The MCRT, Morlocks, MGH and Murder

Part 2: Chapter 6

Amplification of mutant powers. How many times had Emma sat in session with some kid who was having trouble dealing with his or her set of mutant powers? She had certainly lost count. It was natural to have coping problems if suddenly one woke up to find they could blast ultraviolet radiation from their eyes or could read the minds of those around them. They were scared, wanted to be normal, and hoped they wouldn’t hurt anyone or themselves. What was becoming something she heard more often, though, was the idea that whatever ability they had wasn’t good enough. Wasn’t strong enough. And that, frankly, was something to be wary of. Especially now that MGH was becoming more and more prevalent in the streets.

To be honest, Emma had become interested in psychology for a very similar reason. Her brother Christian had taken his own life after a long bout with drug use, eating disorders and trying to hide from what he was; which was gay. Once he admitted everything, it was too late for him, as his diagnosis as HIV positive was too much for him to bear. Emma had come home from college for Christmas vacation to a confession she hadn’t needed to hear, for she knew very well what was in the deepest recesses of his mind. He told her he had wished he was strong, like she was, and would have been able to accept who he was long before. Like she had been able to accept the fact that she was a mutant. It was the last time she would ever see him. She hadn’t actually made a vow to him, but in her mind, she had decided to make it her business to let others know that it was okay to be exactly who they were.

Pushing that far, far away, and not looking up to see if Jean’s empathy had caught even a glimpse of it, she said, “Amplification of mutant powers is our first category.”

Jean did not respond orally, simply wrote it down under the title: Reasons to use MGH. Emma had a lot of psychic barriers that kept most people out; but when it was that kind of pain, the pain caused by the death of a loved one, it was as clear as a bell to Jean and her empathy. After all, it had only been twenty years since she was eight years old, screaming at her friend Annie to ‘look out’ and sobbing her eyes out holding Annie’s hand as the life seeped out of her. A part of her would always be inside Jean.

Emma continued, interrupting Jean from Annie and nightmares and the deep loss she might feel forever. “It will be easiest to gather this type of data first. The reasoning behind why mutants and baselines use it. Then we can delve into what actually happens when they do. In fact, maybe by the time we release this stuff to the public, people will actually respond well to it, and allow for funding to do further testing.”

“Do you think it will be any different than the reaction to abusing steroids? I want to hope that the fact that shooting up something to make you able to lift a plane is scarier than breaking a bat with every hit, but no one is doing a thing about people abusing steroids in the MLB.”

“Good point, but unfortunately, we will have to wait and see what public response might be.”

Changing the subject, Jean said, “I think baselines take MGH for a somewhat similar reason to amplification. The chance to have an ability like super-strength or being psychic would be a huge pull for some.”

“Yes, it would. Which makes me wonder how many violent crimes are connected to an MGH experience gone wrong. That would screw with mutant and baseline relations. I doubt we’ll ever get to do that study.”

“I think Elizabeth would flip if Hank ever brought that up in a funding meeting.” Elizabeth Braddock was the funds coordinator for The Avengers, and dealt primarily, it seemed with public relations than what was actually needed within Westchester’s S.H.I.E.L.D. compound. And Hank was Dr. Hank McCoy, the head of The Biomedical and Biological Research Center, and had quite extravagant tastes that drove Elizabeth crazy.

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