Can we trust her?

Chapter 22

For the first time they all started living together in the facility, Vision was the last one to arrive to the kitchen in the morning. The rest of the team, including Clint (Stark and Rhodey had left) were having breakfast.

“Good morning” he greeted everyone

They all answered with ‘hey’, ‘morning’ or ‘tsup’. He took his usual seat next to Wanda and Sam who was wearing sunglasses.

Natasha gave Sam a cup of coffee and he almost snatched it away, he took a big zip and sighed.

“How much did you drink?” Clint asked him

He shrugged “Two?”

Natasha sat in front of Wanda and told her “You missed Sam’s little dance on Stark’s table”

She laughed “Maybe next time”

Clint patted her back “Don’t listen to Stark, most of the time he is saying crap he doesn’t actually mean”

She nodded and stared at her plate, finally she sighed “I left because he reminded me the fact that my brother is… gone”

“Don’t worry, you can still see him” Steve told her in a comforting tone

Wanda shook her head “I can’t… not anymore. Sebastian tore the reality, Erik’s friend told me that it wasn’t safe for me to go back there and that in the best of cases I get one more chance to see him”

“I’m so sorry Wanda” Sam said

Everyone’s positive enthusiasm went down

Vision cleared his throat “Actually I wanted to talk to you about the matter” he told her

She looked at him with confusion

The humanoid proceeded “He fractured the reality inside your mind, that meaning you can’t go back but, I was wondering that if you were able to take Stark there, wouldn’t it be a chance to bring your brother to this reality?”

Wanda’s eyes lit up “I haven’t tried that, but is sounds like it could work!”

Clint clapped his hands “What can I do to help?”

She tapped the table thoughtfully “I need to concentrate and it would be great if I could find an quiet place”

“What about the training room?” Sam suggested “no one will interfere with your concentration there “

The twin smiled, she had now what she hadn’t in a long time, hope. She stood up excitedly making everyone surprised, since they had met her they had never seen her so hyperactive.

“Let’s go!” she told them

“You don’t want some privacy?” Steve asked

Wanda shook her head “I’m nervous to do it alone”

Natasha stood up “I’m in”

She took her hand and ran to the training room, the rest of the team followed

The room was huge and the windows allowed the sun to get in. The twin stood in the middle of the room and smiled to everyone, she stopped at Vision and sent him a telepathic message Thank you! He smiled back

Wanda closed her eyes and told herself to relax and take deep breaths, she could do this, she had done it before so there was no reason it wouldn’t work again. Her mind focused on Pietro from the other reality, she remembered the little memories she had with him. At first nothing happened, she realized then that it would need a lot more of power.

She started to remember him as a child; he was messy and annoying but after their parents died he started to protect her. Every time she felt sick he would comfort her no matter he felt the same way, he wouldn’t let anyone dangerous go near her, he would make jokes and even dance when they were both alone in the winter nights with no more than a poor campfire, he would tell her everything was going to be alright when they were both in the experiments, he would escape from his room to check on her no matter he would get beaten up for having done that, he would always be besides her to protect and love her when no one else did, he would be, in every sense, her family.

“Oh my God” Clint let out

That made her search for Pietro’s mind in the room, ever since she got the ability to control minds she had made a bond with her brother so they were always connected, that was the way she knew he had died, his mind had stopped. She gasped when she found him.

Wanda opened her eyes and in front of her she saw Pietro frowning at her “What the hell?” he asked looking around.

She threw herself at him in a hug and drowned in his familiar scent. Wanda didn’t need to explain and he understood.

Pietro whispered in her ear “This is the last time I’ll ever see you?”

She nodded and sobbed, he broke the hug and took her face in his hands, he looked straight into her eyes, they were both crying now

“I’m always here” he told her and she nodded “you are brave Wanda, braver than I could ever be”

“No I’m not” she answered

He shook his head “Yes you are. I would have never moved on if it had been you the one that died. You are a hero, you are doing good things”

“I miss you” she whispered

He laughed “I’m from other reality but I can say that I miss you more”

Wanda laughed too and Pietro hugged her, her head started to hurt but she tried to put away the pain.

Meanwhile, Quicksilver smiled to the rest of the Avengers and, Clint saluted him and he smirked “You didn’t see that coming?”

He laughed “You should ask yourself that question kid”

Steve cleared his throat “We should give them some privacy”

The other twin smiled and nodded, the Avengers left and only Vision lingered at the door. Pietro had always been a jealous brother and no matter this was another dimension he didn’t like anyone going after his sister so he looked at the humanoid with the most intimidating old brother look he could manage. Vision frowned and blinked a couple of times not being actually sure of why Quicksilver would be mad at him so he finally left.

The male twin broke the hug and smiled to her “Everything will be fine”

The comment pulled her back to reality “What will happen to you and Erik?”

He sighed “We’ll be fine, you might not be able to return but we will always be there”

She took his hands “Are you happy?”

He smiled sadly “Yes, what about you?”

She shrugged “I feel out of place”

“They don’t treat you well?” Pietro asked concerned

“It’s not that, I am just not hero material, they try to make me feel part of the team but I am a threat”

Her brother took her by the shoulders and with a serious expression he told her “Wanda you are a lot of things but not a threat and you prove that every day. Tell me what happened to this guy that was ‘more powerful’ than you?”

“He is in jail” she answered

“And who defeated him?”

She whispered something and he frowned “What was that? I couldn’t hear”

Wanda rolled her eyes “I defeated him”

Quicksilver smirked “See? You are not a threat Wanda, you might be really powerful but you are not a weapon” he rubbed his eyes for a second and added “I am so proud of the woman you have become”

She sobbed again and hugged him “I couldn’t have done it without you Pietro and I am not sure I will be able to continue without you”

“You are alive for a reason” he told her “Tell me, how did I die?”

She whispered “You saved Clint”

He smiled “I wouldn’t have let you unless I knew you would be alright”

The scarlet witch’s head started to hurt horribly but she wasn’t going to let go of her brother not now, not ever. Unfortunately Pietro noticed her nose had started to bleed

“Are you okay?” he asked

She shook her head “It’s taking a lot of my power to keep you here but I’m not going to let you get away, not again”

He put her head on his hands “I’m not going to be the cause of your pain” He was holding in tears, he knew that if he broke she would too, and it would be harder for her to recover. He didn’t want to hurt her in anyway, not his little sister, not his conscious voice, not his family so he took a deep breath and knew exactly what to do “Call Vision” he told her

Her watery eyes looked at him confusedly “What?”

“Just do it” he ordered

She nodded and searched the humanoid’s mind and sent him a short message “Come”. In less than 10 seconds he arrived.

“Is everything alright?” he asked

Pietro tightened his jaw but nodded “Get closer”

The humanoid obeyed and walked to them so he was two steps away from the twins.

Quicksilver locked eyes with him and started saying “She is going to need someone she can trust, she’ll say she’s okay and that doesn’t need help or friend but ignore that, she will pretend everything is alright and end up locking herself “

Wanda cut him off “Pietro, what are you doing?”

He ignored the comment and kept staring at Vision “She needs someone to remind her constantly that everything will be fine, that things will get better. She needs a shoulder to cry on or a mind she can connect to but most importantly she needs a friend, a family. Can you do that for me Vision? Can you look after her when I am gone?”

His sister shook her head realizing what he was doing “Pietro don’t do this, don’t leave me… don’t you dare!!”

He was still looking at the humanoid “Will you do it Vision?” he asked again

Wanda kept shouting at him but the humanoid understood what Pietro was doing, taking care of his sister. “I will” he promised

“What are you doing?!” she yelled at Vision “don’t listen to him!”

Pietro relaxed and closed his eyes on relief letting go some tears

“Pietro…don’t” she kept saying

He hugged her and kissed her head “It’s time I leave Wanda, let me go”

She looked at the floor and noticed a small puddle of her own blood, she didn’t want to let him go but if she didn’t then his death wouldn’t make sense, him protecting her would be stupid and she wanted to honored him with at least the idea of her being safe so she nodded and sent him a telepathic message “Don’t forget me”

Not ever” he promised out loud “I’m proud of you Wanda. Go do good stuff for the both of us, go be a hero”

She smiled and coughed “Goodbye Pietro”

He nodded “Goodbye Wanda”

Wanda closed her eyes and let him go.

The connection was lost and she felt the emptiness she feared. She tried to breath and calm herself down but failed terribly, suddenly it seemed like she had forgot how to do the most element thing ever, breath. She drowned, drowned in silence and allowed herself to sink.

Vision caught her before she fell on the ground, he sat her and himself on the floor “Wanda, talk to me”

“I tried” she managed to say “I tried bringing him back”

The humanoid nodded “You did”

Tears she thought no longer existed kept coming out “Why did you save me?! I was ready to leave, to reunite with him, why did you do it?”

He blinked a few times “I just knew I had to”

She broke down, she did what she had sworn to never do, it wasn’t calm it was more like a storm, nothing made sense anymore, her heart had broken in millions of pieces and her lungs felt like they had shrunk.

“I’m drowning” she told him

He shook his head and looked at her with his compassionate eyes that made her want to melt “You are strong Wanda, but sometimes you must let the pain drown you”

“If I allow it I will never stop” she added

“I will be here to make sure you do not sink”

Maybe it was the fact that he had also used metaphors to make her feel better or just the desesperation for having lost her brother but she hugged him tightly not having the intention of letting him go. He lingered but hugged her as well “Everything will be okay” he whispered in her ear

“I know” she answered and then she reached the surface

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