The MCRT, Morlocks, MGH and Murder

Part 2: Chapter 18

Marjorie, with keen senses of her own, had heard her handsome detective and the little furry man arguing outside, and so, when Remy came inside, she blocked his way, like a mother bear, putting a slim arm in front of him and spreading her legs. As if that might stop him if he really wanted in.

“Are you trying to shut me down, De-tec-tive?” Marjorie asked, and right now, she wasn’t flirting with him. In fact, her haunches were up and her eyes had taken on a feral gleam.

“No, I’m not, Marjorie,” Remy answered her easily, because it was true. Lowering his voice, and moving closer to her, using his easy charm to his best advantage. “But you know as well as I do, that some of these girls just don’t belong here.”

“Oh honey,” she said, still on edge, but loosening up, as per Remy’s silent request. “Everyone can be taught to be a call girl. Practice makes perfect, and in this business, we get lots of that.”

Remy took her by the wrist and moved it from wall, slightly shifting her, as if they were dancing so she could look at her ‘girls’ as he was. “How might you train Snow White over there, to be a tough-edged street gal, huh? And her sister is gonna be okay with that?” He of course took advantage of Marjorie’s newest girls, Cora and Willa, because they were neither loyal to her, nor were they truly knowledgeable of what was expected of them here.

Marjorie was nearly as tall as Remy was, and she faced him now with none of her earlier anger, in fact, she appeared to be her normal self, cutting her losses easily as any true business woman would. “And what if they refuse to go with you, De-tec-tive? What if they have no interest in that ritzy school?”

“Then you’ll keep an eye on them for me, until I can convince them,” Remy replied easily.

“Eating for free and sleeping with no one,” she intoned with a casual shrug, “You’re lucky you’re handsome,” she answered, planting her hands on his chest and running them half way down his ribs before he took a step back. “And yet, so coy,” she added, smiling that smile she had perfected years ago that still had men, despite her mutation, paying the big bucks to get with ‘the boss’.

“And just for you,” she continued, now in control of her hands, “An added bonus. Willa brought me a new girl last night, and she just doesn’t quite stack up, if you know what I mean, babe.”

It was a business interaction after all, one where knowledge was worth more than money, and Remy kept her attention for one more moment with, “If you’re doing something I don’t know about Margie, it isn’t wise. And it isn’t safe.”

“I, of course, don’t know what you’re referring to, handsome.”

She was lying, Remy knew. But that didn’t mean she was necessarily dealing. She just knew what he was referring to. “Start charging more for anal or something, chère, but please don’t start dealing.”

She patted his cheek in a maternal way and said, “That’s sweet of you to care, De-tec-tive. But don’t you waste your worries on me. As always I can take care of myself. Come now, mama Marjorie will show you to your new charges.”

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