A Love That Wants to Live

Chapter 15

Lucy rolled over, feeling something warm and solid snuggled next to her. She yawned and pushed on the source, feeling flesh under her hands.

"Natsu," She whined, still not fully awake. "It's too hot."

A deep laugh rumbled in her ear and her eyes shot open. That was definitely not Natsu's laugh and those were definitely not Natsu's hands around her waist. She looked up into a pair of stormy blue eyes and smiled for the first time that morning.

"Hello, Lax," She said, stretching.

"Good morning, Luce." He grinned. "Mind telling me why you thought Flame-brain was in your bed?"

Lucy curled up beside him, giggling, "Natsu had a tendency of sneaking in while I asleep and curling up with me. Often I would wake up, feeling smothered, to find him there. I just got so used to it that, in my dreamy state, I assumed it was him."

Laxus laughed and pulled her closer to him.

"Then I forgive you for calling me Natsu," He teased, kissing her head.

She laughed before remembering, "Hey, why are you here anyway? How did you get in?"

Laxus grinned, "I'm here because I got tired of waiting outside for you sleepy head. And you're window was open, so I just squeezed through that."

Lucy raised an eyebrow at him.

"Are you sure that you're not secretly Natsu's older brother or something?" She teased after a moment, crawling out of bed to get away in case he decided to swat her.

Laxus gave her a blank look, confused by her question.

"Natsu used to do the exact same thing. I swear you two are related," She giggled, heading for the kitchen.

"Hey!" Laxus protested, following after her. "I'm nothing like that idiot."

"Suit yourself," She answered as she started making breakfast. "Hungry?"

Laxus looked at her incredulously, the girl seemed completely unfazed by everything he threw at her. In his mind he slowly ticked off the things he'd done that could have sent her running in the opposite direction: force her to go on a job with him, accepted. Asked her to pretend to be his girlfriend, no hesitation. Had her meet Thor, loved him. Asked her to be his real girlfriend, kissed him. Now he'd curled up in her bed while she was asleep and here she was making him breakfast as if it was just par for the course.

He walked over to her, kissing her gently.

"Have I told you how amazing you are?" He whispered.

Lucy looked up at him, blinking. She had expected a relationship with Laxus would be low-key. He would do his thing and she would do hers and he probably wouldn't acknowledge the relationship with her too much. Maybe treat her a little differently, ask her to hang out a little more, but this was something she was not expecting. She was surprised to see yet another side of Laxus that she had known nothing about.

She kissed him back and then grinned, "How amazing am I?"

He laughed as he sat down at her table.

"Pretty damn amazing," He admitted.

She laughed as she started cooking breakfast.

"So what's the plan for today?" She asked a few minutes later.

"Whatever you want, love," He answered.

She blushed at the endearment as she scrambled the eggs she was cooking. She really hadn't made any plans for the day, having the vague notion that she would work on her novel and then head down to the guild for awhile. She knew that if she didn't show up after so many days that her team would be over to look for her and find out why she hadn't been to see them in awhile.

She sat down across from Laxus, setting plates in front of both of them.

"I really didn't have any plans today," She answered. "I'm more of a last minute girl rather than a plan things out girl. Every time I try one of the team usually messes it up anyway."

He nodded, "They do seem sort of like a spur of the moment bunch."

She grinned, fondly, "Yea, they really are. I don't mind though, they're always taking me on a new adventure anyway."

"So guild after breakfast?" He asked.

She nodded in agreement, her mouth too full of egg to speak.

Laxus laughed, but ate the rest of his breakfast in silence.

This is nice, Laxus thought. The two of us just sitting here, eating our morning breakfast like it's no big thing. I could get used to this.

He smiled at the thought, watching Lucy as she ate her breakfast. She was not a morning person, he could tell that just by the way her eyelids kept drooping while she ate and the fact that it was almost eleven.

"Tired?" He asked after a moment.

She shook her head, "I just don't do mornings."

"That much was obvious," He said drily.

She glared at him half-heartedly as she finished her breakfast. He had to smirk at the expression - with her hair going every which way and her eyes still drooping it was the most comical thing he had seen in a while, but he kept that to himself, clearing the table for her instead.

"I could have gotten that," She protested.

He shook his head, "No way, I was raised that the cook does not get to clear the table or do the dishes, so you just sit right there and I'll take care of this."

Lucy frowned, but didn't protested further, enjoying watching him as he scrubbed her dishes.

Who would have thought that Laxus could do domestic housework?

Lucy hummed to herself while she got around, leaving Laxus to the last few dishes now that she was sure they were in capable hands. She felt incredibly lucky that someone as sweet as him had asked her out. Not that she knew he was sweet when they had first started out. In fact, she didn't even know he could smile until recently. She frowned as she remembered how mean he had been when they first met. She still wondered what he had seen exactly that had changed him so completely, but she didn't dare ask. Settling, instead, for just being happy now.

"You ready?" He asked, leaning on the doorway of her room.

She smiled up at him as she slipped on her boots.

"Yep. Let's go show everyone we mean business."

Laxus chuckled as they headed out of her place.

She's definitely something else.

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