Can we trust her?

Chapter 8

Tony dreamt of Pepper, they were sitting on the couch in their living room while eating strawberries.

“I thought you were allergic to strawberries” he told her

Pepper giggled “I only said that to prevent you from eating them”

“Why?” he asked taking a bite of one

She looked at him sweetly and said “Because you are allergic”

Tony tried to spit the fruit but he couldn’t; his nose started to itch. “Pepper” he yelled “Help me!” his girlfriend started laughing.

Stark woke up to find a ladybug on top of his nose and he screamed, not for being scared of the insect but because for a second he actually thought he had eaten a strawberry.

Natasha woke up immediately and pulled out a gun from the drawer “What is it?!” she asked

Tony killed the ladybug and started to scratch his nose. Romanoff saw the dead insect “Really Stark?”

Wanda and Sam came running to the bedroom, her hair was messy and his eyes were sleepy.

“Is everything okay?” Sam asked worried

Steve woke up and seeing everyone in the bedroom he looked at Natasha for an explanation. Vision had also appeared.

“Stark got scared of a ladybug” she explained

“I’m not afraid of ladybugs!” Tony yelled

“What is it then?” Wanda asked

“I had a nightmare” he answered

“About ladybugs?” Rogers asked amused

“Of course not!” the billionaire said “It was about strawberries”

Everyone sighed, Stark was impossible. Sam was about to go to sleep again when everyone realized it was 2 pm, apparently if it hadn’t been because of Stark’s nightmare they would have spent the whole day sleeping. They suited up with yesterday’s clothes except for Wanda; she put on some of Pepper’s clothes that Tony had offered her. She felt weird in those expensive clothes; they weren’t much for someone like Pepper Potts, just some designer black jeans and a blue silk loose shirt with black buttons. Stark had even offered her some sneakers but she pretended that they didn’t fit her, Wanda had never even had an actual conversation with the billionaire’s girlfriend, so she prefers to wear the boots she had used the day before.

Maria Hill sent Steve a text, it read ‘he’s at central park waiting for you guys, I hope you have a plan’.

Steve instructed everyone and the non flying Avengers took a taxi while the other ones flew to Manhattan. In what felt like forever they arrived, everything seemed calm and fortunately there weren’t people around. At the entrance Sebastian stood with what looked like a super gun, just like Stark’s technology, all the Avengers stood in front of him.

He showed them the weapon “I made this myself, thanks to some things I learned from Stark’s head” he continued “giving the fact that you are all here I suspect you have a plan… or not”

Tony had a hard time draining his mind, he was always thinking and if he wanted to stop Carson from learning dangerous information he should stop thinking. The billionaire closed his eyes, maybe what he needed to do was to think about something else, something not dangerous, he smiled; Tony thought about the only thing he loved that didn’t include weapons, unless she’s mad and hits you with a bag. Pepper Potts had always caught his eye, at first not in the romantic way but she was always intriguing to him. He remembered how surprised he was when she arrived to the job interview, most of the girls applying looked like super models and they all dressed provocative, Pepper on the other hand had dressed decently, Stark had almost put he in the ‘next’ list but what caught his attention was that she told him that if he actually needed an assistant instead of a hooker he should consider her, in that moment he knew that she was special no one had ever dared to argue with him, except for Rhodey. Tony had been in love with her even before he knew it, she was his support; she was his moderator, his friend, his muse, his distraction, his break, his freedom but more importantly the love of his life.

Sebastian looked at Tony, he thought Stark would be the impulsive one but seeing his calm mind Carson stopped focusing on him. That’s when Tony shot him, Sebastian rolled over and it only hit his leg, the avengers dispersed, they ran around not paying attention so there thoughts wouldn’t be read. Wanda and Vision ran in the same direction, Carson missed by an inch and they fell to the ground, the twin landed on her right side where the wound was, she shouted in pain. Vision helped her up “Don’t move” he ordered and flew straight to Carson and started firing, Falcon started doing the same.

Unfortunately Sebastian had some associates so Steve and Natasha were dealing with them. Wanda was about to go help them when she realized that Sam and Vision were frozen. Carson was coming for her now so she started walking backwards and she fired at him but he easily moved away, apparently he wasn’t able to freeze her so Wanda kept firing at him, she only stopped when she was on the sidewalk of the street. Sebastian went into her mind and started showing her memories of her parent’s deaths, the pain she had felt during the experiments and Pietro dying. Wanda fell on her knees covering her head. Sebastian pressed the gun to her forehead but he didn’t pull the trigger, he could have killed her in that moment but instead he took a step back. Iron Man appeared and started firing, the people that were walking around started screaming and running away. Carson was shooting at Tony back so Wanda stood up and kicked him, the scientist hadn’t seen that coming so he in anger, punched her face before running 20 feet away so he could get a better angle at Iron Man.

She expected blood to come out but it didn’t, she only felt the permanent pain in her face, Wanda had to blink a few times to focus on the fight, Sebastian was firing at Stark while he kept flying around, unfortunately the people on the street kept coming to the area of the fight so she ran to corner of the opposite sidewalk to warn people to stay away. The scientist looked at her and Wanda felt a drilling in her head, Captain America came from behind him and punched him, Steve froze again but her head was free again. An old man hadn’t realized the fight and started to cross the street. Sebastian fired against Wanda but missed his target; instead it was going to hit the man, the Scarlet Witch saw that and without thinking she pushed herself and the man to the floor. The pavement next to them now had a horrible hole. She helped the man up and seeing how Sebastian fled she asked the man “Are you okay?”

He nodded “Thank you”

They looked at each other for a second and she gasped, the man’s face was familiar, he was also staring at her in confusion.

“Wanda?” he asked in a whisper

Her whole world felt how it crumbled, the man in front of her had Pietro’s eyes and nose, the man in front of her was her father.

“You are alive” was all that she managed to say

For a second Erik smiled but then his face grew dark again “Where is Pietro?” he asked looking around

Wanda’s face straightened and clenching her teeth she answered “He’s dead”

Erik looked down and muttered “I’m sorry”

Her lips began to tremble and before she was able to help it, bitter tears began to fell from her eyes “You didn’t even know your son was dead”

Magneto’s face continued glued to the floor “Wanda I am sorry for Pietro’s loss” he started “but there’s nothing I can do”

“Don’t even dare to say his name!” she yelled at him “He told me to give you a second chance; he said you weren’t that bad but I guess he was wrong”

Erik looked at her, his face was emotionless. Steve was about to go to them but Iron Man stood in front of him “Rogers, that’s Magneto over there”

Erik saw the Avengers “You let down my offer only to turn into one of the heroes?” he asked

Wanda’s eyes flashed red “You have no right to even talk about my life’s choices, you let us starve in the streets, you are a selfish lame excuse of a man!”

“I won’t deny it or excuse it” he accepted “Believe me or not I have never been able to live in peace because of that, but you have to understand I could not go for you and your brother”

“Liar” she said “you didn’t go for us because you were scared your followers would think you were weak, you can’t lie to me, I can see your mind”

Her father took a step back “I thought you only had telekinesis”

“Not anymore” she said and snorted “Even now you only think about how my gift could be useful for you. I was stupid by thinking you would be willing to help me this time”

“Help you?” he asked “In which way?”

Wand shook her head “Forget it, I don’t want anything from you” he started crying again “Pietro would have named his son after you and you… you didn’t even know about his death”

Magneto looked down again and she wiped the tears of her face and left him standing in the middle of the street. She hadn’t needed him so far, why would she start to do it now?

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