A Love That Wants to Live

Chapter 27

She kept silently for a moment, trying to determine the best words to use to show him that she was serious about it. Finally she sat up with him, taking his hands in her own.

"I'm serious, Laxus," She whispered. "I know I was terrified before. I was afraid that you would take me and break my heart after, but I realized something while I was captive. I realized that if I didn't let someone in, if I didn't allow myself to trust that you wouldn't hurt me, then someone else could easily take it by force. I would much rather make love to you and have you discard me later than have someone take me by force. That is not how I want to remember my first time."

She looked up at him when she finally finished speaking, to find him staring at her with an unreadable emotion in his eyes. She shifted nervously after a few moments, then he chuckled softly and she wondered if he was making fun of her for feeling that way.

"Just when I think you can't get anymore remarkable, Lucy Heartfilia, you go and surprise me," He whispered, kissing her gently.

She blinked, that was not what she had been expecting after the long silence that had stretched between them. Finally she kissed him back, pulling him closer to her as the two continued where they left off in the tent.

Laxus stared at her for a long while, trying to comprehend what it was that she was trying to say. He just could believe that his shy, scared girlfriend was trying to tell him that she was ready. It seemed impossible. Finally he decided that it must be what she was saying, but he was worried now. How to go about it? Lucy was special to him; he didn't want to treat her like he treated the girls he normally slept with. She meant more than that to him.

"Lucy," He whispered, kissing her collarbone. "I'm not very good at making a girl feel special."

She moaned under him, "It's alright. You make me special just by being with me."

He chuckled at that, causing her to squirm under him. Grinning he nipped her neck lightly, leaving a little red mark which caused his grin to widen. Marking her as his caused his heart to swell in satisfaction.

Lucy moaned under him as Laxus slowly removed her shirt, kissing the skin that swelled up over her bra before removing that as well. She could feel the heat starting in her stomach, making her long for the man that was slowly, torturously kissing his way down the pale expanse of her stomach while gently rubbing her nipples under his thumbs.

She arched her back when he reached the area that her skirt cover and could feel him chuckling below her. She would have swatted him for it, but her mind was too far gone, lost in the pleasurable haze that he had created. He removed the last articles of her clothing and she looked down at him, her face red, embarrassed by her nakedness.

"It's really not fair that you still have all of your clothes on, while I am completely naked," She managed to gasp out as he kissed her thighs only inches from the spot that ached so fiercely. He laughed again, his breath causing her arch herself up toward him once more.

"Think so, do you?" He teased, allowing his tongue to trace the outline of her lower region.

She nodded, afraid that if she tried to speak nothing would come out but more moans. He pulled back, causing her to moan in frustration as he discarded the shirt he was wearing.

"I think if I leave you alone much longer, Miss Heartfilia, you're going to have my head," He tease as he leaned forward once more. "Is being shirtless good for now?"

She nodded vigorously as his tongue finally flicked over her clit, causing her to let out a strangled yell. Her body begged for more as he suckled it, slipping a finger inside her. She felt like she was floating in a sea of pleasurable agony as she began to move the finger, still sucking on her clit while his free hand had gone back to stroking her nipples. Within minutes she was trembling, riding the waves of her climax.

Laxus watched his girlfriend in awe, amazed at how beautiful she looked as she came. He was throbbing with the need to feel her, but he wanted her first time to be amazing so he pushed the thoughts away, kissing every bare spot he could find while she came down from her high. He looked up to see her looking at him in adoration.

"I think there's something else that you need to be doing," She winked, looking adorable with her face still flushed.

He grinned, "Are you sure?"

She nodded, kissing him deeply while tugging his pants off. As soon as her small, cool hands wrapped around him he lost all thoughts of being gentle, his body begging him to take this delicate flower that was offering herself to him.

Lucy gasped as he entered her swiftly, tears pricking her eyes at the slight pain she felt. He looked down in concern, kissing her.

"Okay?" He whispered.

She nodded as her body adjusted to his size and he began to move. At first all she felt was more pain and she couldn't help but wonder why girls did this. Then the pleasure hit. What she had felt before was nothing compared to what she was feeling now and she pressed up higher, wrapping her legs around him to get him in deeper.

All sense of time and movement stopped for Lucy as wave after wave of agonizing pleasure filled her, stoking the flame that was building inside of her. She never noticed the bite marks he left when he bit down on her shoulder to keep from yelling out, nor did she notice the scratch marks she was trailing across his back as she screamed out her pleasure.

Finally it was too much and she cried out his name as she came around him.

Laxus found his own release in hers, moaning her name as he came inside her. Neither of them even thought about the fact that they had no protection. In the morning, that might be a sore point, but for tonight neither cared as she nestled into him, both of them too content and tired to speak.

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