Can we trust her?

Chapter 21

The same day Wanda arrived to the hospital she was told she could leave, the doctors didn’t find any damage on her system so they only recommended rest and so did Magneto’s friend, whoever he was. That same day Stark had organized a party so he invited Barton and Rhodey and they said they would get there in two more days. The first one was peaceful, Wanda slept the whole time, Steve and Sam trained and Natasha ran all she wanted while Vision went out to fly for a while and finished reading a book.

It was finally Friday and Clint was arriving anytime now so Natasha went to Wanda’s bedroom and knocked on the door, since she got no answer she went in, the curtains were closed and the Scarlet Witch was sleeping on the couch, she closed the door behind her and poked her friend’s shoulder “Morning sleeping Witch” Nat joked

Wanda smirked and stood up rubbing her eyes “What day is it?” she asked

The Russian snorted “Don’t worry you only slept for one day”

Wanda stood up “That’s good” then remembering Clint was coming she smiled “Is Barton here yet?”

Her friend shook her head “Not yet but you might want to take a shower and change, there’s going to be a party tonight”

She nodded, technically parties were new to her so Natasha stayed and picked a dress for her

“Put some clothes now and at night you can change to what I picked” Romanoff ordered

She frowned “Are you sure it’s not too much?”

Natasha snorted “It’s never too much and I think Vision will like it”

The twin almost choked “What do you mean?!”

She smiled mischievously “Nothing, I’ll leave you for now, we are in the living room” and with that she left.

Wanda picked some jeans and a t-shirt almost automatically and took a quick shower, the last thing she wanted was to be alone, she hadn’t figured out a way to see Pietro again and that only made her anxious. When she was done she took a look at herself in the mirror, she was still a bit pale but she didn’t look weak anymore. She walked towards the living room and saw that Clint had already arrived; he sat on the kitchen isle watching and laughing at how Sam and Steve tried to play videogames.

She smiled to herself and cleared her throat, Barton turned towards her and smiled warmly “Hey!” he greeted her and gave her a hug.

Since she joined the team Clint had supported and helped her, even before the rest of the team did, if someone had been a good friend to her it was him and the fact that he had named his son after her brother only made her like him more.

The rest of the team also went to say hi to her. And they spent a good time playing stupid videogames. Moments like that felt like home to everyone, for some reason fait had gathered them all in a team, they all were different in so many aspects but they were after all a good team.

“Natasha I look overdressed!” Wanda kept telling her from the bathroom

The spy sat on the couch reading a magazine “No you don’t, why don’t you come out so I can actually see you”

The Scarlet Witch sighed and walked to her.

Romanoff looked up from the magazine and grinned “You look great!”

Wanda’s eyes twitched, the red dress was gorgeous and she did look nice but it felt too much for a small party, but after all what did she know about parties?

Natasha looked stunning with a blue navy dress but she was used to that and she wasn’t.

“C’mon lets go” Romanoff hurried her

She nodded and took a light open sweater. The two of them walked to the party, which had place in the facility. When they arrived most of the guests were already there, Natasha walked to the bar and Wanda followed like a lost puppy. She sat down on a chair next to Steve and the sokovian used the other one.

“Hey” Steve greeted Romanoff and had to blink a couple of times to recognize the Scarlet Witch

“Wanda, you look great” he complimented her politely

She smiled at him and Sam sat next to her “So what do you wanna drink?” he asked her

She shrugged “Vodka is fine”

“I’ll make the drinks” Clint offered himself and jumped over the counter.

“So, who are this people?” She asked Natasha

The red head shrugged “Starks acquaintances, government people and associates. Just pretend you know who they are, that always works for me”

She looked around and only recognized Rhodey and Stark, they were talking and laughing with some men she didn’t know.

“So, I heard you got your asses kicked by that Sebastian guy” Barton started saying “I guess you do need me”

Steve laughed “Course we do, anyways, how’s your family?”

He smiled “Oh they are great! Nathaniel Pietro said his first word”

Natasha smiled warmly “What did he say?”

“Food” Clint answered

Wanda smiled and raised her glass “He know what he wants”

He laughed “Laura was a bit upset, she wanted that at least one of her children would say mom first but so far it has been dad, monkey and food”

“I said a full sentence” Sam bragged “I said I gotta go pee”

They all laughed. Everything was going fine until Stark went to them; he had clearly drunk a generous amount of alcohol. He placed his hand on Wanda’s shoulder and she felt instantly uncomfortable, she still hated him a bit

“Barton, hasn’t Maximoff told you about the other reality she made?” he started saying

She felt a stung on her chest for the simple fact of having mentioned it, she hadn’t told anyone about not being able to go back there.

Clint shook his head and arched his eyebrows at her, he was clearly impressed

“You died in there” Tony told him

He frowned and nodded “Why?”

Stark got a step closer “Her brother didn’t risk his life for you and he is alive!” By then Wanda had drank the rest of her vodka as if it was water. Tony continued “I guess he wasn’t that stupid right?”

That made her lose control and her eyes flashed red at him “Shut up” she ordered

He nodded “Chill down kid, you are still able to see him”

She shook her head and stood up before she started crying in front of everyone or before she punched Stark, and left.

On her way out she overheard him asking “Was it something I said?”

Once she was out she took off her high heels and ran to the tree she would always sit at when she needed to think, she needed fresh air so her bedroom wasn’t an option, and with every step she took she felt more relaxed, it was probably the vodka.

Wanda sat down on the grass and realized she could see the party through the huge windows, she watched as how people had fun, a part of her wanted to go back but another one kept reminding her that she needed to calm down.

Someone had put music and suddenly she regretted not having had brought he drink with her.

“Wanda?” A familiar voice asked

She looked at her left and saw Vision looking at her, she waved “hey”

“What are you doing here?” he asked her

She shrugged “Not much, what about you?”

He sighed and explained “I do not understand the purpose of parties”

The Scarlet Witch snorted “There is no sense in them, you only go and try to have fun”

The humanoid arched his eyebrows at her “Like you are?”

She laughed “Sure”

“Would you like me to escort you back?” he asked

She nodded and stood up, suddenly she felt dizzy and almost fell, Vision caught her back before it was too late and helped her stay up correctly.

“Oops” she let out and he sort of smiled

“I beg your pardon but are you drunk?” he asked

She shrugged “Not exactly but I feel a bit dizzy, the only time I had alcohol was when I turned 17, Pietro stole a bottle of vodka thinking it was water” she laughed “it didn’t end so good” .Wanda placed her arms around his neck afraid of falling again “Anyways, I think that from now on I won’t be able to see him ever again”

“What do you mean?” Vision asked confused

“Carson tore the reality while we fought, I have one last try to see my brother” she explained

“I am really sorry”

The twin smiled sadly and looked at his eyes, in the night they looked silver and comforting. She then realized they were practically hugging, without taking much into mind she said “Dance with me”

He frowned “I do not know how to”

Wanda smiled “me neither, just move from side to side, like this…” she instructed him. He looked at her feet and also started moving slowly with the music.

She stared at him, his face was so perfectly asymmetrically she wanted to touch his face, luckily she wasn’t that drunk.

The song wasn’t exactly slow but they danced as if it was. She closed her eyes and placed her head against his cool chest, she could hear how her and his heartbeat synchronized, she relaxed that way and they continued dancing until (a couple of songs after) someone turned the music off.

Wanda looked up at him and whispered “I hate parties”

“Maybe you do because instead of enjoying them you are out here with me” he told her

She shook her head “Believe me that so far this has been my favorite part”

Vision smiled “Thank you for being my friend Wanda”

She laughed “You are welcome”

“Would you like to go back there?” he asked

“No” she answered “I’m quite tired” and with that she laid on the grass

He nodded and knelt next to her “Would you like me to take you back to your room, then?”

She nodded and Vision carried her, Wanda took her high heels.

“Thank you for being my friend Vision” she told him as they arrived

He smiled and left her there, in some strange way he enjoyed moments like that and he wasn’t exactly sure why.

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