First Love Academy with a twist!

Chapter 8

Gumi stumbled his way out of the arcade, trying his best to straighten himself. He didn't want to worry Len by making it seem like he was actually sick, and if he did get worried the younger boy would just keep pestering him on and on about resting until he gave in, and he did not want that to happen.

So here they were, walking out of the arcade and getting ready to sabotage a lesbian date. Gumi remembered that he had prepared disguises for them earlier, and pulled a ridiculous looking mustache, hat and newspaper out of his right pocket.

"Where did all that stuff come from?!" Len exclaimed, having not remembered seeing his senior put all that stuff there.

"That's not important. Anyway, here, put this on." He slapped the mustache on the blondes face and shoved the hat onto his head. Reaching into his left pocket, he took out another hat, although it was considerably less silly looking than Len's. He took out another newspaper from his pocket and held it under his arm while he placed the hat onto his own head.

Len was confused, the force of the mustache slap kind of hurting his face. "What is this stuff for? And why does your hat look better than mine?!"

"These are disguises. There's also no way I'm going to be seen in such an absurd get-up like your's." He waved off the boy's concerns.


"Well, we've already wasted enough time. We have to get to that cafe, quickly!" He started running over towards the direction of the Owl Cafe. "Follow me!"

Len scratched at his mustache, not liking the itchy feel of it. He'd have to get rid of it later. "Coming..." He sighed. This weird disguise wasn't his, it wasn't his fault that he looked strange! And the mustache didn't even match his hair!

He sure has a lot of energy for a sick person... He thought as he chased after Gumi.

Len panted, the amount of running exhausting him. He paused to take a deep breath in, before feeling something grab his wrist and pull him into a bush.


"Shh, quiet. I can hear them coming." Gumi whispered. He peeked through the leaves to get a better look at what was going on.

The blonde did the same thing, slightly annoyed that he was so suddenly pulled in. Indeed, Miku was just meeting up with Rin, and it looked like the two girls were chatting with each other.

Gumi strained his ears, wanting to hear all the tidbits of conversation coming from the couple. He could just barely make out the words.

"Hey, Miku-chan!" Rin ran up to the teal-head, waving at her. "You came really early!"

Miku also greeted her, "Hi, Rin!"

"Why'd you come so early?" The petite blonde asked her, tilting her head. "It's unusual."

Miku pressed her fingers together, "Really? W-well, I didn't want to miss our date. Last time, I came really late so I wanted to make up for that!"

"Ehh, but I didn't mind, honestly!"

"Nonsense! The sooner I come, the more time we can spend together!" The twin-tailed girl grabbed Rin's hands and pressed them to her own. "Any time spent with you is precious!"


Len turned his head over to look at Gumi. He was seething from anger, the sight of the two girls holding hands bothering him.

"Ah, they might hear us!" He warned the green-head, putting a finger over his mouth for emphasis. "And besides, after this date is done we will have hopefully ruined it hard enough for them to break up, and then we'll have a chance!"

"You mean I'LL have a chance..."

"Excuse me?!" Len nearly yelled at him, before he remembered the situation they were in. "Okay, let's just calm down and observe them... No more arguing, got it?"

"Yea sure, you are the boss after all..."


"Ugh, sorry." Gumi held a hand to his forehead, massaging it. "I'm just getting mad from seeing them act all lovey-dovey with each other. That should be me out there, not that ditzy blue-haired girl."

"Her hair is teal-coloured."

"Does it matter?!" He snapped at Len. Sighing, he stopped rubbing his head and peeked out of the bush again. "Anyway, they've already sat down. They should be off guard by now, so it's time to initiate the plan!"

Nodding his head, Len crawled out of the bush and pulled the hat over his face. Since no other guy usually had their hair up in a ponytail like he did, he decided to take his pony elastic out and place it in his pocket. He dove behind a nearby corner, and listened to their orders.

"Hello, ladies. May I take your orders?" A waiter asked them.

"Yes, I'll have the curry rice." Rin said.

"Alright," The waiter wrote down her order on a peice of paper, then turned to Miku. "And you?"

"Umm," Miku was still looking through the menu, before spotting something that peaked her interest. "Ramen please, with lots of leeks!"

Len sweatdropped. What's with her and leeks?

The man was just finishing writing down their meals. "Would you like any drinks?"

"Water for the both of us."

"Ok, I'll be back soon with your orders." He bowed and walked back into the building.

Okay, now's my chance.

Len sneaked past the two girls while they weren't looking, and quickly ran to the back of the cafe and slipped into the back. Surprisingly, it wasn't locked.

He cautiously opened the door a bit, and waited there until there was no other employees in sight. He grabbed a nearby apron and tied it onto himself, to make it seem like he was a worker there. There were already tons of workers there, due to the amount of customers that visited everyday, so he wasn't concerned of anyone there calling him out for sneaking in.

Remembering what Gumi had told him, he walked into the kitchen like nothing was wrong. The best way to not seem suspicious, according to Gumi, was to walk like you belonged there.

He looked around for the waiter that had taken their orders, and walked over to him. The man was just retrieving the food from the chef.

Taking in a deep breath, he remembered the plan and walked over to the waiter.

"U-um, If you'd like, I can bring those orders out for you." He shakily asked him, trying his best not to let his nerves get the better of him.

"Hm?" The waiter turned around. He was slightly confused by the offer, but obliged anyway. The less work for him, the better. "I guess... Sure?"

Yes, it was a success. Len mentally congratulated himself, and took the food from his hands. "Aright, thank you."

Pretending to walk away with the food until the waiter was focusing on something else, he dove into a corner. The plan was to put something in their food to make it taste horrible, so Miku would never want to go to this place ever again with Rin. It wasn't guaranteed to work, but it was something. Of course, Gumi didn't want Rin's food to be "poisoned". Probably because he didn't want anything bad happening to her.

Pulling out a salt shaker, he twisted open the cap and dumped most of it's contents into the Ramen noodles. He considered putting some salt in Rin's curry too, but chances were that the green-haired boy wouldn't be too happy with him if he did.

After mixing the salt in with a straw he had found in the apron, he headed towards the doors and out to the outdoor cafe, where Rin and Miku were sitting.

Gathering up his courage, he discreetly crossed his fingers, in hope that this would work. He walked up to the girls and began talking.

"Here are your orders, ladies." He made sure to disguise his voice also, trying his best to lower his pitch. His heart was beating rapidly in his chest, his hand slightly shaking from the nervousness. Please don't recognize me. Please don't recognize me...

"Oh, thank you." Rin said, as the Len disguised waiter carefully placed their food down on the table. Bowing, he tried his best not to just bolt out of there. He stiffly walked back into the cafe and all the way to the back door.

Once he took off his apron, he put it back where he had found it earlier and walked out the door. He breathed a loud sigh of relief as soon as the fresh air hit him. Pulling out his elastic, he tied it back up into a ponytail.

Thank goodness that's over. He thought, before realizing that he couldn't stand there for any longer. He dove into the bushes and sneakily went back to the bush Gumi was still in.

"Oh! How did it go?" He immediately asked as soon as he got in.

"I think it went smoothly. Let's check."

They both peeked through the bushes again, and listened closely for their voices.

"Say, did that waiter look familiar to you?" Rin brought up. Len held his breath, wondering if she had found out that it was him.

"Hm? No, not really. Anyway, we should start eating. I'm starving!" He exhaled, relieved that she didn't notice it was him.

Miku held out her spoon, and she went to scoop up a couple of leeks and some soup. Taking a big gulp, she didn't realize that it was far more saltier than usual until she started coughing.

"Miku-chan! What's wrong?" Rin stood up, holding a napkin out for her girlfriend.

"That"-cough, cough-"soup is way too salty!" She hacked out. Pushing the ramen away from her, she gratefully took the napkin from Rin and began to cough into it.

"The plan's working." Gumi excitedly mumbled. He pushed out more leaves so he could get a better view.

"Is it really? Let me try." Rin picked up her spoon and took a dainty sip. "Oh, ew, you're right!"

She continued to help Miku, handing her some water. Miku drank a large gulp of the water, the liquid helping her cough to subside.

"Ahh... That's better." She drank some more water, liking the relief it gave her.

Rin wanted to make sure she was better. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yea, but now I don't have anything to eat..." The older girl frowned, looking sadly down at her ramen. Specifically at the leeks. "And the leeks are too salty to eat..."

The shorter girl tried to think of something. She looked down at her untouched curry, and came up with an idea. "I can share my curry with you."

"Eh, really?"

"Of course. I can't let you starve, after all-"

"Yay! Thank you, Rin!" She suddenly jumped up and tightly squeezed her. "Thankyouthankyouthankyou!"

"Can't... breath," She tapped her date on the back, as a signal to let go of her.

"Ah, sorry." Sheepishly letting go, she sat back down in her seat, Rin doing the same.

"Ehe, you're so over-excitable." She took her spoon and scooped up half curry, half rice. "But I guess that's what I love about you. Now open wide, ahh."

Blushing, she obliged and opened her mouth. "Ahh~"

Len had to look away from the painful sight. He still wasn't used to the fact that they loved each other, and were actually dating.


He looked to his side. He had promptly forgotten that Gumi was there with him.

"Damnit all! Our plan didn't work in the end!" He raged.

"We probably should've salted the class rep's food too." Len suggested.

"Too late for that now!"

"Hey, calm down. We still have the movie, remember?" He attempted to calm him down. Nothing was going to relax him completely, but he could at least try.

"Ugh... Ok, fine. We'll wait until they're finished eating and we'll move on to the movie."

For the rest of the time, they toturously watched the scene before them. Gumi was still seething with anger, and Len was still restlessly waiting for it to be over.

When they were finally finished, the girls sat up and started walking to where the movie theather was.

"Come on, they're going to the movie!" Gumi crawled out of the bush and quietly walked behind them.

"Oh, ok." Len followed him. He was hoping that he wouldn't have to go through that nerve wracking experience again. Lucky for him, it was Gumi's turn to do some of the work.

They carefully walked after them, making sure to hide their faces with the newspapers whenever the girls decided to look behind them.

When they reached the movie theater, they hid behind a tree and listened to their movie choice.

"What film should we watch?" Rin asked her girlfriend.

"Hmm..." Miku seemed to be in deep thought as she looked around at the several different movie posters.

"Ooh, how about this one?" The blonde pointed at a poster, titled The Grudge. It was a rather old American horror film, and it was airing in theaters for a limited time only. It was also dubbed in Japanese.

"O-oh, that one?" The twin-tailed girl shakily pointed at it.

"Yea! Unless you don't want to?"

"N-no! I want to! Yea, anything I watch with you will be good, I'm sure of it!" She tried to convince the younger girl that she was eager to watch it, but on the inside she was extremely scared.

"Oh, well ok!" Rin turned to the lady at the booth. "Two adult tickets for The Grudge, please."

"Alright, that will be 3200 yen."

They both took out their share of money, and handed it to the woman. She counted the yen, and nodded, motioning for them to go in.

"Time to make our entrance." Gumi whispered. He came from behind the tree and dragged Len along with him.


Gumi sighed. "What is it this time?"

"W-well, um, I don't do too well with horror movies..." He trailed off, too embarrassed to tell him that he was scared.

"Oh pfft, don't be such a wimp. We would like two adult tickets for The Grudge." He went ahead and requested for the tickets.

"Ehh, you ordered anyway..." Trying his best not to cry, he took out 1600 yen and handed it over to the lady. Still with their disguises on, they sneakily went into the building, pulling out their newspapers so no one would recognize them.

After a couple of more minutes, a beep resounded through the room, signalling that the movie was ready to be played. All the people who were waiting loaded into the theater and began sitting down.

Gumi and Len headed for the very back, as to not be seen by anyone. They waited for all the commercials to pass by, which would probably take about thirty minutes.

"Oh great, and now we have to wait for all these ads..." Gumi grumbled, crossing his arms.

"I like them." Len commented. Honestly, anything that didn't have to do with the horror movie he was happy with.

Fifteen minutes into the commercials, and the older boy was starting to get tired.

"Mmh... It's nice and dark in here, huh? Perfect for sleeping..."

"Eh? No wait, Gumi! Don't fall asleep on me now!" Len panicked, trying desperately to get him to stay up. But it was no use. Not even thirty seconds after, he was out cold.

"Oh no, he fell asleep..." He sighed. What was he going to do now?

Looking closer, he noticed that the green-haired boy's face was slightly red.

Oh yea, he has a cold. Maybe that's why he fell asleep so easily.

Figuring there was no use in trying to wake him up, he sat down on the floor and dragged the passed-out boy down with him. Laying him down, he felt his forehead for any signs of a sickness. Yep, he's burning up. Definitely sick.

Reaching to his face to scratch it, he realized that he still had his mustache on. Oh, forgot I still had this. He ripped the fake stache off and continued feeling his forehead, leaning in closer to look for more signs of sickness.

They had originally gone to the back so they wouldn't be seen by anyone, but little did they know, there was another person not far from them...

Kasane Teto was also spying on Miku and Rin, who were only a few rows away from her. Usually, a normal person would not be able to hear them. But the pink-haired girl had exceptional hearing, not even having to cup her ears to be able to hear the two girls quietly chatting.

After hearing a rumor that the studious Rin and the air-headed Miku were dating, she set out to find out if it was true. She didn't need anyone to help her, since her spying skills were so advanced.

While she was (stalking) observing the two girls, she heard a shushed Gumi! come from behind her.

Oh? Someone else is back there?

Her curiosity getting the best of her, she tiptoed so she was a few rows higher, until she could see where the sound came from.

She gasped from the sight. Len was pressing his forehead against Gumi's forehead, his face only inches apart from the other boy's. Len was really only checking for how sick he was, but to Teto it looked like something else.

*Gasp*! I recognize them! It's the first year Kagamine Len, and the second year Megpoid Gumi! It looks like they're kissing! Ohmygosh, this is so big! I have to write this down!

She took out her notepad and recorded it. If you looked at her face in this instance, you could see how thirsty she was for more information.

Kyaa, I can't believe they're gay with each other! Real life yaoi! She was also quite the fujoshi.

Eagerly writing the information down, she spent the rest of the time spying on them, seeming to have forgotten about Rin and Miku.

Len knew that he couldn't go on with Gumi passed out, as he was the one who was leading the plan. Deciding it was best to go home for now, he put his mustache back on and picked up Gumi bridal style. He struggled from the weight of the older boy, but eventually managed to carry him correctly.

Ooh, and now he's carrying him! This is soo cute~

Carefully balancing his weight, he walked outside and explained to the employee there that his friend had collapsed and they would have to leave early. The worker nodded, and opened the door for them. Just as the worker was closing the door, Teto rushed out after them. The employee was startled, but decided it was nothing important.

Len attempted to discreetly carry Gumi back to his large home. For the most part, he suceeded, although he did get a few strange stares.

After the painful walk to Gumi's house, he opened the door with his mouth (gross, but he couldn't have done it any other way) and went into the house.

Teto wasn't about to follow them into the house, for she would probably get caught. But she was furiously writing down everything she saw. From the "kiss", to Len carrying him home, and the sheer fact that they were even out together at a movie theater.

What else could it have been besides a date?! This is such big news, I can't wait to tell everyone!

Len placed Gumi on the couch in the living room. Once he let go of him, he immediately crashed down onto the floor. He wasn't very strong, so carrying an older boy was quite the struggle for him. His arms were about to give out several times during the trip to his house.

He took out his phone, and looked at the time.

It's 4:00?! Oh no, that took longer than I expected! I have to get home before my parents yell at me...

Quickly shoving his phone back into his pocket, he opened the door and began running back home.

Teto noticed that Len had left not even five minutes before he entered the house, and she frowned. Why did he leave so early?

Maybe he didn't want to be seen in Megpoid-san's house, so that's why he's running! For a minute, she contemplated telling everyone, but she quickly shrugged off her worries. Oh well, they have to tell everyone eventually.

And with that, she went the other way and skipped back to her house. It was gonna be a long Monday.

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