First Love Academy with a twist!

Chapter 6

Len trudged to school, tiredly putting his feet in front of the other. A feeling of dread slowly overcame him, and he found himself not wanting to go to school. Lately, he had come to strongly dislike school. Not only was he bad at homework, tests, and PE, he was also being dragged around by a very troublesome boy.

"Hey, hurry up!" A voice from far away called out. Gumi was way ahead of him, practically jogging to school. He had said before that he had to walk with Len so he could share his ideas with him, so he wouldn't fall behind. It was exhausting to be constantly pulled away from his house by someone you weren't even complete friends with. "I wouldn't have walked with you if I knew you were this slow!"

"Then maybe I'll walk slower!" Len yelled back. He wasn't in the mood for this right now. He'd rather just stay home, lounge on his bed, and play games. But noo, it just had to be a Monday, and Gumi just had to be loud.

"You should be thankful I'm even talking to you!" The green-haired boy shouted. What was with his attitude? "Anyway, where was I..."

As Gumi kept rambling on and on about how they would break the two girls up, Len just wanted to smash his head against something. Maybe a pillow. Or a wall. Or a-


The older boy looked up from his notepad to look at where the loud sound had come from. Apparently, Len had been so out of it that he had walked straight into a metal pole.

"Oww..." The blonde rubbed his sore head, the place where he had ran into.

"Hey, you ok?!" Gumi yelled after him.

The younger boy looked up. Was he actually worried about him? Hey, maybe he isn't such a bad guy... "Oh, I'm fine!"

"Good, so keep walking! I still have twenty more here to go!"

Len groaned. It was gonna be a long day.

He was thankful when they had finaly arrived at the school. He was even more thankful for the fact that he was younger, therefore they were in different classes. Len waved goodbye at Gumi and walked to his classroom, sighing in relief that the walk was over. Usually, the walk to school was relatively short. But with Gumi there, it felt all the much longer.

Plopping down onto his seat, he laid down his head in his arms and waited for the teacher to come. He wasn't going to bother with class today, since he was in need of some well deserved sleep.

He only vaguely heard the footsteps of the math teacher come into the room, and the scrapes of the chalk against the chalkboard. His eyelids started becoming heavier, on the verge of falling asleep.

Not able to fight the erge to sleep, he closed his eyes and started snoring softly.


The boy was sound asleep, and there was no noise, save for the sounds of students walking around.


Sleeping like this felt really nice, he thought. The only problem was the location. He would've much rather slept at home, on his bed.


Now if only everyone around him could shut up...


And if this annoying voice would go away...


"AAH!" He was suddenly snapped out of his slumber by a loud noise. He blearily rubbed his eyes and stretched his arms, yawning.

"Why were you sleeping in school? Are you stupid?"

Len's head shot up and he glared at the intruder. Gumi had decided to give him a little "visit", which was very much unwanted by him. A bunch of girls in the class were whispering and wondering why a handsome senior was here. Naturally, everytime a girl focused her gaze on Gumi he handed her a rose, which would make her swoon. This happened every time.

"I'm not stupid. I just don't like school!" The blonde stood up from his seat, retrieving his bag and looking at the time.

Huh. That's weird. Everytime I fall asleep in class, I'm always surprised when I wake up and school's over!

"Yea, well you slept for the whole day. I tried to wake you up during lunch but you wouldn't budge."

Len had to smirk at that. He had somehow managed to avoid Gumi during the school day by just sleeping.

"Why are you smirking? Anyway, you need to get up. We have to intiate the... plan." The green-head whispered the last part quietly, not wanting anyone to find out. "I also don't want to be seen with you for too long."

He just had to add that last part. Now Len really didn't want to help. It wasn't like he had a choice though.

"Alright, I'm coming..." He sighed out. They walked out of the classroom, Gumi proudly walked out first, Len trailing behind. The older boy smiled at some passing fangirls, while Len just internally rolled his eyes.

Gumi abruptly stopped at a corner, and pulled the blonde in with him. He pulled out his notepad, checking the plan over again before nodding to himself and sliding it back into his pocket.

"Alright, so first we need to find out when they're having dates." He whispered to Len.

"Oh, but how?" He titled his head. How in the world were they going to find that out?

"Steal her phone, of course."

"Eh?!" Len stood straight up. Was he crazy? How were they supposed to pull that off! "B-but we'd get caught for sure!"

"Not if we're careful." The green-haired boy beckoned for him to come down. "Now sit. I have to tell you the plan."

He reluctantly sat himself down beside the older boy, and prepared to listen.

"Alright, so first we have to steal Hatsune-san's phone. We have to look through it and see if we can find any useful information. If there's nothing there, then we'll have to look through her locker. We also might have to get a hold of Rin's phone too, so be ready for that." He paused to take out his notepad again, and started to read from it. "The phone will probably be in her bag, so we'll just get it while she's gone from her classroom. I'll take her phone, since it's my classroom and all. If I get caught, I can just say that I forgot something. But if there's nothing on her phone, we'll have to check Rin's. You can get Rin's phone, right?"

"Ugh, um, ok." Len stuttered out. The plan wasn't that difficult, but there was no guarantee either of them would have their phone. And how would they get into the lockers anyway? This "simple" plan was hurting his brain.

"Good, then let's get started. I'll go get Hatsune-san's phone, and you get Rin's. We'll meet back here when we're done. Let's go!"

They both stood up and went their separate ways. Gumi went to the direction of his class, since he and Miku shared the same class. Len, however, wasn't in the same class as Rin, so he had to be extra careful.

While he made his way to her class, he found himself regretting the whole thing.

Why am I even doing this? Oh yea, to befriend Gumi. But couldn't I try to get other friends that aren't him? ...

He inwardly sighed. Easier said then done. If only someone would approach him... It's so much easier to make friends when you're young.

As he got closer to his destination, his steps got quieter. He didn't want anyone to hear him, so he approached the door slowly and listened closely for any voices coming from inside.

"Looks like I have cleaning duty..."

Someone's inside! I gotta go hide...

Len rushed over to a nearby corner and hid behind it. He slightly poked his head out, silently waiting for the people inside to leave.

Suddenly, he heard the door open. He quickly shot his head back in and waited for them to go away.

Rin walked out of the classroom. Cleaning duty was just another job the class representative had, although it did get tiring sometimes. She was off to give some papers to the principal, so she left her bag in the classroom.

Alright, the coast is clear.

Len checked again to make sure no one was there, and hurriedly made his way into the classroom. He spotted Rin's desk near the front, and zipped open her bag. Inside were lots of papers and pencils, presumably for schoolwork. After a few moments of searching, he found her phone. It was a yellow flip phone, with an orange fruit charm.

He had always thought that her phone was cute. He had seen it before in the hallways. It made him like her even more, especially since yellow was his favourite colour.

Deciding that he should get of there soon, he quickly ran out of the room and closed the sliding doors. He made his way back to the place from before where Gumi had told him the plan. While walking, he made sure to tuck the phone inside his shirt so teachers and other students wouldn't see. One of them would probably recognize that it wasn't his phone.

When he got there, he found Gumi leaning against the wall waiting for him.

"Slow, as always." He held out Miku's phone, a teal flip phone with a leek charm. "Do you have her phone?"

Slight peeved at the slow comment, he answered his question. "Yes, I do."

"Good, check through the text messages to see if you can find anything."

Len opened the flip phone and turned it on. On it was a yellow background with oranges scattered all over it.

Wow, the class rep really likes oranges... I learned something new about her!

He inwardly squealed at the prospect of learning his crush's favourite food. He navigated over to the text messaging section, looking for anything useful.

Hi Rin! \(*^▽^*)/

It was a text from Miku, only sent about 2 hours ago. He continued scrolling though the messages.

Hey Miku-chan! (◠ω◠✿)

Wow. Girls sure do love emoticons.

Watcha doin?

Nothing much. Just cleaning ~(^з^)-

Len started scrolling faster, skipping all the idle talk. He wanted to see the more important stuff.

So, if you have time, wanna go on a date this Saturday? 。◕ ‿ ◕。

Yes! This was it!

Sure ≧◡≦ Where?

We'll meet up at the Owl Cafe, 1:00 pm. I hope you don't mind, I really love that place (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ After that we'll go see a movie

Ok! Looking forward to it. I love you (◕‿-)

I love you too (゚ヮ゚)

Len frowned at the last messages. They loved each other that much, huh...

No, I can't be having second thoughts now! Especially since I just took her phone!

"I found it. They're having a date this Saturday. You see it too, right?" Gumi snapped him out of his thoughts.

"Oh, uh, yea."

"I just wrote it down in my notepad. Now we should probably put these back before they found out they're gone." The older boy closed Miku's flip phone and put it in his pocket with the notepad. "I'm getting driven home, so see you tomorrow."

"Yea, bye." He watched Gumi walk back to his classroom, before remembering that he also had to put Rin's phone back. He speed-walked to her classroom, as to not alert teachers that were passing by.

When he got to her classroom, he was relieved to find that she hadn't come back yet. He quickly went into the room and stuffed her phone back into the bag.

He made his way to the door, and was just about to open it when he came face-to-face with Rin.

"Gah!" He was startled by her sudden appearance. Realizing that this wasn't his classroom and that she was probably wondering why he was here, Len started sweating profusely.

"Len-kun! What are you doing here?"

"I-I, um..."

Quick, quick, think of an excuse! C'mon, I'm supposed to be good at this by now...

"I, uh, forgot something in your classroom?..."

Rin stared at him, as if examining him. Her eyes slowly narrowed, her gaze increasingly unnerving Len by the second.

Oh no, she doesn't believe me! What do I do, what do I do-

"Oh, well ok! Make sure you don't forget anything in the future though!" She suddenly sprang from suspicious to cheerful, and walked straight past him into the class.

"W-wha... I mean, um, alright. I promise I won't." He quietly let out a sigh of relief and walked out of the room. Shutting the door behind him, he walked out of the school and began walking back home.

So glad that's over. I'm exhausted...

He lazily made his way back home, and after greeting his parents he immediately went upstairs and plopped down on his bed.

I wonder if we'll do anything like this tomorrow... Ugh, I don't want to have to think about this. For now, maybe I should take a shower...

He tried to get up, but his body wouldn't allow it. Instead, he rolled over, pulled the covers over himself and closed his eyes.

I wonder what... will happen... tomorrow...

And just like that, he was out like a lightbulb.

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