A Love That Wants to Live

Chapter 3

Lucy watched the scenery go by, her trying to distract her mind from the man sitting across from her. She was so lost in thought that she didn't even notice when he woke up until he spoke.

"The scenery is that interesting huh?" He asked.

She turned to see him leaning forward, his headphones in his hands.

"Oh, I didn't realize you were awake," She said, a little startled.

He chuckled, "I expect not. Not with the way you were looking out that window."

She smiled, "I'm just used to a lot of noise when I'm in one of these that the silence was a little strange."

He nodded, "The Thunder Legion can be pretty loud at times, too. Especially when we have Bickslow along."

She laughed at that, "Yeah. I suspect having Bickslow around is a lot like having Natsu around."

"Definitely. Thankfully neither Freed or Ever are like Gray or else I would probably go crazy."

She chuckled at that, then fell silent as she realized that she was actually having a conversation with Laxus.

Oh wow. He's a lot easier to talk to than I thought, She thought to herself, enjoying watching as a smile lit up his features. I wonder how often he actually smiles like that. Normally when I see him, he's just a frowny face.

She laughed at the thought, causing Laxus to look at her in confusion.

"I was just thinking, I don't really see you smile a lot," She replied to his confused question.

He grunted, not knowing what to say to that.

Laxus had been watching his companion for some time. She seemed to be wrestling with some inner thought that caused her to sigh heavily at regular intervals. It was driving him a little crazy. Whenever Evergreen sighed like that she was annoyed with one of them and he wondered what he could possibly have done to annoy the blonde across from him.

"The scenery's that interesting, huh?" He finally asked, fiddling with headphones to keep from touching her.

She turned, startled and he knew she must have forgotten he was even there. Well, at least she wasn't annoyed with him then. They fell into easy conversation for awhile after that and he was impressed. He had expected that she would be like Gray and Natsu - all hype and no substance, or that she would be like Erza - too much substance and not enough play. Instead she seemed to be an easy mix of the two, though she leaned a little more on the serious side.

He was surprised when she pointed out that he never really seemed to smile. Thinking about it, he really didn't. Not that he didn't want to, when he was out with the Thunder Legion he smiled and laughed a lot. At the guild though, he usually shut down. He'd been doing it for so long that it didn't really register with him that even now he still did it.

He thought about this for a long while. He hadn't really even smiled when Lisanna had come back, he'd been too surprised. Happy to see the little Strauss, yes, but taken by utter surprise nonetheless.

He looked up when Lucy stood, stretching before grinning at him.

"Looks like you got lost in thought this time," She said with a wink that would have made just about any other man blush. "We're here."

He glanced around and realized she was. The train had stopped moving and people were slowly filing off it. He grinned back at her.

"We'll let's go meet this organizer and see if they'll hire our awesome duo," He teased as he led the way out of the carriage onto the blessed pavement once more.

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