Can we trust her?

Chapter 23

It had been two weeks since the last fight with Sebastian and nothing relevant had happened since then, well except for an odd visit from a man in a strange suit that tried to break in.

Maria Hill has searched almost in every store but had finally found it. On the kitchen table Sam and Wanda sat watching a TV show from a tablet, suddenly the sound of a glass got their attention, they looked up to find Hill smiling at them.

“Hey” she greeted them

“Hi” the twin answered

“T’sup Robin?” Sam added

The agent rolled her eyes “I come in peace” she announced

“Okay” The Falcon nodded “what’s that?” he asked pointing the glass

She smiled again “its coconut water” then looking at the Scarlet Witch she added “this will help your headaches, I had planned to bring it to you sooner but… well stuff happened”

“Oh” Wanda answered “thanks” and taking the glass she took a zip and smiled shyly

Hill sighed and added “I also want to apologize for not having trust you before”

She nodded “No problem”

The agent smiled “So, we are good?”


Sam cleared his throat “Can we go back to watching Sherlock?”

“Sure, don’t mind me” Maria added

They had just finished their regular training session so most of them were still exercising or taking a shower before going to have breakfast

Making peace with Maximoff wasn’t the only reason Maria Hill had come, she needed to have a chat with Steve, the super soldier had been acting quite weird and distant, and it had all started about a week ago when Wilson had told him he had found something that Steve had to see. She walked to his room and knocked on the door

“Who is it?” he called from inside

“It’s Hill!” she answered

Ten seconds later he opened the door “Is everything okay?” he asked worried

“We need to talk” she told him

He nodded and stepped out of the doorway for her to enter the clean and perfectly organized bedroom. Hill smiled and entered, Rogers closed the door behind her and pointed at the couch for her to take a sit, she did and he followed. Steve had clearly just taken a shower, his hair was wet and he had a towel in his right arm.

“What is it?” he asked

She cleared her throat “Are you alright?”

Captain America frowned and nodded “Sure, why?”

“You have been quite odd and… distant since Wilson told you he had found something, I know you said it wasn’t anything really important but I can clearly see that you have been distracted”

His face tensed and he scratched the back of his head “That wasn’t anything really; it’s just that I… I have been… exhausted with all that happened with Sebastian and then Wanda and now this guy that tried to infiltrate into the facility”

She knew that he was keeping something from her but she really wanted to believe him so she sighed and ignored all his clear lying expressions and smiled “Good” the agent stood up and so did he “use this time to rest” she advised him

He nodded and walked her to the door “Thanks for asking, though”

She smiled again and left to continue with her work. They all had the right of keeping secrets to themselves so who was she to question Captain Freaking America?

When Steve was alone he leaned against the wall and closed his eyes in relief “That was close” he said to himself

It had been a week since Sam had found his best friend Bucky and Rogers had to accept that he had not been careful enough to act normal and cease any suspicion, but he was under constant worry about what would happen with his best friend.

Meanwhile Hill walked back to the facility, she had an important meeting with Fury. The director was waiting for her inside her office

“Sir” she saluted

He nodded “So, what’s your verdict on the team?”

The agent cleared her throat “They might not be aliens but they are definitely strong and united”

He put his hands behind his back “And what about are sokovian friend? Can we trust her?”

She blinked a couple of times but finally nodded “Yes Sir, we can trust her”

The red head fell hard on her back “Ouch” she let out

The other spy smirked and offered a hand “You are slower than I remembered”

She rolled her eyes and took the hand only to apply a wrestling hold and make him fall this time.

“Hey!” he complained from the floor

“And you are more stupid and old than I had remembered” she said with a crooked smile

He snorted and stood up “Stupid never, old… maybe”

Rhodey cleared his throat “Work calls me, see you gain in two days?”

Natasha nodded “Same hour”

He nodded “roger that” and left

“Can we go to eat something now?” Clint asked in a bored tone

She nodded “Sure”

When they arrived to the kitchen, Steve was making toast (as usual) Vision, was reading the paper and Sam and Wanda watched a show from a tablet while eating cereal, in few words, it was all looking normal.

“Don’t you get bored of toast?” Nat asked Steve

He shrugged “Not really, besides it’s the only thing I can manage to do without having to worry about burning up the food or the place”

Wanda turned to them “Don’t ever let Cap go near scrambled eggs”

“Or cereal” Sam added without taking his eyes from the tablet

Rogers rolled his eyes, he was used to being bullied; besides they were right, who knew cereal could be so damn dangerous?!

Vision put the paper down and cleared his throat (or whatever he had) with the purpose of getting everyone’s attention.

“I have a question” he started “what are we to do in these free days?

He had made a serious question but everyone laughed

“Nothing, you only rest” Clint answered

“I see” the humanoid agreed “what is the procedure?”

Wanda shrugged “Stay in bed staring at the ceiling?”

“Watch Tv?” Steve guessed

“Paint your nails and go for a nice long run?” Natasha added

Barton snorted “The thing is that we don’t actually have that concept Vision, we are the avengers and our purpose is to protect the world from terrorist or crazy-ass aliens so… we don’t actually get so much rest don’t worry. We are a bunch of workaholic freaks”

The humanoid smiled and nodded, he liked the concept.

The spy grinned and sat on the counter “I missed this” she started to say “you know, training, having breakfast and be with the people I like. It might not be in a luxurious place that I used to have back when I was only an agent but this is certainly paradise”

They all smiled warmly to each other, in a way she was right.

“I can honestly say this is the most luxurious place I have been too” Wanda said

Romanoff snorted “Way to kill the mood witchy”

She laughed “Try being homeless for a while”

Captain America didn’t say anything; he knew that this moment was an actual paradise. He stared at it, his team gathered in a family way, laughing, and joking. He couldn’t help but to smile, he would make the best of the time that they still had before… before this paradise was lost and forgotten, before it unleashed into something he knew it couldn’t be avoided, a non-stop battle that if it ended at some point it would still leave unnumbered scars and wounds that would never disappear.

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