Can we trust her?

Chapter 9

Normally the Avengers would celebrate after winning a fight but this time they walked to their hiding place without exchanging a word, everyone tried their best, but how were they supposed to beat someone that would read their thoughts?

Sam had a burn on his left arm but it was nothing Natasha couldn’t fix within 10 minutes.

Stark called Pepper to check on her. Steve locked himself in the bedroom feeling guilty; he had let down his team and he tried to think of a better plan but nothing came to his mind. Vision seemed relaxed or at least he appeared to be, he knew blaming himself or his teammates was irrelevant and useless.

Wanda went to the roof; she locked the door and leaned her head on the balcony. Her eyes were too tired to keep crying, she didn’t need tears anymore, it was as if she had ran out of water in her body, Wanda’s throat and mouth felt dry. She felt more alone than usual, she missed her brother but she was too tired to visit him. She lay down on the cold and dusty floor and closed her eyes. When she started living in the Avenger’s facility she had more than once preferred to sleep on the couch than on the bed. In Sokovia her brother and she had lived in the streets for a couple of years. In winter time they would sleep on abandoned buildings. They didn’t have anything but each other and that was far more than what Wanda had at the moment. The twins had been living, practically always alone; they had learned to survive since they were ten, why would she need a father now?

Wanda fell asleep, it felt like she had taken a 5 minute nap but when she woke up the sunset was over and the sky had a blueish color but there was still a bit of light. Apparently no one had come up to find her so she decided to stay there; she stood up and shook off the dust of her clothes. Wanda rested her elbows on the balcony and looked at the city, the Brooklyn Bridge was full of cars and the lights decorated the city it was a beautiful sight, suddendly she felt that someone was behind her; she thought it was probably Vision because he was the only Avenger who didn’t make much noise.

“You came to check on me?” she asked half joking

“Yes” Erik answered

She clenched her fists and turned to him “What do you want?”

Erik looked down, he had a helmet on in difference with earlier, she remembered what Pietro had told her, maybe there was a way she could steal it from him.

“You mentioned you needed my help” he started saying

Wanda’s eyes flashed red and he continued “I cannot undo the damage I have caused you and believe me or not I do regret it”

She snorted and tried to go in his mind but she couldn’t, there was some kind of shield, she had no problem earlier, what had changed? Her expression softened the helmet is the shield she answered herself.

“What are you doing here?” she asked him

Magneto sighed and walked towards her; he stood next to her and leaned on the balcony too. “There is no way you could never forgive me, I know that” he said and Wanda nodded “I am old, Wanda and I have a lot of guilt and unfinished business, I don’t want you to be another one in my long list”

This time she made eye contact and her eyes betrayed her with tears “What do you want?” she asked again slowly “you want me to call you dad?”

Her father shook his head “I want to help you this time; I would like to do something for you even if it doesn’t change your mind about me. Believe me; I don’t expect you to even thank me. Wanda let me be a father just for a small moment, let me be the father I never was but the one you and Pietro deserved”

She let out the breath she was holding and looked at his eyes, he looked desperate, desperate for forgiveness and she was desperate too, desperate for being able to forgive.

“Well then, I need your helmet” she told him dryly

He arched his eyebrows and she shrugged “That’s what I need from you, are you willing to help me with that or are you just going to walk away again?”

Erik closed his eyes and Wanda snorted, she looked the other way now, at least she tried to get the helmet.

“Use it wisely” he answered. She turned surprised to him and he handed her the helmet, she took it gently. He smiled shyly and flew away.

Wanda was so shocked by the fact that Magneto had actually given her the helmet that she grinned and went down the stairs running.

The avengers were gathered around the kitchen table trying to think of a plan, but nothing came to their minds so they were just grumpy and exhausted.

Steve frowned seeing Wanda smiling with her hands behind her back, everyone else was also confused.

“What happened?” Natasha asked

“Nothing” she answered trying to hide her happiness but failing

“Did you drink or take anything?” Tony asked

Wanda rolled her eyes and showed them the helmet grinning

“Nice!” Stark said with sarcasm “You bought a hat, which will surely be useful”

“Seriously?” she asked them “you don’t know what this means?”

They shook their heads “You have a bad taste for accessories?” Romanoff guessed

Wanda rolled her eyes again and put the helmet on Sam’s head “Think of something” she ordered

“Okay…” he answered

She went next to him and starting doing the same she had done to the Avengers when she was on Ultron’s side.

“What are you doing?!” Stark yelled

She ignored the comment “Do you feel different Sam?” she asked Falcon

He shook his head “Not really, was I supposed to?”

Natasha gasped realizing what the helmet meant “How did you get it?”

Wanda cleared her throat “My father gave it to me” she answered and everyone nodded, she didn’t want to answer questions and no one made them.

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