A Love That Wants to Live

Chapter 8

Lucy sighed as she sat, once again, at the bar in Fairy Tail. Since returning from their job Laxus hadn't spoken to her once, barely even seemed to register her presence.

Looks like it's back to being invisible for me. She told herself, holding tightly to the bag she had brought in today.

She'd realized just yesterday she still had his coat, and, after washing it, had determined it was best to give it back. She honestly was surprised that he hadn't said anything to her about it yet since he seemed to always be wearing it. Part of her was hoping that he would be at the guild some time today so she could just hurry up and return it and get it done with. A smaller part was secretly hoping that he was on a mission now and wouldn't be back for a while so she could hold onto the one reminder she had of how sweet he really could be.

"Something on your mind, Lucy?" Mira asked, winking at her.

"Not really," Lucy answered, knowing that if she confided in Mira about her feelings then soon the whole guild would know.

Only Levy knew how she felt about Laxus, though Lucy suspected that Gray might have an idea as well, though the ice make mage had kept silent about it.

"Oh hey, Laxus," Mira said, pulling Lucy from her thoughts.

She looked up to notice the lightning wizard sitting next to her, studiously ignoring her presence. She sighed a little staring at the counter as Mira walked away.

Okay Lucy. This is it. Just give him the bag, thank him, and then go find someone else to talk to. You can do this. She added the last part in her thoughts as a jolt of anxiety shot through her.

"Hey, Lax," She said quietly.

He turned and looked at her in bewilderment.

"Did you just call me Lax?" He whispered.

She blushed a little, "Yea, I guess so."

He grinned quickly, before pulling his face back into the sneer he normally wore.

"What's up, Luce?"

She trembled as she held out the bag.

"It's your coat, I washed it and brought it back to you," She answered timidly.

She washed my coat?

Laxus studied the girl trembling before him and sighed.

"You don't have to be afraid of me, you know?" He teased.

"I know, I'm not."

He rolled his eyes, deciding that he wasn't going to have this conversation right now he took the bag from her.

"Thanks, I'd forgotten about lending it to you until the other day when I was trying to find it. That's actually the only reason I came over here was to ask if you could bring it back," He said, handing the bag back to her once he'd thrown his coat over his shoulders.

It smells like her, He almost grinned at the realization.

There was no way he was going to admit that he'd been hoping she wouldn't have the coat on her and they would have to walk back to her place together. He found that since their job he'd been hoping that they would have to work together again. He'd enjoyed working with her, as much, if not more, as he enjoyed working with his Thunder Legion.

Disappointment and irritation washed over Lucy.

'The only reason I came over here.' The words echoed around in her head for a while before she noticed Natsu striding toward her.

"Hey Natsu, what's up?" She asked, turning her back to the Lightening Dragon Slayer.

"Do you wanna go on a job, Luce?" He asked. "Lisanna and I picked one out and Gray's coming along too so I thought you could come with us and it would be fun."

Lucy looked back at Laxus who was listening to the conversation, though he kept his head looking toward his drink.

"Actually Natsu, that sounds lovely, but I already agreed to go on a job with Laxus," Lucy lied, praying that he would back her up.

Natsu looked disappointed, "Which job?"

"I was just going to pick one out actually," Lucy said gently. "Do you have any ideas?"

Natsu brightened a little, "Heck yes. There's a monster slaying one that I bet you guys would love and -"

"Maybe not monster slaying yet, after all Lax and I have only been on one job together," Lucy teased.

Laxus watched the pair walked toward the board with a groan.

What did I get myself into? He thought. Save a girl once and suddenly you're the scapegoat whenever she needs saving.

"Laxus," Elfman grinned as he sat down next to him. "Ever and I found a job we thought you and Mira could tag along for."

Not this again.

Evergreen and Elfman had finally announced their relationship after everyone else caught them in different acts of passion throughout Magnolia, but ever since then they had been trying to get Mira and Laxus together. Somehow they'd come up with the idea the two should be a couple.

He smiled a little when he realized that in reality Lucy and him were in the same boat. Both of them had friends who were blissfully happy and blissfully unaware that their friend had absolutely zero romantic interest in the person they were trying to set said friend up with.

"Sorry, Elfman, I can't. Lucy needs my help on a job and I already agreed to go with her," Laxus answered, silently grateful to the girl who he had only moments ago been slightly annoyed with.

"Isn't this the second job you've taken on with Lucy, Laxus?" Mira teased from behind him.


"So I think you like her," Mira grinned, her mind already whirling with the possibilities of the two becoming a couple.

"Shut up Mira," Laxus glared, before walking toward Lucy.

"You find a job yet?" He asked.

She grinned, "You don't have to come if you don't want to. Sorry I dragged you into that ... again."

He shrugged, "I'm game. If I don't go with you I'll have to tag along with Elfman and Evergreen."

They both made faces at that and then laughed before turning in the paperwork to Mira. Neither of them noticed the silence that fell as they left the hall together and neither of them heard the outburst of whispering after the doors closed behind them.

"Did Laxus laugh?" Cana demanded.

"Yeah, weird," Lisanna answered from her spot next to Natsu.

Mira just grinned, "Oh they are going to have the cutest babies."

"Chill Mira, they're not even dating yet," Elfman told his sister.

Everyone backed up at step when they saw that glint in Mira's eye.

"Oh they will be," She replied. "They will be."

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