Can we trust her?

Chapter 4

The next day Maria Hill returned to the kitchen ready to apologize, she still didn’t trust the Maximoff kid but she didn’t want the Avengers to hate her, only Steve was in the kitchen so she decided to apologize to him first

“Me and you are okay, don’t worry, the one you have to talk to is Wanda” he told her

She nodded and handed him a tablet with a man’s photograph

“Is this Sebastian?” Steve asked after looking at the picture.

“Yes, his expedient is clean, apparently he had a stable job at Cambridge University until he was fired for hitting a student” she answered

He glared at her, the man in the photo looked normal, he even had a peaceful expression. “Why did he hit a student?”

The ex-SHIELD agent shrugged “No one knows, one day he showed up to give a class and he became crazy” she took a step back “I’ll let you guys know where he is once we find his location”

Steve nodded and she smiled before leaving. Sam walked in five minutes later “Any news?” he asked.

His teammate sat on the couch in the living room and said “Not really, Hill said she would let us know where he is once they find him”

Sam sat next to him “Are you okay? You seem tired”

He laughed “I’m exhausted, I have this feeling that something bad is going to happen anytime soon”

It was Falcon’s turn to laugh “Of course you feel like that! It’s part of being an Avenger”

Steve nodded in agreement and smiled “Well, let’s have some fun while we can”

He and Sam shared a look and prepared the living room for a fun session, and by fun I mean they set up the game console and made popcorn.

Falcon was pretty bad at playing videogames but Steve was three times worse so it was quite interesting to watch them play. The super soldier kept killing his friend by accident and Sam constantly confused the ‘jump’ key with ‘run’ so his character instead of jumping over a cliff would run towards it and fall to his death.

“Damn it!” Sam yelled after Steve had killed him for the fifth time

“Sorry” his friend apologize

“You know we are a team in the game, right?” he snapped

Rogers paused the game “Yeah, I’m sorry it won’t happen again” he assured him and resumed the game.

Natasha and Wanda entered the room

“What are you doing?” The twin asked amused

Sam’s character had fallen into a cliff again so he turned towards them. “Playing a videogame” he answered “wanna try?” he asked her

“I don’t know how to” she answered

“Nonsense! It’s not that hard, come and play” he invited her again and taking a glance of Steve he added “besides I doubt you can be worse than him”

Natasha laughed and took a sit next to Captain America while Wanda took the one next to Sam, he handed her a joystick and explained the basic stuff, and her character appeared in the screen next to theirs.

After a long five minutes in which they had to run around the woods an army of wild monkeys started attacking them

“What do I do now?” Wanda asked confused

“KILL THEM, KILL THEM ALL” Steve yelled/ordered, Natasha frowned at him, she never thought he would become so passionate towards a videogame

Sam started hitting the monkeys furiously, that means he pressed the ‘attack’ key really fast over and over, while Wanda ran around avoiding being killed. Steve made a concentration face and announced “I’m going to use the grenade”

Falcon nodded “Do it! I trust you man, remember it’s the last one”

Captain America took a deep breath and threw the grenade, the whole world seemed to stop for a minute. The move was meant to be epic, all of the monkeys would have died instantly but of course we have to remember that it was Steve, a man who had lived in the time were TV didn’t even exist, the one who threw it, so he ended up missing the target and throwing the grenade to Sam.

“WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!” he yelled at Steve

Natasha was dying of laughter.

“I’m sorry?” Steve apologized

Sam took a cushion and started to hit Captain America. Meantime Wanda’s character had found a hidden gun behind a tree, so she started shooting the evil monkeys. The two grownups stopped fighting when they saw Scarlet Witch’s epic attack. When she was done killing all of the monkeys the screen turned black and big yellow words appeared “Level Up” it announced.

“I won?” she asked excited

Sam grinned and shouted “You did!”

She stood up and high-five’d Nat, Steve went to her and carried Wanda on his back. “We had never won!” he told her happily.

The four people in the living room started shouting in sign of victory and jumping around like idiots.

Vision who had been reading calmly in his room entered the living room slowly, wondering what had happened. Imagine his surprise when he found two of the Avengers jumping/dancing around and Captain America carrying Wanda on his back.

When everyone noticed Vision they stopped jumping and Steve put Wanda down.

“I’m going to the bathroom” Sam excused himself and left

“I have to water the plants” Natasha lied and also left

“Me too” Steve said before following the red head.

Wanda chuckled and Vision arched his eyebrows at her “What happened?” he asked

She cleared her throat and explained “I won a game”

“Oh” he let out

She smiled not knowing what else to do, and couldn’t avoid remembering Pietro’s comment “You are his girlfriend”. Wanda shook the idea off, or did she?

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