The MCRT, Morlocks, MGH and Murder

Part 2: Chapter 14

Willa made a killing; if she gave Marjorie half, it would look like they didn’t yet know what they were doing, leaving them enough to perhaps buy two bus tickets. To where, she didn’t know yet, but she would figure it out soon. She exited the bar, feeling pretty good about herself, because hardly anyone noticed how she looked either, only to find that Cora was not where she left her.

She panicked for half a second, and then got angry. “Cora?” she whispered fiercely, “Where are you?” She walked over to the bench and noticed the pictures of daisies and tulips. Completed, so maybe her sister had gotten bored. Still, it was no excuse to leave, when Willa had specifically told her to stay there. She could kill her. But that would have been too close to what her mom would have said, or done, even. No, her mother was a coward. A selfish coward, who couldn’t deal with the fact that her children were mutants. Taking a deep breath, leaving her mother in the past where she belonged, she began to check the ground for any telltale drips of what direction her sister might have gone.

A few to the right, more to the left, so she went that way, keenly aware of the fact that her little sister was beautiful and innocent and had no radar when it came to stranger-danger or anything of the sort. Her heart beat faster when she thought of it; Cora following some strange man or woman into those white vans with no windows. She stopped and put her hand to her stomach, feeling ill. Cora was her life, her responsibility. Nothing would happen to her, ever.

Just before her sense of responsibility could propel her into further motivation, she heard her sister’s laugh. She spun around and ran head on to the source of it. There was Cora sitting next to a girl about Willa’s age with pink hair and interesting green eyes. “Who the hell are you?” Willa asked in a voice that clearly meant business.

“What’s it to you?” the pink haired sister-stealer said.

“Your smashed in face, that’s what,” Willa replied. “Cora, get over here, now.”

Cora stood up and came over obediently, but said, “Willa, Sara’s nice. And she’s like us, too.”

Willa eyed Sara from top to bottom. Backpack stuffed full and many layers of clothing – clothing that did not look all that worn. Sara was a recent runaway, who had not yet found a permanent place to reside. The wheels in her mind were turning as she asked, “You’re a mutant?”

“Yeah, I’m a mutant.” Sara said, harshly and angrily, as if trying to force herself to be comfortable with the term.

Willa figured that is what Cora had meant, but continued with, “You got a place you’re staying?”

“Maybe I do, maybe I don’t,” Sara replied, but it was an obvious lie, and everyone, but Cora, knew it.

Willa ignored the obvious bluff, and figured out her plan. If she gave Marjorie only a quarter of what she had received tonight, but handed her a new ‘girl’, she’d look pretty good. And then she and Cora would have an even closer shot of getting to wherever paradise would be. “Yeah, okay,” she said to Sara. “How about you come with us? It’s not perfect, but it’s the life you’ll get used to pretty soon.” It was Willa’s way of saying she knew Sara was new to the street-life.

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