First Love Academy with a twist!

Chapter 2

Gumi peered out of the window of his car seat, staring at the people who were walking. He only got a glimpse of everyone however, since his car was zooming past so quickly. The morning had gone as per usual. Wake up, brush hair, brush teeth, look in the mirror, take a shower, get dressed, look in the mirror, eat, and look in the mirror some more before going to school. He was very proud in his appearance.

When he stepped out of his car and thanked the driver, there were already a couple of girls flocking to him.

One girl from the four greeted him first, "Good morning, Gumi-senpai!"

"Hello, my pretties." He replied back, flipping his hair and holding out roses for all of them seemingly out of no where. He wore the same over confident, or in the girl's cases, "charming" smile he was known for.

All of his admirers reacted by blushing and swooning over him. They took the roses, thanked him profusely and ran away giggling like the little schoolgirls they were.

"Oh, I guess I can't help being this popular." Gumi sighed wistfully to himself, holding his hand to his forehead and discreetly smirking. He only really went to school for this kind of attention. He practically lived for all the beautiful ladies and fans he constantly attracted.

But he didn't actually have any real friends. Since all the girls had crushes on him, he always drove away any potential guy friends he might've had. He remembered having a really good pal back when he was younger, another boy named Len. They really were the best of friends, always hanging out and doing stuff together. They just stopped doing all of those things when Gumi got popular.

Well, it wasn't my fault if he couldn't keep up with my handsomeness. He reassured himself. Speaking of ladies, there's this one extremely gorgeous girl I like...

His mind shifted to Rin, his kouhai and the class rep of her class. Ah yes, Rin, the most beautiful girl in all of existence to have ever lived! He was very much attracted to her, and would gladly give up his reputation just to be with her. It was too bad that she rejected him two days ago.

I don't understand. I'm so manly and attractive, so why doesn't she like me?

Clearly just a rose wouldn't be enough to charm this particular person. That was fine though - he was just getting started. He would make Rin his girlfriend no matter what!

He got to the school and put his shoes in his locker. While making his way to the classroom, he greeted some girls who were gazing at him in the hallways.

For the first period, they were doing mathematics. Not that it mattered anyway - Gumi never bothered to pay attention to classes. He only vaguely listened to the teacher's scraping of the chalk on the board while he thought about how to make Rin fall for him.

This is so strange. Usually, just giving roses and smiling would be enough for a girl to instantly fall in love with me! I'm not doing anything wrong though, no - she's just a little different, is all.

He'd never actually admit to himself if he was wrong. His ego and pride were too inflated for that to happen. But for now, he needed to abandon his usual way of flirting and come up with something else.

The boy had been aware that Len also liked Rin. He considered getting rid of him, but he figured that once he saw how impossible it was to compete against Gumi, the other boy would give up. It was a foolproof plan. He just needed a way to get Rin to actually like him, which was the most important step.

Suddenly, the bell rang, signalling lunch time. He got his bag and made sure not to forget his roses either.

When he got out of the classroom, he saw his beloved Rin walk past him.

He put on a determined face. This time he'd at least score a date with her. He got his rose ready and began walking towards his crush.

"Hello, my gorgeous." He greeted her with the most flirtatious tone he could muster, saying the last two words in english for a nice fancy touch. But when he looked over for her reaction, she was gone.

"Oh? Where did she g-" As he began questioning, he caught a glance of Rin and Miku, a girl in his class, holding hands and walking together down the hall. They were laughing and giggling, appearing to be having a very good time with each other.

Gumi stared at their hands for a while. What was that?

He continued just standing and staring at them, when he noticed a tiny voice coming from the corner of the stairs. His attention shifted to the whispers and he turned his head to look at the source of noise.

"Oh no no no no..."

The voice sounded familiar, so he walked over to check who it was.

"Hey! Who's there?" He called out.


Gumi looked down at his feet and saw Len crouched in the corner. He had jumped up from surprise, and was in a strange pose.

"What are you doing?" The green-haired boy deadpanned, focusing on the weird position the other boy was in. Seriously, what's with that?

Len breathed a sigh of relief, his body returning to a regular stance. "Oh, it's just you."

"Duh, who did you think I was?" He flipped his hair in response. "What were you even doing back here anyway?"

Len suddenly stiffened up, and he started sweating a lot more than usual. "Um, uh, n-nothing..." He trailed off as his eyes slowly drifted to the left.

Gumi raised an eyebrow. Did he realize how bad he was at lying? "Come on, spit it out."

The blonde tightly shut his eyes and turned around to face the stairs. "N-no! I can't do it!"

Gumi stood there for a little bit, watching the boy sweat and fill the surrounding area with oder. He thought about how to get him to spill the beans. Then, he remembered a moment from their childhood that made him chuckle quietly. "Ohh, I see. Then I guess you wouldn't mind it if I told Rin about your little accident-"

"NOOO! Okay, okay, I'll tell you!" The other male surrendered, standing straight up and blushing. The poor boy was extremely embarrassed, which was made apparent by his completely red face.

The green head leaned in and glared at him, waiting for Len to tell him already. "So? What is it?"

Len took a couple of deep breaths, preparing himself to tell Gumi. What harm could it do if he just told one person? He had been meaning to get it off of his chest anyway.

"T-The class rep a-and Miku-senpai are... are..." Len mumbled, suddenly finding his shoes to be very interesting.

Gumi leaned in even closer, cupping a hand over his ear to try and hear better. "Are?"

The younger boy shut his eyes tightly and lifted his head up. He took another deep breath, it was now or never. "THE CLASS REP AND MIKU-SENPAI ARE DATING!" He yelled out a bit too loudly, as he heard a couple of shuffling feet coming from around the corner.

Gumi wasn't paying attention to that though. Instead, he had all his attention focused on the absurd declaration this boy in front of him had just made.

He stared lifelessly at him, before bursting out in laughter. "AHAHAHAHA! You expect me to believe that?" He held his stomach, nearly tripping over from his laughing fit. "What a load of bull..."

But when Gumi looked up at Len, it did not look like he was joking. His face was downcast, eyes on the brink of spilling tears from the embarrassment he felt at that moment.

"...Wait, you mean to tell me you're not joking?" The older boy blinked in surprise.

Len sniffed, then nodded his head.


"H-How would you know for sure?" He asked him.

"...I saw them kissing after school." Len wiped his tears away.

Gumi's eye started twitching. "I-It can't be..." He muttered to himself, staring at the back wall behind Len. "My Rin is a lesbian..."

"B-But, you haven't asked them yet, right? You don't know if they're actually dating yet, right?" He didn't want to believe any of this. He couldn't believe any of this.

The younger boy lifted his head. "Well, I haven't asked them yet. But if you saw two girls kiss, I think it would be pretty safe to assume that they're dati-"

"If you haven't asked them, you don't know!" Gumi interrupted him. "I refuse to believe anything you're saying until I see it for myself!"

With that statement, he ran off just in time for the bell to ring.

Why should I believe him? He thought. He's probably just trying to trick me so I won't go after Rin anymore. Well, I'll show him. Wait for me, Rin!

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