A Love That Wants to Live

Chapter 19

Lucy had no idea what the job was, so she followed along with the group, resolving to talk to Evergreen tonight and find out. She knew that Thunder Legion usually took higher risk jobs and she was concerned that she wouldn't be able to keep up. It was true that she had gotten stronger in the time she had been in Fairy Tail, but it was also true that they had, too. She studied the four mages in front of her, surprised at how different they all seemed when they could all work so well together. She knew that Laxus probably had a hand in that. The other three seemed more than willing to do whatever he said though they could easily have walked away at any time.

It seemed like Laxus was the Erza of their group, leading by strength of will alone, the others were partly terrified of him and partly in love with him. Before she knew it she had categorized everyone in the group, placing them in the positions of her group. She had decided that Bickslow was a lot like Natsu, which really wasn't too far off with the way he acted. Bickslow might be less high strung then the pinkette she compare him to, but he still had that child-like attitude where everything was great and fun like Natsu had. Evergreen was definitely Gray then, the two argued back and forth like brother and sister until one of them threw up their hands in frustration and walked away. Lucy was sure that if they were both guys a fight would have broke out.

Which left Freed as the groups Lucy. Which seemed to fit him surprisingly well. Freed was calm, level-headed despite the chaos that surrounded him and Lucy often wondered as they journeyed how it was that he got dragged into this group. He seemed to take everything with ease, ignoring the constant bickering of the two beside him. She couldn't help but giggle, which caused Freed and Laxus to look at her questioningly.

"What's up, Luce?" Laxus asked.

"I just feel like I'm at home," She answered. "The Thunder Legion isn't much different from my team."

"Really?" Evergreen asked. "I always imagined that you guys managed to become more rowdy and crazy than we could."

"Oh, that's for sure, though I'm sure you guys could get like that if you really wanted to," Lucy answered. "You all seem like a low-key version of us though. It's actually kind of comforting to know that deep down, we're all really not that different."

Bickslow grinned, "Does that mean each one of us acts like a member of your team?"

Lucy nodded, surprised that the Seith Mage had caught on before anyone else.

Bickslow let out a loud 'Whoop' before demanding to know who he was like.

"I bet it's Natsu, huh?" He asked, sticking out his tongue.

Lucy laughed, nodding.

Soon the other two were demanding to know who she compared them to and she took a step back, afraid to respond in case they took it the wrong way. She looked at Laxus for help who grinned at her before asking who he seemed most like.

Lucy sighed, "I really don't think you guys want to know my answer."

"No way, you brought it up, Blondie, and you've already told Bickslow his comparison. It's only fair that the rest of us know too," Laxus teased.

"Well," Lucy started. "Okay, but don't get mad if you don't like who I compare you to."

She pointed at each one in turn, giving them the person they seemed most like and the reason why she felt that way. She was surprised when each one seem to take it with ease, contemplating it instead of lashing out at her about it. The group fell silent as they walked, each lost in what Lucy had told them.

Laxus grinned as he walked, noticing how relieved Lucy seemed. She probably had thought they were going to go off on her because of her comparisons, but really his group wasn't like that. They would think about it, and then if they didn't like it, they would start trying to change. He had been most surprised when she compared him to Titania. Honestly, Laxus had expected Evergreen to get that comparison, but Lucy didn't go by physicality or what their magic was, going instead for how they interacted with one another. His girlfriend had impressed him.

Freed finally spoke up after a while.

"If everyone has an assigned role, then who would you be in our little entourage?" He asked.

Lucy laughed at that, "Well, either Happy or Wendy I guess, though I don't really see myself as either."

"Wendy!" Bickslow and Evergreen said at the same time before turning to glare at each other.

Laxus inwardly agreed. She was definitely younger than the rest of them and she seemed to think that her magic couldn't do much compared to theirs. Like Wendy, she felt she had to prove herself to her new team.

"Wendy?" Lucy asked in surprise, clearly assuming they would chose Happy.

"Wendy," Freed said in a voice that broke no arguments.

Lucy grinned at them, "Okay then."

The team continued on for a while longer in silence before Laxus stepped off to the side, taking Lucy's small hand in his own. She looked up in surprise, clearly not expecting him to do that. He smiled down at her, kissing the top of her head gently.

"He'll do that," Freed said as he walked by. "He's much more relaxed when he only has us around."

Evergreen nodded and Bickslow winked as they also passed the couple.

Laxus chuckled, "They mean well, really."

"I know," She said, smiling back at the big man.

He smiled down at her, leaning closer to her, "I meant what I said earlier, Lucy. But if you insist on staying with me anyways there are things you're going to have to learn about me."

"I look forward to it," She answered, her eyes sparkling with the challenge.

He laughed and pulled her along behind his team.

"So what is this job we're doing anyways?" Lucy asked about an hour later. "And where is it?"

Evergreen sighed, "No kidding. My feet are killing me. Freed, you said it was a short journey."

"By train, it's a very short journey," He answered. "It's about two days on foot."

"Two days?" The girls yelled in unison, glaring at him.

"Well, it was walk or allow Laxus to be sick the whole journey."

Lucy sighed, "If you would have told me, I have pills that he can take to fix that."

Laxus nodded, "They work really well, too."

Lucy groaned inwardly, two days was a long walk no matter who she was with. This was going to feel like an eternity. She looked up at her boyfriend, wondering what they were going to do about sleeping arrangements and if anyone had even thought to pack blankets or sleeping bags.

Freed sighed, "We might as well make camp here for the night, since the sun is starting to set. If you would like tomorrow we can head for the nearest train station and ride the rest of the way. I was unaware that they made pills for Laxus's specific type of motion sickness or I would have suggested that we do that in the first place."

Lucy sat in the clearing they had found and explained to Freed about Wendy turning her spell into pills for Natsu that they usually had her hold onto. Lisanna had one bottle and she had the other. Freed nodded, listening intently, asking her questions here and there about the spell that they would use. She explained that Wendy had made different dosages because Natsu was slowly becoming immune to her spell, even in pill form, but that Laxus should still be okay to use the low dosage that she carried with her since he'd only used one pill and had never had the spell cast on him. After going through all the question he could think of, Freed finally nodded in approval.

"I think it will do very well. It will definitely help when we have far to go. We won't have to walk and we won't have to ride the train while Laxus turns himself into Lightening, keeping up for as long as he can," Freed finally stated.

Lucy nodded as the other's joined them around the fire. Laxus looked around the circle before sighing finally.

"Ever, would you share a tent with Lucy?" He asked. "Bickslow, you and Freed can bunk together."

Evergreen looked at him in surprise, "I thought you and Lucy would be sharing a tent."

The couple blushed, looking down at the fire.

"I mean, I don't mind. I had just assumed -" Evergreen cut herself off, embarrassed.

"It's okay, Evergreen," Lucy replied, wrapping an arm around the girl. "Laxus and I are just taking things slow and I think he's worried that if I share a tent with him things might get... heated."

Laxus growled in his girlfriend's direction. He was worried about no such thing, in fact he was looking forward to that point in their relationship, but for now he had assumed that she would have been more comfortable in Evergreen's tent than his own.

"Never mind, Ever," Laxus said after a moment. "I think I can sufficiently control myself that Lucy will be safe from anything untoward happening to her."

Laxus looked at her with a challenging gleam in his eyes and he didn't miss the answering one in her own. He had a feeling that tonight was going to be a lot of fun. They missed the amused looks the rest of their group were sharing.

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