Can we trust her?

Chapter 20

The expression I’m drained is an exaggeration in most of cases but not for Wanda, she literally spent all the energy she had in the fight. She would usually get headaches for being tired after a battle or maybe for spending too much time on someone else’s mind, but now she was drained, her mind disconnected for a moment and she was on the verge of a heart attack.

Fortunately Vision had memorized all the hospitals in the city and took her rapidly. When he entered the building with Wanda in his arms everyone stared at him, he wasn’t so popular in the Avengers team but people still recognized him (I mean, you don’t get to see a lot of red people in your life, right?).

Once the doctors saw them, they took her to the ER. Vision took a glimpse of her, she was pale and the nosebleed hadn’t stopped. He didn’t know what to do and as the doctors kept shouting at each other in medical terms he promised to himself that once they would go back to the facility he would learn about medicine.

The surgeons pulled out a defibrillator and shocked her, he remembered how weak was her pulse and realized it had probably stopped by now. This whole situation felt odd to him, he wasn’t used to death and he didn’t want to see Wanda in this frail condition.

A male doctor shook his head to the nurses and took a step back from the body. Vision wasn’t going to accept that she was forever gone, it may sound idiotic but he could sense that she was still out there; she only needed something stronger, so he went to the doctor.

“Try again, please” he told him

The man sighed and opened his mouth to explain the procedure but the humanoid raised his hand to stop him “Try again” he ordered

The man hesitated but nodded, he shouted “Clear!” Before he shocked her Vision recharged the artifact with his mind stone, hoping Wanda would react to it.

Maybe the fact that he didn’t pay too much of his attention on how the whole procedure of life worked, made him take the simple action of breathing as ordinary and dull but once he heard her breath again he smiled and decided that it was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. The rest of the medical staff stared in surprise, and then they took her away to run some scans to be completely sure she was alright. A nurse told the humanoid that he couldn’t follow them and to wait but he didn’t pay mind to it, just to know that she was safe was more than enough for him.

Wanda opened her eyes and looked around the room; she had lost conscious and remembering what had happened she realized she was in a hospital. A man in a wheelchair smiled kindly to her and she sat up, they stared at each other for a couple of seconds until she dared to ask:

“Who are you?”

The man blinked a couple of times to find the correct words “I am an old friend of your father; he called me so I could take a look at you, and he mentioned you had spent a lot of your energy”

Wanda nodded, she remembered the pain she had felt but now it was completely gone, well she had a headache but it wasn’t much compared to earlier. “I’m fine” she told him

He nodded “I can see that but how is your mind?”

The scarlet witch frowned at him, was this man also a mutant or just crazy?

He chuckled “I am a mutant; I met your father before you were even born… I think”

She opened her mouth in surprise, he also had the ability to read minds and by instinct she moved a bit further away.

The stranger looked directly into her eyes and sent her a telepathic message I’m not going to hurt you, I only want to make sure your mind is alright, you used a lot of your power back there without the proper training.

Wanda nodded and replied I believe I’m fine

He smiled and the returned to his serious and calculating look: Your teammates mentioned your ability of making alternate realities, can you do that again?

She closed her eyes and tried to focus on returning to Pietro but the only answer she got was a tremendous headache, she opened her eyes and shook her head

It is okay he told her you are exhausted and probably need some rest; you might be able to return later.

Might? She asked confused

He took a deep breath: How badly did he hurt you?

She shrugged: Not much but I tried taking him to the other reality and he… he tried to create another one there.

The man sighed I’m afraid he fractured your mind; it’s not safe for you to return to the other dimension, you might get badly hurt if you do.

Wanda blinked twice I won’t be able to go there again?

He shook his head I’m afraid not, in the best of cases you might go there only one more time, but you must wait until you have the strength enough, don’t waste your only chance.

The twin wasn’t ready to say goodbye to her brother again, not when she had just got him back but she bit her lip and nodded

The man on the wheelchair smiled kindly again “Your father is outside” he said out loud “would you like to see him?”

If she had been asked that question a week ago she would have laughed and said NO but now she only wanted a piece of her brother so she nodded.

The man nodded “I’ll tell him, it was a pleasure meeting you Wanda, believe me or not, Erik does care about you”

She nodded and he left.

Wanda covered her face, she didn’t care about Sebastian, she didn’t care about being a hero, she only wanted to crawl and cry for loosing once more her brother, she only wanted someone to hold her and tell her everything would be okay.

The door opened but she didn’t look up, she didn’t Erik to witness how she broke.

He stared at her and sat down on a chair next to her bed, he felt out of place but he knew that being there for her only this time was the least he could do.

When she finally had the courage to look at him, Erik took his helmet off revealing a white messy hair, someone would have taken that gesture as common but she gasped in surprise, he was giving her the opportunity to look inside his mind, he was allowing her to see his fragility. Wanda shot him a questioning look still not being completely sure that this was happening but Erik nodded and she didn’t ask twice, she closed her eyes and dived in.

In a way it was beautiful, he was a leader that wanted no more than to make his people live in dignity but when she saw what did he had to do to accomplish that she got goosebumps, he didn’t care about taking down innocent people in his way.

She had to shake her head to concentrate on what she actually wanted to see. Wanda searched for memories of his about her and Pietro’s birth but found none, then she decided to look for her mother. She felt the love Erik had felt for Magda (her mother) even if it hadn’t lasted really long. Wanda found out that they have had another daughter but that she died in a fire accident; Erik lost his head and killed every single witness. Magda was pregnant and she feared for her children so she escaped and he felt even worse now.

After that memory Wanda sensed how he became darker and bitter, she skipped a lot of memories about his army and only resumed when he heard again about them. He had been drinking in a pub when he had overheard a conversation telling his friends about a man that controlled metal.

“I’m not joking!” he said “I even helped a poor pregnant woman to flee from him, too bad she died giving birth”

Her father stood up and walked to him “What happened to the children?” he asked

The man looked at him “They were two, a boy and a girl, but that was ten years ago, the only thing I know is that they were given in adoption in Sokovia”

He nodded and left the restaurant, he started investigating and two years later he finally found a trace, he found their parents were dead so he went to Sokovia and looked for the twins; his second in command kept telling him that it wasn’t a good idea and that he shouldn’t look weak to his soldiers so he had come up with the plan of recruiting them.

Wanda’s eyes filled with tears but she continued, after Pietro had told him to leave them alone he cried, he actually cried so his counselor told him to let it go and to concentrate on mutants, he didn’t feel that was the right thing to do but still followed the advice. Three years later he returned for his children but didn’t find them. Finally Wanda left his mind and wiped the tears off her face.

“You didn’t lie” she told him

He shook his head in agreement “I already lost two of my children Wanda, and I can’t bring them back to do things right. I don’t want to lose you too, believe me I don’t expect you to treat me as a father but having you in my list of People who don’t hate me will be enough”

She frowned “You have a list?”

He shrugged “With you it would be 10”

Wanda smiled and whispered “Where do I sign?”

He stood up and without taking much thought he hugged her, she didn’t move until she felt his tears fall on her hair, she patted his back and he sighed in relief, she let herself forgive him.

Natasha ran to her and hugged her “Don’t you ever almost die in front of me again!” the spy yelled

Wanda laughed “I’ll try my best” she joked

Steve smiled “You took Sebastian down, not bad”

Sam snorted “Not bad?! It was epic!”

Wanda chuckled “Thanks”

Tony cleared his throat “Anyways we are having a party” he told her “I promise no crazy ass robots will attend”

They laughed

Vision took a step closer to her bed and she grinned at him

Natasha noticed and coughed “Guys I think we should let her rest, not you Vision, stay”

And with that they left them alone

“How are you feeling?” he asked

She shrugged “I’ve been worse, yourself?”

He looked down for a second “I thought you were going die, you did for a while actually”

Wanda cleared her throat “And you brought me back with the mind stone, a nurse told me”

Vision nodded “I did”

She smiled “Thank you”

He smiled too “Like you said before, it’s becoming my habit to be there and save you”

The twin pulled her hair out of her face “Don’t ever stop”

He smiled a lot wider “I won’t ever do”

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