A Love That Wants to Live

Chapter 29

Back at the guild Mira was definitely not letting it go as she leaned toward Cana.

"Did you see it?" She whispered as Kinana took over for the take over mage.

"See what?" Cana asked, sounding bored as she lifted her mug to her lips.

"Lucy's hickey," Mira hissed.

Cana nearly choked on her booze, setting the mug down for the first time since she entered the guild and leaning forward with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"Lucy has a hickey?" She demanded. "Who from?"

Mira rolled her eyes, "Haven't you been paying attention to anything. She's dating Laxus, I doubt anyone else would be giving her a hickey."

Cana laughed at that, "If she has a hickey, I wonder what else she has... or should I say doesn't have."

Mira grinned evilly at the card mage, "We must make her tell us when they get back."

"Who's telling you what?" Erza asked as she set her cake down next to the counter.

"Lucy has a hickey," Cana hissed.

Erza froze, a bite of cake half-way between the plate and her lips, and turned toward the drunk.

"Lucy has what?"

Lucy shivered violently and suddenly she dreaded going back to the guild. Without a doubt the girls she spent so much time with would demand answers. Answers she wasn't sure she could give or would even want to. She finished her food slowly, hoping to delay their return for as long as possible. Laxus chuckled before leaning toward her.

"You really don't want to go back there, do you?" He teased, his eyes dancing with the thought of her having to face her friends.

She shivered before smiling, "Well, can you imagine what they're going to be like? Especially if Cana opens her mouth and tells Erza?"

Laxus shivered at that, thinking of what she would be like if Erza found out that Laxus and Lucy had been intimate with each other. He knew the red-head well enough to know that if she knew anything that had happened last night he was going to be facing the end of a sword soon.

"Actually, maybe we should wait a little longer to go," He said as they headed for the door after he paid.

Lucy shook her head, "Nu-huh, Laxus Dreyer. Sooner or later they're all going to figure out that we've reached a new stage in our relationship. Might as well face them now."

Laxus shivered again, pulling Lucy closer to him.

"Maybe we should just go away," He replied.

He would never admit it but Erza scared him more than any other girl in the guild. Mira could be spooky sometimes, but Erza was downright terrifying when she was angry. He didn't even want to think what she would be like when she found out the truth. Another thought occurred to them when they were half-way to the guild.

"Gramps," He whispered, coming to a complete halt.

Lucy turned toward him, her brows furrowed.

"What's wrong?"

He looked at her, his face going pale, "When Gramps finds out..."

"I thought he was okay with you sleeping with other girls," She asked, looking at him in concern.

"Other girls, yes. Guild mates, not so much," Laxus hesitated. "And Lucy? We never used protection."

Lucy paled at his words. She had been so engrossed in the moment and the pleasure she hadn't even thought of that. She lowered her head, staring at her feet. A million thoughts and what ifs flashed through her mind in an instant before she looked up at him, forcing a smile across her face.

"Well, we'll just have to be more careful in the future," She said, sounding cheerful.

He looked at her in surprise before nodding.


"Exactly, one time won't hurt, right?"

Laxus nodded, but had a sinking feeling in his stomach as he agreed with the blonde.

She took his hand and pulled him toward the guild, pushing down her fears at what she had forgotten and trying to imagine what it was going to be like back at the guild hall. She really had no clue what was in store for the lovers when they got back.

"Laxus Dreyer, I must talk to you," Erza yelled the moment they walked in.

Laxus shot Lucy a fearful look as Erza grabbed his arm and dragged him away from the Celestial Spirit Mage. She shot him an apologetic look before he was pulled out of her sight and down a hallway.

"Is it true?" Erza demanded the moment they were alone.

Laxus shrugged, pretending a calm that he did not feel, "That depends on what it is."

Erza glared, her sword instantly coming up to his throat.

"Don't play games with me, Laxus. Did you take Lucy's virtue?" She demanded, an angry glint in her eyes.

"Yes," He stated flatly. "She wanted me to, so I did."

She lowered the sword an inch, "You were good to her, I trust?"

Laxus nodded without going into detail.

"If I find out you weren't -"

"I promise, Lucy had no complaints."

"Good. And if you hurt her, I will kill you, Gramps or no."

"I'm sure there will be a lot of people after me if I do," He answered dryly, glaring at the red-head.

Erza nodded before walking away, leaving him slumped against the wall in relief.

Lucy sat at the barstool, wondering what Erza was saying to her boyfriend. She had a pretty good idea, but there was no way to be sure without spying on them, and, judging by the look in Cana and Mira's eyes, she wasn't going to be able to do that any time soon.

"Lucy," Mira called sweetly, too sweetly in Lucy's opinion. "Can we have a word with you, dear?'

Lucy shivered again as she forced herself to move over to where the two girls were sitting.

"Yes?" She asked tensely.

"We noticed you have a little mark on your neck," Cana teased, going straight to the point. "So we wanted to ask you -"

"How far did you get with Laxus?" Mira interrupted, her eyes sparkling.

Lucy gulped, knowing exactly what the white-haired mage was thinking about.

"I really don't think that's anyone's business," She stated, stalling.

"Wrong," Mira answered. "As your friends we are obligated to know what happened so that we can decide the proper amount of punishment when he decides to hurt you."

Lucy's heart sank, noticing how Mira had said when and not if. She wondered if she really was making a mistake being with the lightening dragon slayer, but quickly pushed it aside as she recalled his promised from last night and this morning. He wouldn't hurt her like that, not the Laxus that she was beginning to know.

"You mean if he decides to hurt me," Lucy corrected, feeling angry that everyone would just assume that he was out to break hearts.

Mira and Cana exchanged a look that Lucy couldn't interpret before agreeing with her. She sighed, knowing that they didn't really believe it and were just placating her. She also knew that the best way to escape this conversation was to get it over with as quickly as possible.

"Laxus and I had sex, okay?" She blurted softly, glaring at the girls.

"All right, Go Lucy!" Cana cheered, lifting her mug in celebration. "Was it good?"

Mira and her both leaned forward at that question, eager to know about the man that only Lucy had been able to conquer inside the guild.

Lucy blushed brightly, "It was excellent."

Mira and Cana squealed with excitement at her words, demanding for her to tell them all about it.

She sighed, "Look, can we all just get together at my house sometime. Levy still doesn't know yet and she'll want details, too."

The two nodded eagerly before Cana stood on the table, getting the attention of the entire guild, including Erza who was just entering the main room, Natsu and Lisanna who just walked in from outside, and Evergreen who pushed herself off Elfman's lap as soon as she noticed the mage.

"Girl's night at Lucy's house," Cana yelled. "TONIGHT!"

The girls cheered before Cana climbed off the table. Lucy was silently thankful that Wendy was gone on a mission, there was no way she was going to have that conversation with the young girl. If Mira and Cana thought she was old enough to know about it then they could explain it to her, but Lucy wasn't going to.

"Why's it gotta be a girl's night?" Natsu whined as he sat at the bar.

"Lucy has some things she needs to discuss that boys shouldn't be privy to hearing about," Mira winked while Lucy blushed.

Lisanna looked between her sister and her best friend, quickly putting two-and-two together and blushed just as hard.

"Whatever Lucy has to say she can say in front of me," He whined once more before Lisanna leaned over and whispered in his ear.

Lucy's blush deepened as Natsu's head whipped up, looking at Lucy in shock.

"So that's why you smell like Laxus," He blurted, loudly, causing more than a few heads to turn in their direction as Lisanna covered his mouth with her hand.

"Natsu, not here," She chided before grinning guiltily at Lucy. "Sorry, Luce. Sometimes I forget that his brain has no filter."

Lucy waved it off as Laxus appeared, sitting beside her.

Laxus had heard most of the conversation and he silently cursed the boy for his loud mouth. He was sure that most everyone in the guild had heard him and he wondered just when Gramps was going to call him into the office to have a little chat about the Spirit mage. He prayed that he would still have a little time to get his thoughts together as Lucy turned toward him.

"So I suppose you know that tonight I'm having a girl's night," She smiled.

He nodded, "I heard."

She blushed and he couldn't stop the smile from forming on his face. She was just so damn cute when she was blushing.

"Laxus, I think someone broke your face," Natsu teased. "You're smiling."

"Why does everyone keep saying that?" Laxus muttered, still smiling down at his girlfriend.

She shrugged, "I like it. The smile, that is."

His smile widened, "I'm glad."

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