First Love Academy with a twist!

Chapter 3

Len had just gotten home from school. It had been a long day, and he was tuckered out from the confrontation with Gumi. He had tried to tell him that he saw Rin and Miku kissing, and he was almost certain that they were dating, but Gumi didn't believe him at all. He had ran off, exclaiming that he wouldn't believe it until he saw it himself. Len worried that he'd probably do something reckless unless he stopped him.

No, he doesn't deserve my sympathy. Why am I even worrying about that idiot anyway? He didn't even believe me..

Ridding all thoughts of Gumi and their encounter, he made his way up the stairs and to his room. Once he got there, he set down his bag and got ready for a quick shower. He never usually bathed first, but today he just needed to relax. Len wasn't really in the mood to do anything else, so he decided to just laze around in his room until bedtime.

When he finished showering, he sat down at his dinner table and thanked his mother for the meal. The whole time when he was eating, he felt tired and lethargic, which didn't go unnoticed by his parents.

"Dear? What's wrong?" His mom asked him, a concerned expression on her face.

Len was stirring his food around, seeming to have lost his appetite. He paused, and looked up at his parent. "Ah, nothing's wrong mother. I'm just tired."

The brunette woman's face relaxed a bit, but worry was still evident in her voice. "Well, if you say so sweetie, but always remember that your father and I are here for you."

"Thanks guys." He replied back, smiling at both of his parents for extra reassurance. He was just tired, really. "Oh, and mom, if you keep crinkling your eyebrows you're going to get wrinkles."

His father let out a mighty guffaw at this remark, while his mother just blushed in embarrassment. "O-Oh my, I guess you're right." She proceeded to use her finger to smooth down the area between her eyebrows, in an attempt to get rid of any potential wrinkles.

Len smiled a little. He really had great parents.

That night, he went through his daily routine before going to bed. He went to his bedroom to play some games to pass the time, brushed his teeth and got ready to sleep. The boy put on his pjs and climbed into his bed, shifting his position to a more comfortable spot before settling in. By the time he got to bed, it was only 9 pm.

Having nothing to think about while he tried to fall asleep, his mind drifted to the events of today.

Gumi was being really stupid, he thought I was lying to him! Did it look like I was lying? Of course not, he was just being an idiot.

Len nodded a little, agreeing with himself. Gumi WAS being an idiot. A really big idiot.

But even an idiot like him still deserves to know the truth... He sighed outwardly, As much as I don't want to, I can't stop thinking about it. I'll try to convince him it's true sometime tomorrow...


And with that, he fell into a restful slumber.

The school was bustling with noise and students as usual in the morning, friends greeting each other and getting ready for classes. Len had no one of the sort, since he was too shy to talk to anyone. He got ready for math by himself, and walked behind a group of students to the math classroom.

He set his bag down at the foot of his desk, and went on with the math lesson while the teacher droned on about math problems and the proper ways to solve them.

This time, he was careful to actually pay attention. He never really liked the lectures the teachers gave, because their voice hurt his ears, so to avoid that he made plenty of notes during class. One thought was still lingering in his mind though.

I have to tell Gumi about the class rep and Miku-senpai... Hopefully he'll believe me this time...

At the end of the school day, Gumi's class had PE. The green-haired boy rather liked this period, because girls often flocked to him more and admired how athletic he was. Basically, he got the most attention at this time of the day and Gumi loved it.

He got changed into his PE outfit and ran out to the field. After the coach told them that they were to run around the track and record their speeds, he handed out stopwatches so everyone could measure how fast they were. They were to race in groups of boys and girls, starting with Gumi's group.

He ran around the track in record time, about 23 seconds. The length of the track wasn't that big, but big enough for most of the other boys to struggle. Most of the girls fangirled and squealed, talking amongst themselves about how cool he was and how they had crushes on him. Some of the guys merely scoffed and claimed that they could do much better, in an attempt to get the girls to pay attention to them instead.

All of the guys ended up getting slower times than Gumi, looking disappointed as they walked back to change out of their sweaty PE outfits. A couple of them glared at the fastest athlete in the class, upset and jealous of him.

Gumi just shot them a confident smirk. He had gotten used to jealous guys staring at him with nasty looks and had learned to take it all in stride. It wasn't his fault they couldn't be as great as he was. They should take some pointers from him, so they could be even half as charming and handsome as him.

After he was changed back into his uniform, the bell rang, signalling the end of school for that day. He picked up his bag and started to head around the school to his car, the driver waiting for him.

As he turned around the corner, he couldn't help but notice Rin and Miku walking alone together near the school building. They were holding hands again, talking about whatever it was that girls talked about. It seemed innocent enough to Gumi, not really giving it a second thought when he passed by them.

But, what he saw next shocked him.

At first, they were just giggling with each other. While Rin was letting out a cute little laugh, Miku cut her off by giving her a kiss. It wasn't much, just a quick peck on the lips, but it was enough to stop Gumi in his tracks.


When Len heard the bell ring, he knew it was the end of the day. He hadn't been able to find Gumi anywhere during school time, so he figured he'd just tell him tomorrow, or whenever he got the chance to.

Maybe he's somewhere outside...

He stuffed his things into his bag and headed out, looking for any signs of green hair in the groups of students. His hair colour was quite distinguishable, since no one else in the school had green hair. Or at least, his particular shade of green.

Finally from around the corner, he spotted the green-haired boy he was looking for. He ran over to him, then stopped to catch his breath when he realized how tired he actually was.

"H-Hey, Gumi," he panted out, resting his hands on his knees. When he stopped wheezing, he regained his composure and looked at the other boy.

Gumi was still staring at the space ahead of him, not paying any mind to the blonde boy. His eyes were focused on the scene from far away, still shocked from the sight of a classmate and his crush kissing one another. Currently, the two girls had already parted from each other and were talking about other things, too submerged in their conversation to see the boys.

Len however, hadn't noticed his disinterest yet. "U-Uh, yea. I just came here to tell you that, um, the class rep and Miku-senpai really are dat-"

"I know."

He looked at Gumi, who had just interrupted him with his sudden remark. ""H-Huh? What do you mean you already know?" He had thought it would take more convincing than this.

It was then that he noticed what Gumi was gawking at, and looked over to his side. He saw the pair of girls in question holding hands, and he knew exactly what the other boy was staring at so intently.

He sighed, now realizing what he was looking at. "Oh, you mean that. I told you before, but you didn't believe me. I guess now you do?"

The older boy just stood there at first, but then slowly nodded his head. "...Yea."

Len also nodded his head, crossing his arms and closing his eyes. "Yes, yes, now admit you're wrong and- wait, what?" He was surprised to hear Gumi admit it so easily. He had expected some resistance, especially from a guy like him.

"Yea, I was wrong. Happy now?" He replied back, his focus shifting to Len. "Just because I'm wrong though, doesn't mean I can't do something about it. I'm going to break them up!" Gumi declared, triumph replacing his initial shocked and out of focus vibe.

Len listened to his declaration, putting on a determined face that matched the other boy's. "Hey, don't forget that I like Rin too! I have to do something about it too!"

Gumi looked at him, the same over-confident smirk adorning his features. "Well, I'd like to see you try. You could even help me, not that you'll be much help anyways." He flipped his hair, daring him to do it.

The blonde shot him back a competitive grin, "Oh, I won't just be help. I'll lead the whole thing and you'll follow me."

They glared at each other, sparks flying in between them. The two boys had somehow managed to make another rivalry from something that was supposedly a team effort.

Meanwhile, Rin and Miku had just become aware of the guys not too far away from them.

"Oh my," Miku said.

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