Can we trust her?

Chapter 3

Natasha could always tell if people were lying or keeping anything from her. Recently Wanda was acting suspicious; she was always disconnected in her thoughts and had a permanent worried face, so she decided to invite her to watch a movie in her room. Wanda ended up telling Natasha with full detail about the illusion she had, after she finished Romanoff remained silent and when least expected she started to talk again.

“This guy created an illusion of your brother that means he knew you in some sort of way. It sounds like he wanted to offer you something that would tempt you”

“But I have had never met him” Wanda told her

Natasha rested her head on the bed support and asked “Have you tried doing that? I mean, you showed me the Red Room and didn’t know about it”

The comment gave her an idea “If that was all in my head, maybe I could go back”

They spy looked at her confused “That’s not what I meant”

“Of course not” she agreed and to change the topic she brought Sebastian back “If he can read our minds then we aren’t safe. I can only create illusions if I am near the person, but he wasn’t when he attacked me, maybe he can also read minds no matter the distance, he has an advantage”

Romanoff arched her eyebrows “What do you mean? We have you! If he reads our mind you can read his”

Wanda nodded and got up “I am going to get some rest" and went to her own bedroom.

She sat on her bed with her back resting on the wall and closed her eyes. If Sebastian had showed her Pietro it was because he had taken that vision from her own mind so she focused deeply, muttering “Take me back”.

She was starting to get a headache but that didn’t stop her, even her night table had begun to shake, her telekinesis was getting out of control. When she started to get dizzy she had to stop but instead of being in her bedroom she appeared to be in Pietro’s house. It had worked, Sebastian had only shown her something that was already in her mind, just like she had done with the Avengers before being on their side, and the only difference was that she had shown them confusing memories; in this case this man had woken up an alternate reality.

“Pietro?” she called out, still doubting if this was happening or not

Her brother appeared by her side a second later “Are you feeling better now?” he asked

Wanda smiled and couldn’t help to avoid sobbing. Pietro was more confused now; he hugged her not knowing what else to do.

The phrase ‘it wasn’t fair’ seemed fitting for her now, Pietro was the only family she had and now he only existed in her head as a distant possibility of ‘what if things had gotten different’. The only person Wanda could trust blindly was him so she decided to tell him that this was all happening inside her head, and he incredibly believed her without hesitation.

“Why do you look so surprised? Since you were little you could do that” he explained after she had been surprised for him actually believing her.

In this reality she had realized her power earlier, what else was different?

“Are you an Avenger too?” she asked her brother

His eyes twitched and he took a deep breath before explaining “Wanda, after Ultron was killed the Avengers broke apart, Clint died”

Even if it wasn’t her reality she felt a stung in her chest, the man who had defended her restlessly from the people that thought she wasn’t changed was dead. In the real life agent Barton was on vacations with his beautiful family.

“What about the others?” she asked curiously

Pietro sighed, he would have to tell her everything just as if she had amnesia, his Wanda was less gothic, and to be honest he had realized something was wrong when she walked in his house that morning wearing black clothes. “Stark is married and has a daughter” he started saying “the blond alien rules his planet; I forgot his name so don’t ask. Captain America and the red head are engaged and the green one disappeared after the fight”

Everyone seemed to be different except for Banner and maybe in this dimension he didn’t have hair or something.

“What about Vision?” she asked realizing Pietro had forgotten to say what had happened to him

Her brother smirked mischievously

“What?” she asked confused

Pietro chuckled “You are his girlfriend”

Wanda went red and almost choked, that seemed stupid, how was that even possible? She didn’t even like him… right?

He laughed “Don’t worry, is not that bad... yet” he assured her “And as for me I am married to the beautiful woman you scared earlier and have a son called Erik”

“Why Erik?” she asked

“Because of dad” Pietro explained

She was about to ask him something else when she felt someone shaking her.

Wanda went back to reality with a headache, a bleeding nose and an angry Natasha giving her the glare.

“You hit me?” she asked her realizing the blood drops

Natasha snorted “I was about to!” and handed her a tissue. While Wanda whipped the blood off her nose, Natasha sat next to her “You tried to see your brother, didn’t you?”

The girl looked at her with a guilty look “I did but it worked!” then explained everything to her.

Even though it sounded stupid and crazy Romanoff believed her, Wanda could do a lot of crazy things so she didn’t doubt her word. She also asked the spy to not tell anyone else and Natasha promised she would never do it

“Don’t go back there in a while, God knows what will happen to you if you stay there more than a couple of minutes” she warned before leaving.

Natasha was beginning to realize that she was being really protective towards Wanda, maybe it was the fact that she didn’t want anything bad to happen to the only girl apart from her in the team or maybe because even though her friend was really powerful she was just a kid that was forced to grow up really fast with no family, just like she had been a or maybe her motherly side was taking over her or maybe all of the above. Anyways she would do what was best in her power to help Wanda.

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