A Love That Wants to Live

Chapter 30

Lucy sighed as she finished cleaning her apartment and sat beside Laxus, who had come over to help her clean, though really all he'd done was watch her fly about her apartment in amusement.

"What time's everyone supposed to be here?" He asked gently, noticing how exhausted she seemed.

Lucy glanced at her clock and moaned, "In an hour."

He chuckled and leaned toward her.

"That's plenty of time," He winked suggestively and burst into laughter as she blushed.

"Shut up, Laxus," She half-yelled. "That is not plenty of time, nor do I need to hear it when they come over and find you passed out in my bed."

He grinned, raising his hands in surrender.

"Alright," He teased, winking at her. "I'll go then."

Lucy grabbed his arm, "Don't leave yet. Just stay with me."

He nodded and the two cuddled on her couch for a while, Laxus watching as Lucy drifted to sleep in his arms. He sighed, wishing they weren't having a girls' night tonight. He would send them all away if it were up to him, but he knew that would make Lucy mad, so fifteen minutes before the girls were supposed to arrive he gently shook her awake.

She shifted, rubbing her eyes sleepily and he smiled softly at her. She hummed not really wanting to move from the warmth of his arms and he chuckled.

"Come on, love, I know you don't want to but Mira and the rest will be here soon," He whispered, kissing her cheek.

She smiled, "Can't we just lock the doors and pretend no one's home?"

He shook his head, "Unfortunately, that wouldn't work."

Lucy sighed as the doorbell rang.

"Here, I'll get that, you get up and prepare yourself for an onslaught of girls," He teased, kissing her. "I'll see you later."

Lucy kissed him back, wishing that he could stay with her for what was sure to be an interrogation. He smiled as he opened the door just as Mira was about to knock. Both mages blinked in surprise before Mira's face split into a knowing grin.

"Take it easy on her," Laxus whispered as he slid past her, disappearing down the hall.

"Hey Lucy," Mira said as she slipped inside.

Lucy smiled at the girl, looking behind her for the others.

"No one else here yet?" The blonde asked her friend.

Mira shook her head, "I left a little early, figuring maybe you would need a forewarning that the others are on their way. It looks like you had it handled pretty well."

Lucy blushed, "Yeah, I guess so."

Mira chuckled as Lucy's doorbell rang.

"That would be the others," Mira grinned, running down to answer the door.

Soon Lucy's house was brimming with girls, all of them gathered in her living room and staring up at her expectantly. Lucy blushed bright red as Cana jumped straight to the point.

"So tell us," Cana demanded.

"I'm still confused as to what it is we're being told," Levy said, sitting beside her best friend.

Cana quirked an eyebrow at Lucy, as if asking her if she wanted to answer this one.

Lucy sighed and looked over at the girls, silently thanking the stars that they were all close to her. Levy, Cana, and Mira sat on her bed with her while Juvia, Evergreen, and Lisanna sat on the couch. Erza had claimed a spot on the floor while Bisca, the only other girl in attendance, sprawled in the chair that Gray normally occupied.

"I slept with Laxus," Lucy whispered, so soft that at first the girls thought they must have misheard her, but, upon studying her face, decided that they had heard correctly.

Suddenly, Lucy's room was filled with noise as they all began talking at once, demanding answers to their questions. Only the three who already knew, and Lucy, were silent. Finally, Lucy raised her hands in a calming gesture, causing them to all fall silent.

"I think it would be best if we did this one question at a time," Lucy finally managed. "Maybe starting with Levy and working our way around the room so each of you can ask whichever question is burning the most."

The others nodded, agreeing it was as good a plan as any.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Levy demanded without hesitation, wondering why her best friend had told Cana and Mira but not her.

"I was going to, but then Cana and Mira saw this," She pointed to her hickey, blushing. "And they began asking questions, so I decided to call a girls' night and just get it all out in the open at once."

Levy nodded, satisfied now that she knew she wasn't losing her best friend.

"When?" Evergreen demanded. "Because I know it wasn't while we were working."

Lucy's face turned brighter, "Last night. After we got back from the job I just decided that if I was going to lose my virginity I would rather it be with Laxus than some creep in a cave who thought he could own me."

The other's gaped for a moment before realizing that she had to have been talking about when she was kidnapped. Wisely, they shut their mouths and allowed Juvia the next question.

"So Lucy does not love Gray-Sama?"

The girls laughed at Juvia's obviousness as Lucy shook her head.

"No, Never have, Juvia."

The water mage broke into one of her rare smiles, "Juvia is glad. I really like you, Lucy, and I didn't want to be competing with you for Gray-Sama's love."

Lisanna smiled, "So he was your first then?"

Lucy nodded, blushing as the girls all broke into squeals once more.

Erza looked at her in all seriousness, an evil glint in her eyes as she asked, "And he was good to you?"

Lucy nodded again, swallowing, "Yes. He was gentle and attentive and sweet."

The girls all let out a collective sigh of relief as Erza nodded, relaxing.


Bisca winked at her, "I think I get to ask the question we all really want to know."

Lucy looked at her blankly, "What's that?"

"Was it good?"

Lucy's face turned redder than ever before as she nodded, "Yeah."

"Do you love him?" Cana demanded, causing the other girls to gape at her. "What? If she loves him then we have to kill him if he ever breaks her heart."

"Yes," Lucy whispered so softy that if the room hadn't been silent no one would have heard her.

"Did he hurt you?" Mira demanded, an evil glint in her eyes as she imagined how rough Laxus could be. "If he hurt you, we'll have to kill him."

Erza nodded, requipping into her armor and grabbing her sword, "Yes, Lucy, you must tell us. I swear I will not let him hurt you and get away with it."

Lucy looked around the room, surprised. Bisca had one of her guns out and was cleaning it while Mira was half in her Satan Soul and Cana flashed her cards out on the bed. Levy was writing something out that Lucy was too afraid to ask and Juvia seemed to have turned into the rain woman once more while Evergreen had that glint in her eyes while she fixed her glasses. Lucy looked at Lisanna for help, thinking she was remaining calm until she notice the claws where her hands were only moments ago.

Lucy thought hard about what to say, knowing that there was pain when they first started, but also knowing that if she lead with that the girls would be out of here and hunting for her boyfriend before she could get another word out.

"No," She replied softly. "And yes."

The girls looked at her in confusion.

"There was pain, at first, because there is pain when these things start, but he was very gentle and kind about it. Afterwards there was only pleasure."

Bisca nodded in understanding, putting her gun away.

"What about that mark on your neck?" Lisanna demanded.

Lucy blushed, retorting with, "You should see his back."

The rest of the girls relaxed at that, each a different shade of pink at the thought of what Lucy must have done to say those particular words. The rest of the night went swiftly by as the subject turned from Lucy's first time to the other girls' boyfriends to boys in general. Each one got a good amount of teasing over the boy she liked. The only real surprises that were earned were when Cana confessed that she was still a virgin , and Mira confessed to liking Freed, which immediately had Lucy and Evergreen discussing the best way to set up the Take-Over and Rune mages.

Back at the guild, Laxus sat, wondering what exactly was going on at Lucy's house that was causing him to get chills. He drank his beer in silence as he contemplated it, trying to ignore the glances he was getting from around the guild. Part of him was curious about those looks of pity, but a larger part was still too busy contemplating what the women were discussing when he heard his name shouted from his Grandfather's office.

He sighed and strode toward the room, trying to quell the fear that was gathering inside him as he pushed open the door.

"Is it true?" The old man demanded as Laxus shut the door and sat down across from his grandfather.

"Is what true?" He asked, forcing his face into a blank mask that belied the fear he felt inside.

"You slept with Lucy?" Makarov demanded, glowering at Laxus. "After I told you that you were to keep your sex life separate from our guild?"

Laxus sighed, running a hand through his hair. He'd always wondered if one day his playboy attitude would come back to bite him in the ass. It seemed that day had come.

"Yes," The boy said simply, deciding not to try to complicate the matter by making excuses. "I did."

Makarov glowered at his grandson, "And what do you have to say about it?"

Laxus shrugged, "It was enjoyable. I plan to keep doing it in the future. In fact, I don't plan on stopping - ever."

It was as close to admitting that he was in love with the busty blonde as he was willing to get. Apparently it was enough because Makarov blinked in surprise, uncrossing his arms as his glare softened.

"You plan on staying with her?" He asked, kindly.

Laxus nodded, "Forever if I can."

That seemed to be the answer the Master was hoping for because he dismissed Laxus after warning the boy to take care of Lucy because if he didn't then the guild would probably try to hunt him down, Master's Grandson or not. Laxus left the office feeling confused and relieved at the same time.

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