sighed “Wanda you are weak, I do not doubt your capacity but you are not at the best state”

She took a step back “I’m not leaving, and if you don’t doubt my capacity then let me stay”

“Don’t give her such a hard time Vision” Stark said. He came behind them in his suit.

The humanoid’s jaws tightened and nodded, then flew away.

“What’s his problem?” Wanda asked a bit annoyed

Stark laughed “the first love is always the most difficult one”

She turned to face him and Stark coughed “Anyways, you might want to stay away from the east side if you are wearing metal”

“Why?” she asked

Iron Man scratched his metal head “Your dad is here”


Tony chuckled “We searched for his help, at first he said no but then came to find us and said he would only participate for you. Also, Rhodey is here and there is a super important thing you must not forget” he started saying

Wanda nodded “What is it?”

“I made his suit” he said cheerfully

She face palmed and wrote a mental note: Stark is not the monster I had imagined, he’s just… impossible.

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