The MCRT, Morlocks, MGH and Murder

Part 2: Chapter 19

After another half-hour, Jean found another paper that was written by another well-known geneticist, Dr. Nathaniel Essex. It appeared to be the first of its kind; the paper that highlighted the discovery of what he termed the Mutant Growth Hormone. Due to the fact that not much was known about the structure or function of hGH at the time, Essex had chosen the moniker ‘MGH’ because it appeared to be the closest comparison. In his paper, Essex detailed a study he had conducted in which an unknown mutant’s abilities were changed by forcing large amounts of MGH into the mutant’s brain over a period of six months. It seemed obvious, to Jean at least, that the mutant must have had some sort of healing factor to survive the process.

She handed the paper to Emma, who scanned with the quick eyes of a psychic powerful enough to have shortcuts for mundane things like ‘reading’. Those pale blue eyes met Jean’s. And Jean asked, “What kind of mutant would sign up for this?”

“Don’t be naïve, Peaches,” Emma said, and her tone might have been harsher than she had intended it to be.

Jean resisted the urge to stand up for herself, to debate with Emma about her opinion. She said instead, “According to the study, changing a mutant ability is possible, but it is very dangerous.” She wondered, too, how a study like such would even be published, but it must have been in the ‘Weapon X’ time period, where mutants were outwardly experimented on, and no one cared.

It made Emma think of her brother, of any addict, who used a substance because they weren’t happy with themselves. And there were countless others who weren’t addicts that were just unhappy. If this type of study was known to the public, the public would use it. “If change of oneself is possible, many will go for it,” she said quietly, and then, in that same harsh tone, she said, “There’s nothing you would change, Jean?”

Jean thought of Annie again, the trips to various psychologists, spending nights in terror and tears, screaming for the lost best friend she still heard in her head, and finally meeting Charles Xavier. He had taken the worst tragedy of her life and gave her a purpose for it. So, would she change it, if given the chance? Would she bring Annie back and sacrifice the person she became because of her? Could she even? Or was destiny too intertwined?

Yet surely, the thoughts in her head now were very different than changing one’s mutant power. Unless she could have learned telekinesis before that day. Then she could have moved the ball from the road so Annie didn’t. Could have blocked that car with a telekinetic shield, or protected Annie in a little telekinetic bubble.

She recognized the feeling, a feeling that she had experienced for the last twenty years. A drowning feeling she felt before her emotions pulled her under, before they consumed her, and realized too, that it was Emma who had forced her mind to go there.

She had proved her point. It wasn’t just mutants with inferior powers, or unsightly mutations, it could be any mutant, with any power, and still change could be an irresistible charm.

Taking hold, or perhaps Emma had loosed hers, Jean said, “I think I know where we can start.”
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