First Love Academy with a twist!

Chapter 9

The green-haired boy stared at the front window of his car, a bored and slightly ticked-off expression on his face. He was being driven to school again, since he and Len had already executed the plan.

He tried hard not to think about it, but his mind ended up drifting to the day before. They had gone on with the plan to ruin Rin and Miku's relationship, which was probably in full blossom by now. The only attempt they had actually partially succeeded in was the salting of Miku's drink, but even that got thwarted by them foolishly forgetting to also do something to Rin's food.

The movie theater wasn't any better. They were waiting for the movie to start so they could scare Miku even more (she seemed like the easily-scared type), but Gumi just had to fall asleep on the job. He mentally beat himself up for that mistake. How could he pass out on something so important for him?!

Five hours later, when it was already night time, Gumi had awoken on his couch. He was drowsy and dazed, to say the least, but his face wasn't red anymore. It took about two minutes for the events of the day to really sink in. He remembered the salty drink, the anger, and the boring commercials before passing out. That was when he started to become panicked.

He had called Len in a hurry, demanding for an explanation. The boy was just about to fall asleep when he heard his phone ring, and tiredly answered it. What came next was a flurry of questions being hurled at him through the phone. The loud volume was just enough to completely wake up Len, and he calmly explained that he had fallen asleep during the movie and had to be carried home. When asked who had carried him home, all he had gotten were a couple of stutters before Len answered that it was him who had to carry Gumi.

After the phone call, Gumi was pretty mad. Actually, to say pretty mad would be an understatement. He was infuriated. The plan didn't work out for them, the date had gone well for the two girls, and they're still together!

Some ramblings and rants later, the boy had calmed down a bit. Miku would at least be turned off from visiting the Owl Cafe again, so there was that. He only hoped that no one had seen Len carrying him back home...

Unbeknownst to him, while he had been thinking about Sunday, he had already arrived at school. Thanking his driver, he stepped out of his car and looked around.

He began to walk to the entrance of the school, preparing his roses for when his fangirls came to greet him. Just because he was occupied with the breaking up of Rin and Miku, didn't mean that he couldn't still be gentlemanly towards other girls.

But to his surprise, no one came up to him. Thinking that maybe they were just late, he started to walk a bit slower. He looked around for any familiar faces, or any signs of at least one girl. Then, somewhere in the crowd of people, he spotted a girl that would come up to greet him daily.

He started making his way to the girl, mumbling a few 'scuse me's and sorry's. He noticed that a couple of the girls were giving him wary glances, and some guys were just surprised when they laid their gazes on him, but he ignored them.

"Hello there. I hope your having a good morning." He greeted his fan, holding out a red rose to give to her.

"E-eh?" The girl, Akita Neru, turned around. Her face immediately flushed up when she saw him, but not for the reason Gumi was thinking. "Ah, g-good morning Gumi-senpai..."

He couldn't help but see that she was acting strangely. Deciding to get to the point, he asked her, "Is something the matter?"

"N-no, nothing's wrong..." The girl was blushing hard. It was getting to the point where her hands were also blushing. Seeing the rose that Gumi was holding out for her, she lifted up her hand and shakily began reaching for the flower.

"I-I can't!" She stepped back, snapping her arm away from the rose and darting for the entrance to the school. "I'm sorry Gumi-senpai!" She yelled behind her, not looking back.

Gumi coughed from the cloud dust Neru made, and closed one eye so he could look through it. "What just happened?" Beginning to grow increasingly concerned, he ran after her to the school building.

When he opened the entrance doors, several people in the hallway turned to look at him. Usually, Gumi would bask in all the attention, but even he could tell these were not gazes of admiration. Some girls looked extremely conflicted when they saw him, seeming to switch back and forth from wanting to greet him, and run away from him.

Unexpectedly, none of the guys were giving him hateful glares. Some still were, but most were giving him looks of confusion and bewilderment.

Wanting to find what the hell was going on, he ventured further into the school building, ignoring yelps of surprise when he bumped into some people. Suddenly, when he rounded a corner, he saw a large group of students surrounding what seemed to be a news article pinned up on a board. Loud chatter was being shared with people and their friends.

"What is this?"

Gumi's voice cut short most of everyone's conversations, and they all turned to stare at him.

"W-what?" Everyone's gazes were starting to unnerve him, and he stepped backwards. What was their deal?

"GUMI-SENPAI! IS IT TRUE?!" Several girls suddenly pounced on him, bombarding him with questions and screaming in his face. "ARE YOU REALLY GAY? WHY ARE YOU DATING HIM OF ALL PEOPLE? IS THIS REAL LIFE YAOI?!"



"Stop please-"


"STOOOP!" He yelled in as loud of a voice as he could muster. All of the girls immediately shut up.

"W-what... Is going on?" He panted, resting his hands on his knees. He had just wanted to come to school, and now everyone was starting to act erratic and strange. Surely it had something to do with the poster, he thought. Deciding to check for himself, he gathered himself and looked up at the article.

The giant picture posted on the wall was pinned up with sharp pins, stabbed into the soft foam of the board. The picture was printed out on your standard news paper, except this particular paper was sized up more than usual. But all these things were the least on Gumi's mind right now.

"What the actual f***!"

In the photo was Len and Gumi. Just a single picture with those two together would be weird enough, but it was what they were doing that was even more weird.

Len appeared to be pressing his face against Gumi's, the back of his head facing the camera. You couldn't see their faces, but it was clear that Gumi's cheeks were extremely red, and his eyes were tightly closed. This was really because he was sick at the time, but in the photo, it seemed like he was thoroughly enjoying the kiss that Len was giving him.

The headline was also an interesting one. Forbidden Love at the movie theaters! What "forbidden love"?! What does that even mean?!

Oh, but that wasn't all. Underneath the main photo, there were other smaller photos attached to the newspaper. Several pictures of Len carrying him while unconscious could be seen lined up next to each other.

He had known that Len carried him home, and silently cursed him for letting them be seen. But in the picture where they were "kissing", was a little suspicious to him. He was asleep at that time, so he didn't know if Len had actually kissed him or not.

I'm sure it's not that... But if it is, I am so going to-


Len stood beside Gumi, gawking at the picture above them. He was just as puzzled as the older boy when he had gotten to school. The fact that no one had come up to talk to him was no surprise, but he had gotten a lot of prying gazes from bystanders. Then he came across the large crowd of people gathered around one newspaper article. Curiosity got the better of him, and he walked over to it. When he saw it, he was absolutely dumbfounded.

"Th-this... no..." He stuttered.

"Who took these pictures?!" Gumi regained himself and demanded from the crowd. "SHOW YOURSELF!"

"I did!"

Kasane Teto squeezed her way to the front of the crowd and confidently stood there. She had a look of triumph on her face, appearing to be beaming with happiness. "I took the pictures, and I made the article too!"

"Y-you..." Gumi was just about to snap, but stopped himself just in time. Everyone already thought he was "involved" with Len, what good would it do to his reputation to attack a girl too? "Why, did you do this?"

"I wanted to tell everyone about the beautiful love that you and Kagamine-san share!" Her eyes suddenly gained a fiery spark that was only possible for a true, hardcore fujoshi to gain. "AND THAT IT'S OKAY TO BE GAY!~ ISN'T THAT RIGHT EVERYONE?!" She turned around to face the large group that had only gathered in more people since morning. "IT'S OKAY TO BE GAY! YAOI FOREVER!"

"I AGREE!" Akita Neru, one of the girls in the crowd, raised her hand. Everyone looked at her. "YAOI IS THE BEST!"

A couple of murmurs from the group began to surface, mostly coming from the girls. After some hesitation, the boys started joining in too.

"GAY LOVE FOREVER! YAY YAOI!" A girl yelled out.

"DON'T FORGET YURI!" A boy shouted.

"YAOI! YURI! YAOI! YURI! YAOI! YURI!" All the students started chanting simultaneously. They waved their arms, making an invisible tune come to life. Somewhere during that time, someone had made a banner that showcased the words "LenxGumi 4ever" and was waving that in the air amongst all the singing people.

"B-but... We're not dating..." Len weakly tried to protest, but his soft and quiet voice got lost in the loud cheering. His eyes laid upon the random shipping banner placed in the crowd and blushed, mostly from embarrassment.

"WE'RE NOT DATING!" Gumi repeated the blonde's statement, except louder. "IN FACT, WE'RE NOT EVEN GAY!"

Everyone stopped chanting to look at the green-haired boy. Good, Gumi sighed in relief. They've stopped.

"Then why were you kissing?!" Teto angrily demanded an answer from him.

"U-um..." Gumi actually didn't know anything about that picture. Had Len been kissing him?

"I-I was just checking his temperature!" The younger boy spoke up. He wanted to reverse this just as much as Gumi did, and he was going to do everything he could. "I was putting my forehead against his because he was sick!"

"Oho..." She had been seemingly thwarted, but she still held a confident smirk on her face. "Still doesn't explain why you two were at the movie theaters together."

"..." Len wasn't sure what to say for that one. He couldn't possibly tell her it was because they were spying on Rin and Miku, especially in front of a whole crowd of people! He hurriedly glanced over to Gumi with an expression that just screamed "help".

"We weren't at the movies together. We just happened to come across one another." Gumi came up with an excuse naturally. It wasn't the best excuse, but it would have to do. He wasn't about to just tell everyone the real reason they were at the movies.

Teto flashed a frown, before regaining her smirk again. "Hm? So Len carrying you back home bridal-style was just a coincidence too?"

This was going to be harder than he thought.

"From what I saw, you guys didn't just come across one another. In fact, quite the opposite. You guys were on a DATE!" She declared, as if not taking no for an answer. "You both are just in denial right now, but you'll realize it someday!"

After the definite declaration, everyone started cheering.

"Congratulations Megpoid-san, you've finally found love!" A girl, Megurine Luka, came up to him and congratulated him on his "relationship". "I'm really happy for you and Kagamine-san!"

"Yea, congrats!" Neru also congratulated him. "I'm also sorry for the way I acted this morning. I was still in shock..."

"Hey, um," This time, a boy, Mikuo went up to him. "S-sorry for acting rude to you before. I just wanted to let you know, I think I have a new found respect for you. If you want, we could hang out some time. Kagamine is invited too."


"We're happy for you guys!"

"You're so cute together!"

Gumi's eyes were spinning from the amount of praise and happiness radiating from the crowd, and it was all for something that wasn't true. He tried desperately to get everyone to stop, but at this point no one would listen anymore.

Ughh... This is partially Len's fault. Speaking of him, where is he?

Somehow regaining his strength, he glanced over to his side, only to be greeted with empty space.

Huh? Where'd he- oh, he got away! Why that little...

Sometime during the commotion, Len had managed to slip away from the crowd unnoticed. It was mostly thanks to his smaller than usual stature and the fact that no one had gone up to him personally to congratulate him. It made him hurt a little inside, but he decided to ignore it in favour of just getting away.

Running, he slipped behind a corner where no one could see him. Sighing in relief, he slumped on to the floor and heaved out a huge sigh. It was only morning and things were getting so hectic!

Why did Kasane-san have to post that up... Why, why, why... The blonde boy buried his face in his hands. Now everyone thinks me and him are d-dati... He couldn't even say the word in his head without burning up with embarrassment. He wasn't gay, Gumi wasn't gay, why was this happening?!

This day couldn't possibly get any worse...

"Hi there!"

"AHH!" Len jumped up in surprise from the sudden voice.

"Oh, sorry! Did I scare you?" The voice, which sounded like a girl's, asked in concern.

Rubbing his head, he answered back. "Oh no, it's fi-" He was cut short when he saw who the person was. Standing in front of him, was a smiling Rin.

"That's good then. I just came to say congratulations! You and Gumi-senpai make for a very cute couple." The other blonde was expressing nothing but happiness for the two "lovers". "So that outing at the Owl Cafe was a date, huh?"

"N-no- wha..." He was at a loss for words. Usually, he'd be very happy that his crush actually came up and talked to him. But the words that were coming out of her mouth was clearly not what he wanted to hear from her. "S-sorry."

"Hm? Sorry for what?" The girl titled her head and curiously asked. "Oh! Is it about when you two confessed to me?" She giggled in her hand. "It's fine, I've already moved on. And I can see you two have also moved on!" She looked around for a bit, before leaning in to whisper something to the boy. "And, don't tell anyone, but I'm actually gay too! Or you could say I'm a yuri girl, hehe."

Len just stared at her.

"Anyway, I have to get going now! Classes will start soon!" She skipped away, but not before waving at Len. "Goodbye!"

Immediately after she was out of sight, Len sank back down to the floor and curled up to his knees. "I spoke too soon..."

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