A Love That Wants to Live

Chapter 28

Lucy woke up, feeling sore and content. It was the kind of sore you would feel when you've worked out and used muscles that you hadn't used in a while and she relished in it, rolling over to snuggle into Laxus. Only, when she rolled, she discovered that he wasn't there. She sat up, rubbing her eyes as she looked around for him. He wouldn't just leave, would he? Not after last night. Fear froze in the pit of her stomach. Of course he would. It was well known that Laxus was a playboy. Now he'd gotten what he'd wanted from her, why would he stay? She mentally kicked herself for being so foolish. Loke had warned her this would happen, but she'd been to blind to see it.

She was still cursing herself when she got up and gathered her clothes to shower. She paused, however, when she noticed a black t-shirt with a note pinned to it. Dropping her things from her arms she walked over and cautiously picked up the letter.


If I know you, which I would say I do after last night ;) , You're probably panicking right now and thinking that I used you or something crazy like that. Don't panic. Take a shower - hot one, it'll help relax your muscles, which are probably sore after last night - and then come meet me at the guild. Sorry I left without waking you, but you looked so cute sleeping. I have a surprise for you.

Oh, and bring me my shirt back, please. I left it here for assurance, but, you know, my shirt. Would like it back.




Lucy grinned, giggling a little at the crossed out "Love" that he had written. She felt much better now that she knew he hadn't run out on her and she hoped into the shower with a grin.

Laxus paced the guild, restless and nervous as he waited for his girlfriend. He had planned to take her out for breakfast, somewhere nice, and then discuss last night with her. He wasn't sure which part of his plan made him more nervous but he couldn't sit still. His team members watched him in concern while he could hear Mira giggling like mad from behind the bar.

"What is so damn funny?" He finally yelled at her, turning to glare at her.

Her laughter only increased as she served Gajeel another beer.

"You are," She answered. "I've never seen you get this worked up over a girl."

He rolled his eyes, "I don't know what you're talking up."

"Sure, sure," She teased, grinning knowingly at him.

Laxus growled and turned away before she could see the blush he felt spreading across his cheeks. Okay, so maybe he was a little worked up, but he couldn't help. Even after last night, especially after last night, Laxus still craved her touch. He berated himself for not staying there, but he woken up and panicked a little at seeing the blonde snuggled in his arms. That didn't happen, he didn't stay the night. Ever. If he ever dated a girl he usually dropped her as soon as he'd done what he wanted. With Lucy, though, it was different. He wanted to continue being with her, to see her face scrunch when she thought, see that wild, sexy side that he was sure no one else had seen before, he wanted to continue hearing those sexy little moans - he shook his head to clear himself of those thoughts before the guild noticed.

Lucy hummed to herself as she walked to the place she considered her second home. After the finding the note she hadn't been able to contain her joy and would often burst into song while she was bathing. She settled for a hum as she walked, not wanting to scare the people around her.

"Lucy!" She turned, still grinning when she saw Natsu running toward her.

She stopped and waited patiently for him to catch up, still humming softly.

"On your way to the guild?" He asked, catching up and falling in step with her.

Her grin brightened, "Yep."

He narrowed his eyes, "Going to see Laxus, I take it."

She nodded, still smiling.

"Yep," She said, popping the 'p'.

He shook his head, laughing at her expression.

"You really got it for him, don't you?" He teased.

She smiled, "Yep."

His eyes narrowed after a moment, looking at her in concern.

"Hey, Luce," He said hesitantly after a moment, "Why do you smell like Laxus?"

She blushed brightly, staring down at the shirt she had been holding tightly to her. There was no way she was going to tell Natsu what had happened between her and Laxus last night. She still wasn't sure if she was going to tell Levy, so she definitely wasn't going to tell Natsu. She held out the shirt to him, smiling.

"Laxus forgot his shirt at my place, so I'm returning it to him. That's probably what you smell," She answered.

He nodded, "Must be."

As they reached the doors he stopped again.

"Why was Laxus shirtless?" He asked, looking at her in suspicion.

Lucy blushed and pushed the doors open, thankful that Lisanna was there waiting.

"Hey, Lisanna," She grinned at her friend before waving at Natsu. "Bye, Natsu."

Laxus watched as he girlfriend practically fled from her friends toward him and couldn't help but wonder what Natsu had said to her that had made her face turn so red. She spotted him then and hurried toward him, holding his shirt out to him.

"I think you left this at my place," She winked, as he took it from her.

He grinned, "Quite probably."

She laughed, then turned serious as he stood, taking her arm.

"Why does Natsu think I smell like you?" She asked as he led her out of the guild.

He grinned, "Oh, that's just a little Dragon Slayer thing. He's too dense to realize it, but after you've mated with someone, you tend to smell like each other. It only goes away if you stop for a long period of time."

As if to prove his point Gajeel started chuckling from the corner, causing them both to glare at him as Levy looked at him in confusion.

"What's so funny?" The blunette asked as they walked by.

"I'll let Lucy tell you, Shrimp. She would probably hate me if I gave away her secrets," He winked at the couple while Levy looked between the three in confusion.

Lucy blushed at Gajeel's insinuation and allowed Laxus to hurry her out of the guild before Wendy showed up. There was no way she was going to be able to explain it to the Sky Dragon Slayer if she couldn't even explain it to Natsu.

"Where are we going?" She finally managed to ask, looking up at Laxus in confusion.

"I'm taking you out for breakfast," He announced.

"What's wrong with eating at the guild?" She demanded as they reached their destination.

He hesitated before answering, "There are some things that I would like to talk to you about that I thought maybe you would prefer if the guild didn't overhear."

Lucy's blush brightened, realizing that he probably wanted to talk to her about last night. She was thankful that he'd had the foresight to ask her to eat where the guild, especially Mira, couldn't overhear them talking. Sitting down in the first booth that was available she picked up the menu offered to her and buried her face in it.

Laxus chuckled as he sat across from her and she peered at him from over the menu.

"What's so funny?" She demanded.

"You are," He answered. "You're so cute when you're embarrassed."

"I don't know what you're talking about," She muttered, setting the menu down and peering at it. "I'm just trying to decide what to eat. Never been here before."

He laughed again, "Sure, Lucy. I just don't know how you can be embarrassed after the things we did to each other last night."

Laxus didn't think it was possible, but Lucy's blush deepened as she recalled last night. Deciding that he really liked it when she was blushing he continued on.

"You're lucky that I had an extra shirt. Could you imagine what would happen if the guild saw what a mess you made of my back?"

Lucy looked up, her eyes widening.

"I'm so sorry," She answered.

"I liked it," He winked, before pointing to her. "Besides, you didn't go entirely unscathed either."

She looked down and noticed the hickey for the first time.

"Oh no," She moaned. "Mira and Cana are never going to let this go."

He laughed again as the waitress came to take their order.

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