A Love That Wants to Live

Chapter 2

Lucy watched as Laxus walked away, then looked down at the paper in her hands.

"Wanted: One Celestial Wizard to assist in the Annual Charity Ball - Others Welcome. Please meet with the organizer before July 10th." Listed below was the address to meet at and the payment amount. Lucy carried it into her apartment, wondering what on earth they would want with a Celestial Wizard at a Charity Ball. She sighed and stretched out on her couch.

"Well, I guess I'll find out tomorrow," She replied to the empty room. "For now, I should probably pack and then rest. Laxus wants to leave early."

The next morning found Lucy waiting impatiently for the Lightning Dragon Slayer to appear. She tapped one foot in time with the music from the speakers, looking around with a frown stretched across her features. Laxus had said meet him at seven, it was going on 6:55 and still no sign of him. She sighed, annoyed and a little worried.

"Why such a heavy sigh?" Laxus teased from behind her.

Lucy whirled and glared at him, "You're late."

He looked down at his watch, "Actually I'm four minutes early thank you."

"You could have been earlier," She grumbled.

"Sorry, I was getting our tickets. I didn't realize the station would be this busy in the morning."

She gawked at him, "How do you not know that?"

"Ever or Freed usually gets the tickets so I don't normally have to show until the last minute," He said offhandedly as he helped her up into the carriage.

"Then why did you get them this time?" She asked, sitting in the first empty set of seats they found.

"Because I figured you would forget."

She blushed, annoyed, but didn't contradict him. She had forgotten about the tickets because Erza usually got them, ushering them along like a group of children.

"Why are you coming along on the job?" She asked, changing the subject.

"It does say others welcome," He pointed out. "And I figured that I could be good for something, what with my type of magic and all."

She nodded, turning over this information in her head as the train started. She looked up in surprise as Laxus doubled over, holding the same expression that Natsu always did when they rode trains.

"Oh, I forgot, you probably suffer from Motion Sickness, too," Lucy said, digging in her bag.

"Do. Not," Laxus breathed, his face paling.

She rolled her eyes, handing him a small blue pill, "Shut up and take this. It's supposed to help with Motion Sickness. And don't tell me you don't suffer from it. I have yet to meet a Dragon Slayer who doesn't."

Laxus studied her, surprised. Not many people could obtain a pill like this and he was grateful that she had, though he didn't dare ask her how. He took it after a moment, surprised as he started to feel better.

"That actually helped," He said in surprise.

Lucy laughed out right, "Of course it did. Wendy made them for Natsu when we go on missions, but since he has a tendency to forget things I hold onto them. Right now you are in more need of them then I am."

He glared at her a little bit, "Don't ever mention this to anyone. The only ones who know about this are my team and my grandfather."

She shook her head, "I'm sure others have figured it out by now, but if you insist."

"I do."

He looked out the window, enjoying the scenery as it flowed past. There was no way he would allow for word of his weakness to get out. He would be a laughing stock if that happened, but looking at the Celestial Mage sitting across from him, he was surprised that she had been more concerned about him than anything else. A soft smile ghosted his lips as he closed his eyes, allowing sleep to overtake him.

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