Can we trust her?

Chapter 2

Wanda opened her eyes; she was laying down in the middle of an empty street. She got up quickly and looked around; it seemed to be a normal neighborhood, but where was she? The last thing Wanda remembered was passing out in the kitchen, for an instance she was afraid she was dead but then discarded the idea.

She walked slowly to the pavement and once she was in front of a wooden house she heard a voice well, not an actual voice, it was more like someone was communicating trough her thoughts.

“Wanda, why do you team with with a bunch of people who claim to be heroes? Isn’t one of them responsible for your brother’s death?” the voice said

She tried to recognize it but couldn’t, she had never heard that man before “What do you want?” she asked out loud

He laughed “I want you to have the life you deserved; there is no need to live in a world where your dear ones are dead”

“Who are you?!” she yelled

“That doesn’t matter, what is important is that I can offer you a new life” the voice answered “Open the door of the house and you’ll see what I mean”

She looked around expecting to see the owner of the mysterious voice but he only laughed louder “Just open it” he said

Wanda took a deep breath and forced her legs to walk to the door, when she had reached it she knocked slowly, hoping no one would answer and that she would finally wake up from that insane dream.

Unfortunately the door opened and a blond woman smiled to her.

“Hey! Come in” she invited Wanda who looked behind her expecting that the stranger wasn’t talking to her but the woman laughed and pulled her gently in.

The house looked warm, it was an actual home, and Wanda hadn’t been in one since she was a little girl which seemed like centuries ago.

A little boy came running down the hallway he looked around five but he was quite fast, he laughed loudly and went to hug his mother’s leg. He was followed by a tall man, Wanda’s heart almost stopped.

“What do you look as if you had just seen a ghost?” Pietro asked her with a mocking tone

Her lips trembled and she ran towards her brother and hugged him tightly.

“Wow, are you alright?” he asked her confused

His sister shivered and he patted her back, not sure of what was going on. The blond woman gave him a look and took the little boy in her arms and went upstairs.

Wanda closed her eyes, for the first time since her brother died she was happy, truly and deeply happy.

“It’s not fair, is it?” The voice said and she opened her eyes; he continued “It’s not fair that this is just an illusion”

Pietro let her go and took a step back “Wanda, do you feel alright?

She looked at him but everything was getting blurry and she heard the same piercing sound she had before she passed out.

“I can offer you this, just work with me” the voice of the man said

She reached for her brother’s hand but her eyes shut instantly. “I can offer you this” he repeated.

When Wanda woke up she was wet and everyone was looking at her concerned

“Sorry for the water, but we couldn’t wake you up” Sam apologized

Vision and Steve helped her get up “What happened?” She asked

Natasha placed her palm on her forehead with a worried face “You passed out for three minutes, do you want to see a doctor or something?”

“I’m fine, I just need to rest” and with that she left to her bedroom, leaving everyone confused.

When she was finally alone she layed down on her bed and closed her eyes instantly falling asleep.

Steve continued watching the game, he was worried about his friend but he wasn’t going to push her into making her trust him and talking about what had just happened. They tried to shake her and Natasha even slapped her, not too hard of course, but she still hadn’t woken up. His first instinct was checking her pulse but it seemed steady. Natasha started typing on her phone Maria’s number when Sam had the idea of throwing water at her face.

“Cap, are you okay?” Natasha asked him

He nodded “Why?”

“Cause your team just scored and you didn’t even blink” she answered

Steve snorted “I still don’t get the game” he lied

She frowned at him. Crap, he couldn’t lie to Natasha, actually no one could.

“I’m fine” he promised her

The spy nodded and continued eating some toast she had taken from him.

Maria Hill came in almost running. “We got something new” she announced

“Really?! I haven’t even finished my coffee” Sam muttered

She ignored the comment and looked at Steve “A man called Sebastian Carson tried to infiltrate the facility, we stopped him but he didn’t seem to be bothered at all”

“Did you catch him?” Natasha asked

“No, he… he just walked away, everyone said that they couldn’t move he was controlling them in some sort of way” the agent answered

“Like mind reading?” Steve asked, he still didn’t know the name of Wanda’s powers but he had meant to compare them

Maria nodded and explained “He kept saying that he could offer us more”

“More than what?” Vision asked

“More than what’s fair” Wanda explained, she had just entered the kitchen and overheard the conversation.

Everyone looked at her and she explained “When I passed out I heard a voice that told me the same but I thought it was just an illusion”

The Agent Hill looked at her with piercing eyes “Well he has the same powers that you do, so are you sure you weren’t playing a trick?”

Wanda opened her mouth but Vision stood in front of her facing Maria “I think you are making a wild and none based accusation” he told her

Steve gave him a ‘Calm down’ glare and looked at Agent Hill “Wanda didn’t do anything, we can trust her”

She nodded and walked to the exit “Can we really?” she asked and left

Natasha placed her arm around Wanda “Don’t listen to her, we trust you”

She nodded. She was changed. The tricky part now was figuring out who this Sebastian guy was, if he shared the same powers she had then everything would be more dangerous, everything will be more dangerous.

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