First Love Academy with a twist!

Chapter 4

"Ehh, I said that but..."

Len was back at his home, having just got back from school. He was thinking of ways to break his crush and her girlfriend up, but he was having second thoughts about it. Especially since he was now competing against Gumi.

"I have no idea how to do this!" He groaned out in frustration, and plopped down on his bed face first. His mother would be calling him down soon for dinner, but once again, he just wasn't hungry. It seemed like these past few days have been hell for him. His crush rejected him, she became a lesbian, and now both he and Gumi were attempting to break them up.

He flipped over so his back was on the bed and turned over to a more comfortable position, letting his head sink into the pillow as he continued to think. Honestly, he felt bad for agreeing to it. Whenever he looked at the couple holding hands, he felt a pang of jealousy, but they looked so happy together. He had hoped he would be able to experience that with Rin herself, but maybe that wouldn't happen for now.

His mind shifted to another topic that had been bothering him for a while. Was it even possible for two girls to love each other, romantically? He never thought about it seriously, but he had always thought that everyone around him was into the opposite gender. Being childhood friends with Gumi, who was always deliberately attracting girls everywhere he went and enjoying it, it was no surprise he thought this way. But he just couldn't wrap his head around the possibility of two people of the same gender liking one another, in that way!

I mean, I could never imagine myself liking other guys!

The idea of him being gay sent shivers down his spine. Strangely, he wasn't that grossed out by the thought of it, but it confused him greatly. He tried to come up with the image of himself, with another guy, kissing each other. Len stared at the ceiling, thinking hard about who he would kiss. When he started pondering it, only one name came to mind.


His eyes widened. Well, it was true that he was the only other person of the same gender he ever talked to, besides family members. Although, the very thought of it grossed him out. Please, anyone but Gumi!

But his mind produced it anyway, the image of him and the older boy gazing at each other, Gumi's hand propped under his chin, slowly moving closer, only inches apart...

He broke the notion by raising his head and banging it against the pillow. It didn't hurt much, the pillow being made of soft fabric, but if he thought of anything similar to this again he might just hit it on a desk instead.

The boy continued to repeatedly smash his head on the bed, just as his mother walked in.

"Hi dear, dinner is ready... What are you doing?"

Len stopped assaulting himself with the bed to look up at his mother, who was staring at him like he had gone mad. He quickly tried to come up with an excuse, but failed to think of a convincing one.

"Uh, I was, doing head exercises?" He told her, hoping she'd believe him.

His mom slowly nodded her head, the look on her face clearly expressing that she did not believe him. "Uh huh. Ok, well, come downstairs when you're finished, alright?" She told him, then closed the door.

The woman went downstairs and sat at the dinner table with her husband, who was reading the paper.


The man looked up from his newspaper, "Yes?"

"I think our son has gone crazy."

The next day, it was very sunny and bright outside. It seemed like a great day, except it was scheduled to rain later in the afternoon, just as students are walking home. Len didn't know this, however, and went to school anyway without an umbrella.

On his way to school, he didn't think about much. He was hoping the rest of the week would pass by smoothly, with no interference on his peaceful school life. Of course, he knew Gumi would probably bother him about the "agreement" from yesterday, so decided he would politely decline helping him and just continue with his boring and plain life. It was better that way after all.

While he was coming to a conclusion of his thoughts, he saw Rin and her older girlfriend walk past him, giggling and talking to each other. They were holding hands at school once again, not seeming to have any shame in public displays of affection.

Another pang of jealously shot through him again. He stopped walking, staring at their conjoined hands and smiling faces with a look of sadness. He may have not understood the notion of girls loving one another, but he knew that they loved each other romantically and that fact alone filled him with envy.

But now, not only was he feeling envy, but he was also feeling something else. Guilt. He was guilty for not being able to be happy for them, for not congratulating them.

So, did he really want to decline Gumi's offer of helping him break them up? He tried to remember all of the times they spent together. What had Gumi ever done for him? Was it really worth it to get involved with him again?

He did do something for you. He was your first friend.

Oh, that's right. This could be a chance for them to reconcile their friendship! Yes, this was perfect. He had been without a true friend for so long now, and he just wanted someone he could talk to freely. This could put an end to their endless arguments, and he could possibly bring the old Gumi back. The Gumi that was always willing to listen, to talk and hang out with him.

Alright, he decided, I'll help him. He figured that he could somehow get away from actually helping him break the girls up, like maybe making a couple of lies to get out of it. He really needed to polish his excuse-making skills.

He just didn't know how to return to being friends without seeming awkward. Or how difficult it would actually be.

The bell rang ten minutes ago, and it had started raining. Hard.

Len walked out of the school under the roof, only to be greeted by heavy rain. There were a couple of students who were running home with umbrellas, but most of them had already went back via car.

Oh no, how am I gonna get home? ...Ah, that's right! My phone!

He reached in his bag, feeling for his cellphone. Imagine his surprise when he couldn't find it.

Huh? This is strange, I was sure I left it here... Wait. Don't tell me I lost it.

He suddenly remembered where he had last put his phone. It wasn't lost, no, it was perfectly fine. In his room, on his bed.

Ughh... No, no, no, why is this happening to me!

Len sighed. He had the worst luck. It was always him who forgot things, didn't have any friends, and got rejected by a girl! He glanced behind him. Perhaps he could wait inside the school until the rain stopped.

Just as he was about to turn and walk back inside, someone stepped out of the building. It was Gumi, who had a clear and plain umbrella in his hand.

"Ah, what are you doing here?" The green-haired boy questioned Len, looking mildly surprised. "It's been fifteen minutes since school ended."

The blonde sighed, "I don't have an umbrella." He then noticed the one in Gumi's hand, "Wait, what's with that umbrella? I thought someone like you would have a better looking one. Ah, no offence."

"Duh, it's the school's." Gumi twirled the rain protection around with his fingers. "My old one was ripped. Stupid manufacturers, the thread was way to thin..."

Len shifted uncomfortably, while listening to the other boy ramble on about the fools who made his old umbrella for him. "I-I see."

Gumi stopped, "So, you don't have an umbrella right?" He reached into his school bag and pulled out a red umbrella with a couple of rips on the top and edges, and tossed it at Len. "You can use my old one. Don't bother giving it back."

He looked up at Gumi in surprise. "T-Thanks. Are you sure you want to give it to me?" This was unusually nice, even for someone like him.

"Yea, it's useless anyways." The boy answered back, opening his own umbrella and starting to walk back home.

Len looked down at the red umbrella. It had a couple of rips at the top, but nothing too bad. It was still better than running into the rain and coming home soaking wet.

He hurriedly snapped it open and put it over his head, making sure to put his body under the places with the least holes. He noticed that Gumi was actually walking home, and not driving for once.

Suddenly, he remembered his desire to become friends with him. This was the perfect opportunity.

"H-Hey! Wait for me!" He ran over to Gumi.

"What?" The older boy asked him without turning around.

Len matched up to his walking speed, before finally saying something. "Um, why aren't you driving home?"

Gumi sighed, "The man who usually drives me refused to go out in the rain. That, and he's sick." His face took a tired look. He probably wasn't used to walking home.


Len couldn't come up with anything else to say after the question he asked him, so they just walked in silence. It wasn't a comfortable silence, but it wasn't an awkward silence either. It was just silent.

"This is my house."

They had arrived at Len's home. Apparently Gumi's house was further away from the school than his was.


Just before Len started to walk back inside his house, Gumi's hand grabbed his shoulder.

"Wait, why did you walk with me?"

Len turned around, not knowing how to answer his question. He thought up of something anyway. "Um, I thought I had to thank you for the umbrella?"

The green head lowered his hand from his shoulder. "Oh. Well, you didn't have to."

The boy smiled a bit, "But I did. It's ok, right?"

"I guess." Gumi looked away a little, "So, I'll see you later. Bye."

"Yep, bye!"

Len watched as Gumi walked back to his house, but it took him a while to notice something.

He was walking in the direction of the school.

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