First Love Academy with a twist!

Chapter 5

Beep. Beep.

Len blearily opened his eyes, letting his bedroom come into focus. He lazily reached his arm out to shut his alarm clock off, taking the chance to stretch his arms. Yawning, he rubbed his eyes and turned over to check the time.

It read 7:30, and he was just about to get out of bed when he realized that it was Saturday. Letting out a sigh of relief, he plopped back down onto his bed, letting his head sink into the pillow. He definitely did not want to go to school. So much had happened during the week, and he really needed this break.

He attempted to fall back asleep, but no matter what position he shifted into or how hard he shut his eyes, he just couldn't. Eventually, he decided to just get up. Rolling over, he rubbed his eyes and slowly rose out of his sheets. Moving so his legs dangled off the edge of his bed, he stepped onto the cold, wooden floor and walked over to his closet. He grabbed his casual attire and changed out of his pajamas. Taking his time with the changing, he tiredly made his way to the bathroom and proceeded to brush his teeth. Len usually brushed before breakfast, which he knew was strange but no one except for his parents would judge him so it was fine.

Spitting out the last of his toothpaste, he splashed some water on his face and began to brush his messy, blonde hair. He pulled it back into his signature ponytail, dried his wet face, and ran down the stairs to the kitchen.

"Good morning, mom." He greeted his parent. His mother was making breakfast, and his father was presumably still sleeping.

"Ah, good morning Len." The woman slid the last of the fried eggs onto the ceramic white plate, and placed it on the table. "I've just finished making breakfast. Can you go upstairs and wake up your dad?"

"Sure." He went back upstairs to his father's room, and started rapidly shaking the bed. "Wake up, dad. It's morning."

"Mmh..." The man mumbled, not budging from his spot on the bed. He tightly pulled the covers over his head, refusing to get up.

Len sighed, thinking of a way to get his dad to wake up. He suddenly thought of an idea, and chuckled to himself. He stopped shaking the bed, and quietly walked over to the curtains.

"Wake... UP!" He quickly pulled open the curtains, letting the sunshine peer into the room. The blonde ran over to his dad and ripped the covers open, letting the bright light shine directly into his face.

"Ughh..." The disheveled man groaned. His hair was a mess, and he had a slight five o'clock shadow from the previous day.

Len greeted his parent with a cheeky grin, "Good morning, father!~"

"Yea, hi..." He rubbed the fatigue away from his eyes and stood up, motioning for Len to leave so he could change. He clearly was not a morning person.

Len obeyed and left the room, going back downstairs to wait for his dad. Once his father had finished changing, they all sat down for breakfast and ate in silence.

His mother's cooking was good, so he finished the food quickly. Thanking his parents for the meal, he made his way upstairs and to his room.

Closing the door behind him, he laid down on his bed and turned his phone on. It was the weekend, so he wasn't planning on doing anything special. Unless his parents had plans for him, he was content with just staying in his room.

He was idly scrolling through his text messages when he got a phone call. It appeared out of no where, and startled Len. Sitting straight up, he looked at the phone number.

What? I don't remember ever seeing this number before...

He decided to ignore it, and pressed the end call button. Not giving it a second thought, he went back to checking his text messages.

But it wasn't long before they called back.

Gah, seriously? This time, he picked it up, mostly for the sake of wanting them to shut up. It also could've been important too.


"Oh, you picked up this time!"

Len's eyes widened. "Gumi?"

"Yep, that's me!" Gumi answered back.

The blonde clutched the phone with his hands. "How did you get my number?" He asked him.

"O-oh, uh..." The boy on the other end hesitated, "Anyway, that's not important. Do you have time right now?"

"Well, um-"

"Wait, of course you do, it's Saturday. I need you to meet me at the downtown cafe. We're going to come up with a plan to break Rin and Hatusune-san up."

"E-eh? But-" Len tried to protest, but to no avail.

"Great. Meet you there in five." Gumi hung up.

The beep, beep of the ended call resounded in the room and through Len's ears. He stared at the phone, wondering what had just happened. Suddenly, he realized that his plans for a relaxing weekend would be out of reach now.

Sighing, he picked himself up and went downstairs.

Might as well go. If I don't, who knows what he'd do to me on Monday...

"Hey mom, can I go out for a bit?" Len walked to the kitchen, where his mom was washing the dishes.

"Hmm, sure, but why?" She asked him.

"Just to meet up with a friend." He flinched a little at the word "friend", but nevertheless kept his posture.

"Oh?" The woman looked up from the dishes to stare at her son quizzically. It was a known fact in the family that Len did not have many friends, if any friends at all. So the fact that he was meeting up with one now was rather strange. "Well, ok then. Have fun." She decided to let him go anyway. This was a chance for him to not be so anti-social.

"Thanks mom!" He thanked her, and quickly grabbed his coat from the closet. It was wasn't that cold, but still chilly enough that he would need his coat. He grabbed his shoes from the rack and slipped them on. "I'll be off now! Bye, mom and dad!"

"Bye!" She waved her child goodbye, listening to the click of the closing door.

Hearing the sudden noise, Len's father looked up from his newspaper to ask his wife something. "What was that just now?"

"I don't know..." She trailed off. "Off to meet a friend, I guess?"

Len ran towards the center of the city. He was supposed to be there in five minutes, and it had already been three. But with such a short notice, who could blame him?

Once he had gotten there, the streets were already filled with people. It was a Saturday, so naturally there would be lots of people there. It was only nine o'clock though, so there weren't as many people as there would've been if it was the afternoon.

He ran towards the nearest cafe, Owl Cafe. He assumed that Gumi was talking about this place, since it was the most popluar and it had lots of people. Unlike the name, the shop itself didn't actually have any owls in it. The waiters and waitresses' outfits were just themed after the night bird. Everyone loved it anyway, due to it's cute design and good food.

When he got there, he looked around for any signs of green hair. Sure enough, just outside of the cafe was Gumi, sitting by himself at one of the tables. His facial expression screamed impatient.

Len walked over to him and sat down on the seat across. "Hey Gumi."

The older boy noticed him finally making his way over to the table. "You're late! What took you so long?"

"Well, it's morning and it's Saturday. I can at least be a little late, right?" Len was slightly annoyed. It wasn't his fault that he liked to sleep in during the weekends, and that Gumi was too impatient to wait for a minute longer.

"Yea yea, whatever." Gumi nonchalantly waved off his concerns.

Why you little...

"Hello, welcome to Owl Cafe. Here are your menus!" A waitress came up to their table and gave them the menus. "Take your time deciding your orders!" She placed them on the table and walked off.

Len swallowed his anger and picked up the menu, looking through the pages.

Woah, he thought to himself, skimming through the contents. They have such a huge selection... What should I get?

Gumi looked up at Len. Sensing the indecisiveness from him, he spoke up. "I recommend getting a coffee or smoothie. The coffee here is really good, but if you really don't know you can just get what I get."

The blonde shot his head up from the sudden voice. Did Gumi just... help him? "A-ah, thanks."

A few minutes later, the waitress from before came back. "Hello, customers. Are you ready to order?"

Len silently panicked. He hadn't decided yet!

"An espresso please, small size." Gumi spoke first.

"Ok," She wrote the order down on her notepad before shifting her focus onto Len. "And you?"

"U-uh, same as him." He quickly replied, folding his menu closed.

"Alright, your orders will be here shortly!"

The waitress walked away, leaving the two boys alone.

"So, why did you want me to come here?" Len asked him, curious as to why he dragged him out here on a Saturday.

"Well, you know the deal we made two days ago?" Gumi shifted him arms to rest on the table. "Well, I called you out here so we could make a plan to break Rin and Hatsune-san up."

"Ah," The memories from this week suddenly came shooting back at him. He resisted the urge to groan out in frustration. He did not want to deal with that again. "Y-yes."

"Yep, so I brought along a notepad and pen so we could write down ideas." He brought out the notepad and pen in question, holding them in his hands. "So far I have a couple ideas, but I don't think they're gonna be enough, like this one..."

Len started zoning out, tuning out of Gumi's voice and all the surrounding background noise. He stared straight ahead at Gumi, giving the illusion that he was listening. Usually he would still be asleep on Saturdays at nine o'clock. Him setting his alarm clock at 7:30 had been a mistake on his part. If only he hadn't set it so early, then maybe he could've slept through this whole thing...

A girly chuckle broke him out of his thoughts. "S-sorry to bother you, but here are your orders." The waitress was blushing, a suspicious smile tugging at the corners of her lips. Had she seen him zoning out?

Gumi however, didn't notice at all. "Thank you, beautiful."

"Y-you're welcome," She was still quietly chuckling, although it had mostly died down by now. "Please do enjoy the rest of your date." She walked, well, more like skipped to the inside of the cafe.

Len froze. Did the waitress just imply what he thought she implied?

No no, I probably just heard wrong. Even though the last time he had tried to tell himself that he had heard wrong had gone, well, wrong, he was still convinced that he had heard incorrectly.

He looked around at the other people. There were an awful lot of couples at the tables, which made him feel slightly uncomfortable. Why did Gumi need to choose here, of all places?!

Gumi either didn't hear, or didn't pay attention. "So, back to the ideas. Do you have any?" He asked him, picking up his espresso and taking a sip of it.

"H-huh?" He blinked.

"I said, do you have any ideas?" Gumi asked him, stressing each word. He was getting impatient again. "Well?"

"U-um," Len tried to think of a last minute idea. What could possibly break Rin and Miku up? At the moment, they looked pretty inseparable. "H-how about, we sabotage one of their d-dates?" He thought about what the waitress had said earlier, which caused him to trip over the word "dates".

"Oh yea, that's actually not bad." Gumi quickly jotted it down. "We could do that, but how would we know when they have their dates?"

"Um, ah," This time, he actually began to think hard about it. He didn't want to cause trouble, but at the same time he liked Rin... He didn't want to lose, not now. "We could, s-spy on them?..."

"Hmm... That's one possibility..." He once again jotted it down. "But don't call it spying, that's such a filthy word. Call it, observing."

Len blinked. "Er, ok..."

While they were thinking of other ways to break the two girls apart, across the street were Rin and Miku. They had scheduled a date at the cafe last week, and were on their way to a table when they passed by Len and Gumi.

"Oh, Len-kun, Gumi-san!" Rin greeted them.

"Aah!" Gumi quickly stuffed his notepad back in his pocket, shocked by her sudden voice. "Oh, hi Rin. And, Hatsune-san." He glared at the teal-head, although she didn't notice.

Len took this as a chance to talk to Rin. "H-hi, class rep! Ah, and Miku-senpai." He hadn't meant to be rude to his senior, but to be fair, she had taken his crush from him.

Rin stared at the two. Len was blushing a bit, and Gumi was also slightly flustered. She then shifted her gaze towards everyone else at the cafe, looking at the different couples. Finally, she asked them, "Are you guys on a date?"

Had Len been drinking his espresso at the time, he would've spat it all over her. Luckily for him, he spat it on Miku instead.

"Kyaa!" The older girl squeaked, tightly shutting her eyes as the warm coffee landed on her.

The blonde took a few moments before registering what had happened. "O-oh no! I'm so sorry!" He grabbed the napkins the waitress had given them from earlier and gave them to Rin, who started drying her girlfriend.

"Are you ok, Miku?" Rin asked her while patting her down, trying to get rid of all the coffee.

"Y-yea... and it's fine, Len-kun." She replied.

"Phew," He let out a sigh of relief.

Gumi was watching with a disinterested look, although his lips would twitch upwards every now and then. He didn't really seem to care about Miku all that much, probably because she stole his Rin from him.

After Miku was mostly dry, they said goodbye to the boys and went inside the cafe to sit at their own spots.

"Heh, nice one." Len snapped his head towards Gumi and shot him a glare.

"You know I didn't do it on purpose." He retorted, "It's because she said we were on a d-date."

"Tch," Gumi clicked him tongue, "Maybe I should've found a better place." He turned his head a little so Len couldn't see the red on his face.

"You think?" He sighed. Being around his schoolmates always made him really tired. They had already been there for about thirty minutes, and he would've really liked to go home just about now.

"Hey, how about we go to my house?" Gumi offered.

"Eh?" Len thought for a moment. He hadn't been to Gumi's house since they were really little, but even as a child he felt overwhelmed by the richness of it. The last time he had been here, the home was riddled with expensive furniture. The older boy had claimed he wasn't rich, but with that kind of interior Len severely doubted it.

"Sure." He accepted anyway. He didn't want to get stared at again, and he was getting sick of the place.

He checked his pockets to see if he had brought his wallet with him.

H-huh? My wallet isn't here... Oh no...

Gumi, noticing the look of dismay on the younger boy's face, took out double the amount of yen. "You forgot your wallet?"

"A-ah, yea... Ugh, what do I do..."

"It's fine, I can pay for the both of us." He placed his half of the money on his side, and gave Len the rest of the yen.

"E-eh? Really?" He placed the yen on the table.

"Yea, you can pay me back later." Gumi stood up, preparing to leave. "Let's go now."

Len looked at the money, and back at Gumi. "Oh, thanks!" He also stood up, and started walking after Gumi.

"But wow," They were walking along the path to the green-head's house, "You forget things a lot. First an umbrella, and now yen?"

The blonde felt like a arrow had just been stabbed through him. Little did Gumi know, he had also forgotten his phone. "I-it was only those two times!"

He rolled his eyes, "Yea, sure."

"I swear!" Len raised his arms up, "Believe me!"

Once they had made their way to Gumi's house, they opened the door to go inside. Appearantly, his parents weren't home so they would be alone.

When he stepped inside, Len's mouth opened widely. The interior was absolutely breathtaking. There were clean wooden floors that he could nearly slip on, expensive looking furniture, and a pretty glass chandelier. And this was just the living room.

"Let's go upstairs." Gumi beckoned for him to follow, and they walked up the stairs to his room.

Looking around the house, Len noted to himself that it hadn't really changed much. There were a couple of furnishings that weren't there before, but other then that it all stayed mostly the same. In a way, he felt slightly relieved. Of course, he had no reason to, but he had to admit that it felt kind of nice that nothing had changed since he was gone.

They went into his room, Gumi closing the door behind him. The sat down on the floor, and the green-head pulled out his notepad again.

"Now, we should continue on our ideas, right?"

"Oh, yea." Len replied, still not completely focused.

"So far, we have spyi- observing Rin and Miku to find out when they have dates, and sabotaging said date. Now we just need to come up with ways to ruin it." He flipped though his notepad, "Of course, I have other ideas too. I just really like your's."

"I-I see." Len thought back to earlier today, and came up with an idea. "How about we do bad things to Miku-senpai, like making a waiter accidently spill water on her? That could make her not want to date the class rep." He spewed out his comments as fast as possible. He felt horrible for coming up with these ideas, especially towards an unsuspecting victim who did nothing wrong. But they both liked Rin, and it was clear that Gumi wasn't willing to give up any time soon.

Gumi quickly wrote down everything Len said. "Yea, yea. Nice! Alright, so..."

For the next two hours, they did nothing but come up with ideas and jot down notes. Len just told him anything that came to mind, while Gumi wrote it all down. With each passing minute, the grin on the older boy's face got wider and wider. He really looked like he was enjoying this.

Finally, at 11:30, Len got a text from his mom. He took the ringing cellphone from his pocket and checked it.

"Oh, looks like I have to go now." He was inwardly doing a rejoice dance, but at the same time was slightly disappointed. He sort of wanted to spend more time with Gumi.

"Ah, ok." Gumi tooked his notepad and pen, placing it on his desk. "Want me to, um, walk you home?" He awkwardly offered, sheepishly rubbing his head.

"Oh no, you don't have to." He declined his offer. No matter how tempting it was, he just wanted to go straight home and fall asleep again. "I'll pay you back for the espresso on Monday."

Getting his coat and slipping it on, they made their way back to the living room. Len opened the door, and stepped outside.

"Bye, Gumi."

"Yea, bye."

Len began walking back to his house, which was further away from the school then Gumi's house was. He still needed to thank him for walking him home the other day, even though he didn't have to.


Gumi called out for him, who turned around to look at the other boy.


"We're doing this again next week!"

Len loudly groaned.

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