The MCRT, Morlocks, MGH and Murder

Part 2: Chapter 2

Mutant communities have existed from about the same time that baseline communities have, but no one seemed to notice or care unless something bad happened. That was the case until the MCRT was formed. The Mutant Community Research Team was added as part of the deal between Charles Xavier, Nick Fury and Tony Stark when the latter two commandeered Charles’s family property which contained The Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, The Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters and a supposed to be clandestine underground training facility known as The Danger Room.

Charles said he would offer his land, and allow for The Avengers Academy as well as The S.H.I.E.L.D. compound to be built there, and he would give The Danger Room technology to S.H.I.E.L.D., so long as he could still have the schools under his name and also a hand in what mutants would be sent to The Academy. He also asked that S.H.I.E.L.D. take the initiative to learn about what kinds of mutants exist out there and to set up a program that was more legitimate than the use of his brain amplifier, known as Cerebro. Fury and Stark considered the proposition, and to them, Xavier asked for very little in comparison to what they were getting in return – a collection of some of the best mutants available to them. These mutants would be trained in mutant ethics and power and ability management before they entered The Academy, which would save Stark and Fury both time and money. And also public outrage from having untrained, potentially dangerous mutants working for the partially government funded organization. They agreed to this ‘legitimate mutant research team’ and passed it off to Charles to handle it himself.

Charles, in turn, dropped it right on the lap of his then head X-Man, Scott Summers, who was, in Stark’s and Fury’s estimate, not nearly old enough to lead a baseball team let alone a team of mutants. But, they had washed their hands of it, and would not renege on their deal. Any X-Man would now be an Avenger, and would go through Academy training like anyone else.

Scott, who had been training with Xavier for ten years, since he was twelve, when his optic blast powers first manifested, surprised everyone and finished the Academy requirements in only a year (usually it took two to four). So, young or not, Scott, with his average height, thin build and average appearance was more than he seemed. He looked at his newest recruits, roughly the same age as he was, and after naming the new team the MCRT, handed the entire program to the LSU graduate with a sociology degree – Remy LeBeau.

At twenty two, Remy was an arrogant, athletic asshole who was a newlywed, fluent in more than three languages and had a penchant for feeling sorry for anything underprivileged. Handsome and a natural charmer, thus making him well-liked, he seemed the perfect candidate to jump into uncharted waters. No one knew, except Charles, where these mutant communities were, and no one had ever visited them. And one by one, Remy went into previously unvisited areas, where only Charles’s mind might go – and where his body could not. Sewers, mountains, the deep woods, abandoned buildings, and even an established small town, or two.

And six years later, slightly less arrogant and now divorced, Remy was still at it. He had made countless censuses, wrote report after report detailing their community formations and ideologies, taught many to read and write, and occasionally fought with those who did not want him there.

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