A Love That Wants to Live


Lucy sighed as she put her earrings in, looking up as two small children came careening into the room, the girl had cake smeared on her face and in her hair while the boy was racing after her, holding his own little piece of cake. Both had blonde hair, but while the boy's stuck up wildly in every direction the little girl's was smooth and straight. They both also inherited Laxus's storm blue eyes, though in appearance the little girl looked almost identical to her mother while the little boy resembled his father.

"Mommy, mommy, Lula tried to eat the cake," The little boy cried while the little girl gave him a scowl reminiscent of her father's scowl.

Lucy sighed once more, thankful she hadn't dressed yet as she picked up the two children, scooping one in each arm.

"Lula, did you try to eat the cake?" She asked the girl.

She shook her head, "No."

"Did, too."

"You tried eating it, too, Lashie," Lula announce angrily as she was set in the bathtub.

"Momma, he did," She whined as her brother was plopped in next to her.

Lucy smiled at the two, "I'm sure you both thought eating the cake sounded wonderful. I think you're Aunt Erza has been teaching you bad habits."

The two pouted as their mother scrubbed their hair and arms, thankful that she hadn't dressed them yet either.

"Now, can you two behave while mommy finishes dressing or should we have daddy come in and watch you two," She threatened.

"We'll behave mommy, but why do we have to get all dressed up for?" Lula asked, watching as her mother slipped on a bright yellow dress that shimmered.

Secretly, Lula hoped she was as pretty as her mom one day. She idolized Lucy and was delighted whenever she was allowed to handle the keys that her mother carried, ones that unlocked a world in which people popped out and played with her.

Lashie - which was Lula speak for Laxus, Jr. - adored his father, and hoped that when he grew into his magic it was as cool as his father's.

Lucy smiled at the twins as she turned to dress them.

"Because your Aunt Levy and Uncle Gajeel are finally getting married," She teased, causing them to cheer.

They adored their Aunt Levy, who always had stories to tell them. Uncle Gajeel still scared them a little, but they knew he was really a big softie under his scowls and angry demeanor.

Lucy grinned as she dressed them, recalling her own wedding day. She had been so nervous that something would go wrong after all the planning the girls had put into it. Levy, Erza, Evergreen, and Juvia were beautiful in their dresses of sky blue that fell to each girl's knees.

Down the hall the groomsmen - Freed, Natsu, Bickslow, and Gray -had waited impatiently and Lucy didn't even want to think of how impatient Laxus was. She had grinned as she watched the pairs walk down the aisle. It had taken a lot of arguing to convince Evergreen and Bickslow to walk together, but finally they relented when they realized that Juvia would not give up walking with Gray for the world and Erza was the only one who could keep Natsu in line. Obviously, Freed and Levy would have to walk together, being the best man and maid of honor.

Finally it was Lucy's turn. Her dress swirled around her in giant layers of lace and silk adorned with blue sapphires that trailed from the top right of her dress to the bottom left of her waist, creating little stars that Virgo had spent hours creating. She smiled at Makarov, who walked her down the aisle in place of the father that had died before he could see his daughter wed.

Laxus had stood at the head of the alter, dressed in a white tux that looked amazing on him. He had watched her with an intensity that she had come to realize was his nerves. She shot him a brilliant smile in hopes that it would calm him and it had seemed to do the trick, he smiled back.

"Momma," Lula's voice dragged her out of her thoughts as the four year old stared at her mother in concern.

Lucy smiled down at her, finishing the braid she was putting in her hair.

"Yes dear?"

"Am I going to get married?"

Lucy grinned as she lifted the little girl in her arms, Laxus Jr. following behind them as they headed outside where Laxus waited.

"One day, you might."

She grinned, "I want to married Nashie then."

Lucy's heart clenched. Nashie was Lisanna and Natsu's oldest son, two years older than the twins and just as carefree and destructive as his father, complete with pink hair to match.

"Well, maybe one day," She replied.

Laxus looked up as he picked up his son.

"No way is my little girl marrying that idiot's son," He growled.

Lucy gave him a stern look over the twins' heads.

"Lula can marry whomever she wants Laxus, just as I did."

Laxus smiled, kissing her on the forehead, "For which we are all grateful."

The twins cheered in agreement, causing their mother to smile down at them once more, her heart melting at the sight of her family.

Lucy couldn't have asked for a happier ending.

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