Can we trust her?

Chapter 5

Maria Hill entered the room almost running “We found Sebastian” she announced

“Where is he?” Vision asked her

“He went to visit Stark” she answered.

They all went to suit up and took a helicopter towards the Avenger’s tower. The helicopter landed on Stark’s balcony and flew away again.

The door was open so the Avengers walked in slowly; Steve put his finger on his mouth to let everyone know they shouldn’t make a sound. The tower was full of a sinister silence. They wouldn’t have found Stark if it hadn’t been because Wanda read his mind, she pointed towards the billionaire’s lab and everyone walked towards it.

Captain America was the first one to arrive, he saw Stark standing in the middle of the lab staring at a man that was in front of him; because of the angle they couldn’t see the man but they caught a glimpse of Tony’s face, he didn’t seem to be able to move; only his eyes were looking around. Steve raised his hand to get Tony’s attention, the billionaire looked at him and blinked, the he looked at the man in front of him to simulate not having seen the avenger.

“Captain America, please come inside” Sebastian invited him; he had a thick English accent.

Rogers remembered about the mind reading and tried to blank his head but it was quite difficult, he let out the breath he had been holding and entered the lab.

“Please tell all of your teammates to also come in” Sebastian added after he saw Steve’s thoughts

The avengers entered one by one and stood next to Tony. Carson didn’t look evil; in fact he would have been mistaken for a normal person. His skin looked pale, as if he hadn’t been out in a long time, he had curly light brown hair and average height, the only thing that gave him away were his eyes, they looked cold and calculating.

“He’s looking inside our mind” Wanda warned out loud.

He smiled and said “I am, but so are you darling”

“What do you want?” Steve asked

Sebastian answered without taking his eyes of Wanda “Vengeance”

“Of what?” Natasha asked sounding bored

“Of you” he answered, realizing everyone stared at him in confusion he rolled his eyes “I was in New York when the alien invasion came, my wife died trapped in a building”

Captain America was about to tell him that he was sorry for his loss but that they couldn’t do anything about it now, but Carson looked at him and suddenly the super soldier froze, he couldn’t move anymore.

“I wouldn’t pull out a gun if I were you” Sebastian told Natasha

She raised her arms in sign of defeat but he smirked “That won’t work either”

The red head looked at Sam so he took his gun out and aimed at Carson but the english only raised his hand and pointed to Wanda, Falcon’s lips trembled but he turned towards her and placed the gun next to her head.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” Natasha yelled at him.

“He’s controlling Sam” Wanda told her, she tried reading Sebastian’s thoughts but failed

“I have a defense system” he explained her “I can block unwanted visitors in my head”

She turned towards Vision hoping he would fire at Sebastian but he was also frozen, Carson had done that in the instance he came in.

“What do you want?” Natasha asked now angrily

“I don’t want to kill you” he started saying “to kill you would be easy, a quick end. I am a scientist and you are the world’s mightiest heroes, I only want to test how strong and how resistant you can get” the last he said with a wicked tone

Wanda remembered how her headaches would make her lose focus. Sebastian wasn’t reading her mind at the time; his power was invested on controlling the other Avengers so she closed her eyes and tried to return to the other reality, not to visit her brother but to cause Carson such a terrible headache that he would let them go, even just for a moment.

He walked straight into her trap, noticing her eyes closed he went inside her mind, which felt like someone was hitting his head with a frying pan and being in a heavy metal concert next to the stereo sound. Being in pain he let go of the Avengers, Tony called his suits to attack him and Vision started to fire at him. Sebastian rolled over missing Vision’s attack but thanks to Stark’s suits he was too busy defending himself to take over everyone’s mind.

Steve called agent Hill and she told them to wait for the helicopter on the balcony. Sebastian pulled out a gun and started firing at them.

“Fall back!” Captain America ordered and everyone went outside except for Vision

“Where’s Vision?” Natasha asked once the helicopter was visible

“I’ll go for him” Wanda offered and ran back in. The humanoid was still fighting Carson, she pulled his arm so he would move but he gently pushed her away

“I’ll stay here” he told her

She didn’t like to feel like she needed to be protected so she started firing too, less than thirty seconds later, Vision froze again. Wanda had to get closer to Sebastian so she could get a better angle.

“You are choosing the wrong side” he told her once she was ten feet away

“Let him go” She ordered

He laughed and pointed at her with his gun “Or what?”

She smirked and using her telekinesis she pulled up whatever was lying around and threw it at him, Sebastian moved away but it still hit him, he fired his gun. If it hadn’t been because Wanda accidently slipped, he would have killed her. The bullet hit her shoulder and she fell on her knees, her telekinesis reacted unwillingly and sent Sebastian several feet away. Only then Vision unfroze and flew out carrying Wanda in his arms.

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