Can we trust her?

Chapter 6

The bullet had stayed in her shoulder, luckily it hadn’t been too deep but it hurt a lot.

“Wanda, I need you to not move” Natasha started telling her, they were still in the helicopter but they weren’t near the tower anymore.

Wilson took the twin’s hand so she could press it if it hurt too much and Maria Hill placed her hand on her back so she wouldn’t move. The girl nodded to Natasha.

The spy nodded to herself and entered two fingers inside the wound. Wanda pressed Sam’s hand and choked a scream, once again her telekinesis reacted and a bunch of things that were laying around the helicopter started to float.

Natasha had to dig between the blood making Wanda scream in pain, the red head knew that doing things slowly would only make the pain get worse so she harshly entered another finger and pulled the bullet out; the things floated higher for a second and then fell back on the floor. Tony handed them the first aid kit and Natasha took out a bandage and put it on the wound.

“We need a plan” Steve started saying

Sam frowned “What we need is to make sure that Wanda is okay, she’s the only one that can put up a fight with him”

Natasha nodded “We can’t go back to the Avenger’s facility; he’ll search there for us”

“You need to hide until you have a plan” Hill told them “don’t tell anybody where you are going, not even us, we can’t afford the chance of him reading our minds”

Tony clapped to get everyone’s attention “He said he only wants us, maybe if we disappear for a while he’ll get bored and let us go”

Vision shook his head “If we disappear for too long he’ll attack innocent people to get our attention”

“He wants to torture us” Wanda said, she was beginning to sound weak, she had clearly lost a generous amount of blood “for the little time he wasn’t defending himself I saw his sorrow, he wants someone to feel the loss he does”

Stark snorted “Poetic” he muttered under his breath, making the twin’s eyes to turn red with fury.

Captain America noticed and changed the subject “Anyone knows a place where we could hide?”

Tony raised his hand “I do”

Maria Hill dropped them next to Brooklyn Bridge, they had to almost run so people wouldn’t recognize them, and Wanda made the people think that they hadn’t actually seen them.

Tony guided them two blocks away from the bridge, he stopped in front of a small building, it looked old but not abandoned, the wall was full of graffiti. The billionaire walked towards the trash can and moved it away, under it was an old and filthy coupon magazine he opened it and took out a key. “Works every time” he said happily. He walked to the door and unlocked it letting everyone in.

They all went inside, the air was thick and humid, and the stairs seemed to be covered with dust. Stark locked the door behind him and started walking up the stairs. Steve carried Wanda who was really weak so she didn’t even complain. On the first floor the billionaire opened the door and entered the apartment. Taking to account all of the luxurious stuff he owned this was nothing like that, it looked like a middle class department except for the giant TV in the living room.

“I bought this like ten years ago, Rhodey’s friend needed money and I had a bunch of it” he explained “I come here from time to time, but I haven’t recently, the only one who knows about here is Pep and she’s in Europe, I sent her a text telling her to not return until further notice”

Tony opened the windows so fresh air could get in, the sun was going down. Meanwhile Natasha started stitching Wanda’s wound, when she was done Wanda fell asleep almost instantly, not so much because of the physical pain but for being mentally tired. The spy covered her with a blanket.

Stark lend them all some clothes he and Pepper had there, and Sam went to the store to buy some food. Five minutes later he returned with a loaf of bread and two boxes of cookies. When it was night they decided to start eating.

“Who chose the cookies?” Tony complained after he bit one.

“Just eat” Natasha ordered

He rolled his eyes but did “Should we wake up the Maximoff kid?” he said realizing she was still sleeping.

“I’ll wake her” Vision offered and looked at Tony who shrugged.

The humanoid went to the couch and shook her gently. Her instinct was grabbing his wrist, but when she opened her eyes she let him go. For a moment she forgot what had happened but looking around the apartment she remembered and sat up rubbing her eyes.

“Wanda” he called out her name “you need to eat”

She nodded and walked to the kitchen taking the blanket with her, Wanda’s eyes were still sleepy. She sat down in a chair and Falcon handed her a package of cookies, she opened it and automatically started eating.

“We need something that can protect our heads from Sebastian” Captain America started saying

“Like what?” inquired Sam

Tony clapped his hands “He has a defense system, we could replicate it!”

Wanda smirked and shook her head, everyone stared at her

“You have a better idea kid?” Tony snapped

She was fully awake now, so she gave him a murderous look and explained “He didn’t make his defense system, he was born with it, and we can’t replicate it”

“How is that possible?” Steve asked confused

She sighed “He’s a mutant” seeing their blank expressions she explained again “he was born with a mutation that allows him to read minds and have a defense system against someone with the same gift”

“Are you sure?” Tony asked skeptically

Wanda nodded “I can distinguish a natural mutation from an experimental” she closed her eyes for a second and added “I was born with a natural and then they implemented on me an experimental one in Sokovia”

“You are a mutant?” Sam asked almost whispering

She nodded slowly and went inside Stark’s mind so she could find a place in that apartment where she could get some air. The Maximoff twin got up avoiding eye contact and excused herself; then she walked towards the stairs and followed them up until she was in the roof. It was windy outside; the cool air gave her goosebumps and if it hadn’t been because she was still wearing the blanket she would have had to go back inside. Wanda felt like a freak, she had always been different but until recently she would always say that she had powers because of the experiments, which wasn’t a lie but it wasn’t completely true either. She sat down on the floor with her back pressed against the small balcony of the roof and shut her eyes, she thought about her brother and couldn’t help to smile, after all they were both freaks.

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