A Love That Wants to Live

Chapter 5

Laxus stood on one side of the arena they had roped off for this 'event', his arms folded across his chest, eyes closed while his headphones pumped AC/DC into his ears. The two mages had discussed this fight at great length, though both of them knew that you couldn't control a fight. On the other side, Lucy was fidgeting with her keys. The had discussed her using the Urano Metria to finish the fight but agreed that it would be a last resort if the fight got too out of hand, given the damage it could inflict on an opponent.

Surprisingly Laxus had been for it, pointing out that it was a brilliant spell that she could easily cast if Gemini took her form and helped her with it. Lucy had strongly disagreed, refusing to even consider it until he pointed out that in the heat of battle, sometimes things got out of hand and she might need to use it in order to win. She had reluctantly agreed after that, setting her Gemini key in a different part of her pouch so that the twins could be on reserve in case they were needed.

Now the two mages stood, facing each other as the organizer announced their names and the type of entertainment they had come up with. Most of the people ignored it, continuing on with their discussions and auctions. Lucy had no idea why they would call it a ball when no dancing was involved, but didn't have the time or inclination to question it as Laxus's eyes flared open.

That was all the signal that Lucy needed to show that the battle had began. She pulled out her keys, quickly summoning Aries and Virgo in a duo attack that Laxus easily blocked and countered. If this had been a real fight she would have groan in frustration at how easily the two had been defeated. She was thankful she'd had the foresight to call all of her spirits and inform them of what was going on. The only spirit who had opted to sit out was Aquarius, which Lucy had excepted, giving that there was no water in the area she could really summon the mermaid from.

As the fight progressed, people began to actually gather around and watch, though neither mage noticed, too intent on the battle before them.

Laxus kept an eye on Lucy as he battled each of her spirits, making sure she wasn't wearing out too quickly. Around the fifth spirit she summoned he had to stop paying attention to her and focus on the spirits, he just hoped that she would know when to finish it because the spirits were too strong for him to pay only half his attention to. He grinned when she finally summoned Loke. This was it, the big challenge he was looking forward to.

Lucy watched the fight, horror-struck. She knew that Laxus and Loke had been itching to fight each other, now that Loke was back to normal, but she had no idea how bad until the faced each other. She swore it was like an explosion each time their attacks connected. Loke's hit might connect, but in the meantime Laxus was sweeping his feet out from under him.

While she watched, Lucy realized something. Both guys were usually little magic, it was a brawl that would put Natsu and Gray to shame. It almost seemed like the two were fighting over something they considered too important for magic.

Laxus grinned, wiping his lip where Loke's fist had split it open, "You do realize that this is for show right?'

Loke's eyes narrowed as he pushed his glasses up, "Maybe that's what it started out as, but you and I know better. No way I'm giving up until you give up on your hair-brained scheme."

"Which one?" Laxus grunted as he swung at Loke, his fist connecting with Loke's nose.

"The one to take Lucy from me," Loke answered, counter attacking.

Laxus rolled his eyes, "Lucy isn't yours. She's not anyone's... yet."

Loke snarled and actually used his Regulus Impact on Laxus, punching him in the stomach. Laxus growled, his lightening growing as he doubled over in pain. He eyed Loke as the spirit approached him before finally pulling on his magic, calling on his dragon slayer magic as he used the Lightning Dragon's Breakdown Fist, sending Loke hurling backwards.

Lucy watched the fight, annoyed with the both of them. This was supposed to be a show. Not a real fight. She watched as Loke crumpled to the ground, Laxus standing over him until Lucy sent him home. Now she was angry, Laxus had promised her that he would allow Loke the win, but here he was, claiming the victory. She grinned as she pulled out her Gemini key.

"Guess that makes it my turn," She stated as the twins came forth.

"Are you sure, Lucy?" They asked, looking her over.

She nodded, grinning at them, "We can't let people think that we're weaker than him can we?"

The shook their heads, combining to create yet another Lucy and she was relieved to see that they had managed to copy her into something more than a towel this time. She joined hands with her doppelganger, closed her eyes, and began to chant.

From across the field Laxus came back to himself, feeling guilt at defeating Loke after promising Lucy he wouldn't. The sheepish look he sent Lucy turned to one of fear as he realized what she was doing.

"Crap," He muttered, watching the stars align around her.

That was all he had time for before the spell hit him.

Lucy sank to her knees, feeling like Jell-O after that. She groaned as she realized she might have overdone it on the power, seeing Laxus passed out a few feet away. She was surprised when cheers erupted around her. She had forgotten about the people around her and she had just enough time to grin over at them before passing out herself.

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