A Love That Wants to Live

Chapter 17

Lucy whirled on Laxus the moment they closed the door to his place, Thor thundering across the tiled floor to meet them.

"Did you say anything?" She demanded, absently stroking the dog's head.

"Say anything about what, exactly?" He asked, annoyed that she would accuse him of doing something with clearly defining what it was that he was supposed to have done.

"About the act? About us faking at first?"

"Why would I do that? My ass would be on the line just as much as yours. The only person I know that knows besides us is Loke," Laxus answered.

Lucy sighed, feeling her panic subsiding, "Well, Cana seems to think that someone messed with fate because we are so different."

"Well, tell Cana that she can jump off a cliff," Laxus growled, before taking her in his arms.

Softening, he asked, "Are you happy, Luce?"

She nodded, her breath hitching at how close he was to her. She could feel his chest pressing against hers as he leaned his forehead against her own.

"Well, I'm happy. You're happy. No one else should matter," He whispered, kissing her deeply.

Lucy forgot about her worries and the dog that stood beside them as she wrapped her arms around Laxus, kissing him back just as deeply. He licked her bottom lip hesitantly and she opened her mouth to accept it, their tongues tangling together. Finally the two broke apart, panting slightly from lack of air, their foreheads still touching.

"Well, I would say that would definitely stop people from saying anything else," Lucy joked, still slightly breathless.

He chuckled, kissing her lightly this time before stepping away. Lucy instantly felt the lose of contact, her whole body aching for him to come back into her arms. Instead she took a step back, distancing herself from this man who was causing her to feel dangerous and excited at the same time.

Where did that come from? She thought, studying him as he busied himself in the kitchen.

Laxus turned away quickly, preparing food that neither of them would probably eat. No, their appetite was more physical, he knew. He also knew that things were moving way too fast for her. He was used to whirlwind romances, which usually ended once he'd gotten what he wanted from the girl. Lucy was different though, he wanted to see Lucy happy, and not hurt.

He growled inwardly. What was going on with him? Never before had he cared if he hurt the girl or not. Most girls, though, didn't care if they hurt him. He knew Lucy would care, she felt things too deeply to not care. He sighed, struggling with himself. The more he got to know her, the more he adored her, and the fact that everyone else he trusted and cared for also adored her made it harder for him to stay away.

His thoughts turned to the kiss they had just shared and his stomach tightened. Who knew a girl like her could kiss like that? Just thinking about it made him want to throw her on the floor and finish what they had started. He inhaled deeply, reminding himself that he couldn't do that. She was his bona fide girlfriend now, he would have to treat her like a girlfriend and not a play thing.

Laxus looked over at her where she sat, studying him and couldn't quite wipe the smile off his face. She was amazing and so kind. He wondered if it would be possible for their relationship to last and he was surprised to find that he actually wanted it to.

"Are you hungry?" He finally asked, making a decision somewhere that he was going to try to see this through to it's natural end, even if that meant tomorrow or after they both were gone from this world.

Lucy smiled, "Two meals with my boyfriend, you're going to spoil me Laxus."

Laxus grinned at her, "I think if I get too out of hand you'll put me in my place."

She nodded, "You got that right."

Eating lunch with Laxus was not something that Lucy would have expected would be pleasant, but it was. He was constantly surprising her with how kind he was, especially after all the horror stories that Levy had told her about the lightening mage. She blushed at the thought, pushing Levy's words out of her mind as she examined her boyfriend. She knew he was a known player, but this just felt right. She didn't want her heart broken, but she also didn't want to leave just because he had done some awful things in his past. Some of her good friends had done awful things, but they still changed and she saw that change in Laxus. Granted it was still in the working, but she could still see where he was changing and opening up just a little bit at a time.

She grinned as she watched him eat. As if sensing her watching him he looked up and blushed a little.

"I try not to eat at the guild too much because I know I eat a lot. It's kind of embarrassing," He confessed as he finished off his fourth sandwich.

She laughed, "It's okay. I eat a lot, too. You, at least, look good no matter what. I should work on cutting back with how heavy I'm getting."

Laxus looked at her in irritation, "Who says you're heavy?"

Lucy gestured to her figure, "Well, I mean look at how big I am."

He grabbed her arms, looking at her with a serious expression. Lucy swallowed, she hadn't see Laxus look like that ever.

"Lucy, why do you think you're fat?"

She paused, she really hadn't ever thought about it. Natsu and Happy were always picking on her about her size and complaining that she was heavy. She had just gotten so used to that she started parroting their words on her own. She looked away, blushing.

"It's nothing," She answered.

"No, it's not nothing, Lucy. You are the most amazing and beautiful girl I have ever seen, so why do you put yourself down like that all the time?" Laxus demanded. "I'm not letting go until you tell me."

She sighed, staring at the table, "I just got used to hearing it all the time. I guess I heard it so much I started to believe it."

"Who. Told. You. That?" Laxus growled, biting off each word in his attempt not to start yelling.

"It's really nothing, Lax, they didn't mean anything by it," She avoided answering.

"It's not nothing. You shouldn't go around thinking that about yourself. I do not date ugly or fat girls, got it? So tell me who needs an attitude adjustment."

Lucy glared at the table and Laxus sighed heavily.

"They really mean that much to you?" He demanded after a few moments.

She nodded and he let go of her arms.

"Fine, but if I ever find out who would say such a thing to you, I'm going to have a conversation with them about what is proper to say to a lady and what isn't."

Lucy sighed and kissed him lightly.

"I know you care, Laxus, but trust me when I say I wish this is something that you would just leave alone. I'm just happy knowing that you care about me."

He nodded, kissing her back, "I really do care about you, Luce."

She grinned, "Then I suggest we go back to the guild and get a job. We can take the Thunder Legion with us."

Laxus agreed with her, his mind still on what she had said earlier. How could someone like her think she was fat? It surprised him how much it bothered him that she would say that about herself. Sure, she wasn't super thin like some, but she was by no means fat. It really pissed him off that someone would make her feel that way about herself, and that she would protect them.

As they walked and she made plans on her phone with Evergreen, he silently went through the list of people that she would want to protect. It was an extensive list, because his girlfriend seemed to always want to protect everyone, but he knew that there were some that she cared for more than others. Those were the ones he started with because they were the most likely to be on the list.

He knew Erza would never say anything like that, she was too kind and moral for it. Gray he could picture saying it, but Juvia would probably yell at him for it. In fact, he probably would never hear the end of it, because, despite her protests that Lucy was her 'love-rival', Juvia cared a great deal for the blonde and would be angry with anyone who would talk down to her. Levy was too sweet and Gajeel wouldn't dare call his quasi-girlfriend's best friend fat, not if he wanted his relationship with Levy to last more than five minutes. That left Natsu and Happy.

Despite the fact that the two would never intentionally hurt their friends, he knew they could easily do it unintentionally and never know it. He sighed, realizing that it was probably them that had given his girlfriend her current complex. Sometimes they just said things, blurting them out without thinking about what the consequences of their words might be. They might have meant to say something else, but the words 'You're fat' or 'you need to lose weight' could easily have been the ones that slipped out.

Watching Lucy now as they entered the Fairy Tail guild hall, he resolved to talk to the Fire Dragon Slayer and his little blue exceed as soon as Lucy and Evergreen went off to pack for whatever job Evergreen and Freed had picked out for them. Knowing that they were doing a job, he had already packed so he would stay at the guild and wait for the others to return. Smirking slightly to himself he settled into his usual chair and waited.

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