Can we trust her?

Chapter 7

Once again Wanda woke up in the middle of the street, this time she didn’t even hesitate and ran to Pietro’s house, she knocked the door and waited. He opened the door and she hugged him.

“Hello Wanda from the other reality” he greeted

She laughed and they sat on the stairs.

“How are you?” she asked him

Pietro shrugged “I’m fine, how about you?”

Wanda crossed her arms and took a deep breath “I told everyone I was a mutant”

He put his right arm around her “What did they say?”

She chuckled “Nothing”

Pietro sighed and knelt in front of her “I know it’s difficult for you to share that, but what are you afraid of?”

She didn’t want to answer, but it was probably the fear of being treated like a freak. At times like this she missed him more than ever, Pietro was the only one she could be completely honest with.

Her brother snorted and as if he had read her mind he said “All the Avengers are freaks Wanda, you fit just fine”

Wanda laughed, after all he was right. Then she remembered Sebastian Carson and asked Pietro about him, he might be able to help.

He listened what she told him and advised her “You need to protect your thoughts”

She rolled her eyes “I know that, but with what?”

Pietro frowned “Stark has a machine that can replicate any metal, ask dad for his helmet”

She bit her lip “Stark doesn’t have that machine and I haven’t seen my father since I was twelve, I doubt I will be able to find him now”

“You’ll have to, I can’t think of another way to protect your mind” he told her

“What’s his name in the first place?”

He smirked “His name is Erik Lehnsherr, but he’s better known as Magneto”

Pietro said that as if it had some sort of power but she didn’t understand it, Wanda didn’t even know why she would ask her dad, a man who had abandoned them and only came back because he wanted to use their gifts, for his helmet. It didn’t sound logical. She started to feel dizzy “I have to go know” she told her brother, he nodded and kissed her forehead

“Be careful” Pietro said and she went back to reality.

Steve was sitting next to her “I thought you were sleeping” he commented and handed her a tissue; she realized she had a nosebleed again.

“Damn it” she muttered and cleaned the blood.

“Natasha told us about you making other realities, don’t be mad at her, I made her tell us” he told her.

One part of her was relieved because she was too tired to explain everything to everyone, on the other hand she felt a bit angry Natasha had broken a promise. She sighed and shrugged, that wasn’t so important now after all.

Steve spoke again “Wanda I trust you, but you can’t keep things like this as a secret, I need you to trust me, to trust us”

The Maximoff twin nodded “I trust you” he smiled and she continued “I asked my brother for help and he suggested that I should find my father and ask him for his helmet”

He nodded cheerfully “Okay! Where can we find him?”

She answered almost whispering “I don’t know”

He nodded again “Do we have a plan B?”

She shrugged and guessed “Improvise?”

Rogers blinked a couple of times “That could actually work”

Wanda frowned “What do you mean?”

He took her hand and gently pulled her to her feet “I have an idea”

They walked down the stairs and gathered everyone to the kitchen.

“I think I have a plan that can work” Steve started saying

“Go on” Tony said as he ate a cookie

“Carson can read our minds because we process our moves but what if we don’t over think?” he said

Natasha frowned “You mean improvise?”

He snapped his fingers “Exactly”

Sam crossed his arms “He’ll still see what we are going to do”

“Yeah but he will only have a second of advantage” Tony told him “He can’t do much with a second”

“So what do you think?” Steve asked cheerfully

Vision nodded “It might work, but if it doesn’t, do we have a second plan?”

Wanda cleared her throat “We should have to find my father and ask him for help”

Stark arched his eyebrows “That doesn’t sound bad”

She looked down “The thing is that I have no idea of where he is, I only know his name”

“What’s he called?” Vision asked her

“His name is Erik Lehnsherr, but I think he’s better known as Magneto” Wanda answered, this time she felt how the name sounded powerful

Tony almost choked on his cookie “Your dad is Magneto?!”

“Yes, do you know him?” she asked

Stark snorted “Not personally but he controls metal, imagine if he didn’t like me”

“Do you know where he could be?” Wanda asked again

He shook his head “Sorry kid”. Everyone felt as if Stark had broken their only little piece of hope they had left.

“So we improvise then?” Sam asked

Captain America nodded “Tomorrow morning we find him and fight, don’t process your moves and we can’t be too close either”

Natasha sighed “Sounds like a plan” she muttered

Wanda went to sleep again in the same couch she had passes before and Sam took the other one.

In the kitchen Steve, Natasha and Tony were still talking, well actually only the super soldier and Romanoff were, Stark was deep in his thoughts; Vision had been acting weird around Wanda, Tony knew that the humanoid possessed artificial intelligence but he had never imagined that Vision could have a crush on someone, specially on the little witch.

Steve and Natasha were discussing whether Maria Hill was Robin from How I Met your Mother.

“It can’t be Hill, Steve” Romanoff kept saying.

“She looks exactly like Robin and even sounds like her!” he snapped

Natasha snorted “Do you honestly think a secret agent would be in a TV show?”

Rogers shrugged “I don’t know, maybe she did that to cease suspicions”

“Steve I don’t think that’s even possible, look why don’t you ask her?”

“I will” he promised

Stark entered the conversation “She does actually look like Robin” Steve grinned with satisfaction at Natasha and she rolled her eyes. The billionaire then said “Don’t you think Vision acts weird around Maximoff?”

Romanoff frowned “What do you mean by weird?”

Iron Man sighed and explained “I think he likes her”

Steve snorted and seeing his friends serious and thoughtful faces he coughed “Are you serious?”

Stark nodded “He’s all sweet and weird around her, do you think she likes him?”

Natasha shrugged “I honestly don’t think it’s something we should be discussing yet, give them time and both of them will realize what they feel”

“If they feel something in the first place” Steve added

“Whatever” Tony said “Where’s Vision?”

“He went to sleep, he took one of the bedrooms” Rogers answered

“We should probably go to sleep too” Romanoff said yawning

“There’s only one bed left” Tony said

“We’ll share” Captain America s told him

Stark took a step back “Cap I feel flattered but I only have eyes for Pepper”

Nat chuckled and Rogers rolled his eyes “Only share the bed Stark, believe me it’s not something I want to do”

The spy yawned again “Well, I’m going to bed you two do whatever you want” she said and left

“So me, you and Romanoff?” Tony said and took several steps back “Not happening!”

Steve shrugged, he was too tired for to put up with Tony’s crap. He and Natasha had shared a bed more than one time on their missions and they didn’t mind, after all they were good friends.

“Goodnight Stark” Rogers said and went to the bedroom

“There’s no chance I’ll go to sleep there!” Tony yelled

The super soldier turned off the lights and Stark was left alone in the dark kitchen, the billionaire realized he was really tired so he looked around trying to find a place where he could sleep. Vision had been smart enough to excuse himself earlier so he wouldn’t have to share a bed. Tony tried to sleep on the kitchen table but it was cold and full of cookie crumbs. After 5 minutes full of silence he sighed in defeat and went to the bedroom. Steve was on the right side of the bed and Natasha was next to him in the center, they seemed to be sleeping so he took off his shoes and laid down next to the Russian assassin, she and Steve were turned to the right side so Tony turned to the left, he would never mention this to anyone, he would even be willing to pay his teammates for their silence in this matter. Meanwhile Rogers sighed tiredly, Stark was impossible, on the other hand Natasha smirked; she was so going to tell everyone.

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