The Baby Theory

Chapter 15: Epilogue

Warning: Contains explicit scenes.


It's been ten years since the "Baby Theory" incident. Saying that Annabeth and I had completely forgotten about that would be a total lie. Yes, our lives may have been occupied with quests, sudden disappearances, crappy luck, new prophecies, pissed Immortals, raging wars, interrupted dates and – ugh – school, but somehow Annabeth and I always managed to even think about what had happened years ago and with Luke even for a brief second.

Speaking of Luke, my mouth formed into a crazy grin. I stuffed my hand into my jeans pocket and pulled out the worn, crumpled letter from ten years ago.

Remember when Aphrodite wrote: 'you might get a present from me, your godly parents, and some generous Olympians out there in the future. We know you'll immediately love it when you'll have it.'?

Well, she was actually talking about Luke.

Yes, it was the same Luke: untamable jet black curly hair, gray-green eyes, and most of my physical structures. The only difference is that he's a complete human; no longer made of DNA samples and fluffy teddy bear.

Why, you ask?

Because he's my son – well, mine and Annabeth's – and this time, he was created physically and legally.

Ugh. Don't look at me like that. This is uncomfortable even for me.

Anyways, he's legally my son since Annabeth and I married two years ago. I know, I know, I still can't believe how I managed to live this long and proposed to my Wise Girl. And I still can't believe she actually said yes even though she's always been out of my league. Oh well, thank the gods for my once-in-a-lifetime-awesome luck.

Back to the main topic, our Luke had also been made out of pure love (please tell me you understand already so that I wouldn't have to explain this and give you 'The Talk'). So yeah, I guess that's all?

Oh, wait! I forgot to tell you that this Luke has Hera's blessing (under Aphrodite, Athena and Poseidon's pestering) and well, this totally makes him in the 'allowed-to-live-in-the-earth' zone.

I quietly closed the door behind me as I lightly tossed my keys on a coffee table nearby. I tried to walk quietly but alas, I was never made for complete stealth. I tripped because of the carpet and made a loud crashing noise as I fell down face-first. Great.So much for being quiet.

"Percy, is that you?" Annabeth called from the kitchen. I sighed as I made my way towards her.

I smiled when I saw Luke sitting on the high chair playing with his Finding Nemo stuffed toy that I bought; his empty bowl of baby food now completely forgotten. Annabeth's back was facing me since she was busy making our dinner. After sloppily kissing Luke on the forehead (and earned a loud laugh at that), I wrapped my arms around my wife and kissed her on the cheeks.

"Hey beautiful." I said, grinning widely.

"Yeah, yeah, welcome home. Now get off me so that I can finish this and we'll be able to eat dinner." Annabeth mumbled and I teasingly sucked the tender spot of her neck just to piss her off a bit.

"Percy." She warned.

I sighed in mock exasperation and finally released my hold on her waist. I wasn't angry when she told me to get off her; I already know that I can successfully distract her when I wanted to. The last time this happened was over a few months back.

I kind of kissed her the same way I did awhile ago, only that last time Annabeth had responded rather enthusiastically. So yeah, it led into a series of events that involved a bit of undressing and making embarrassing noises, and it was until Luke cried from upstairs that we scurried to fix ourselves.

We ended up ordering pizza instead after Annabeth finished feeding Luke. She accidentally sat on the dinner we were supposed to have during our passionate session on the kitchen counter. Since that, she forbade me to kiss her while she's cooking because 'I am very distracting'; well, unless I have enough money to take her out for an expensive dinner date.

Speaking of dinner dates, we hadn't had those since Luke was born. Hmm. Maybe I can ask one of our friends to babysit Luke for one night; after all, he's over 10 months old now and still very smart for his age. Not to mention he had said his first word two weeks ago.

Neither of us won the bet regarding his first word, by the way. Annabeth betted on the 'mama' word while I of course, betted on 'dada'. Sadly though, Luke's first word was 'Nemo'; yes, the same plush toy he currently possesses. Oh well.

Somewhere along my train of thoughts, Luke managed to get a hold of my phone on the table and started tapping on the screen. I quickly snatched it from his salivated fingers and handed his owl plush toy.

Now that Luke's busy smashing Nemo and Aw's (his pronunciation of 'owl') faces, I swiped my phone and made a quick text to our friends.

"Who're you texting?" Annabeth asked as she placed the large bowl of blue spaghetti on the table. Yes, it's blue, just like the rest of the food she makes. Go figure.

"A potential babysitter." I said as I placed my phone back to my pocket and filled a large serving of the food on my plate.

Her brows scrunched up together at my vague answer. "I don't think we need a babysitter, Seaweed Brain. What else would be the reason why I decided to become a stay-home architect-slash-mother?"

I smirked cockily. "Well, I haven't taken you out for a date in a long time now, have I? Don't worry, I just texted some of our friends who're willing and free on Friday night."

"Isn't that tomorrow?" She queried again after swallowing her spaghetti. "Wouldn't they be pissed at the short notice?"

"Don't worry, Wise Girl. I'm sure there'll be someone who'd agree since they love Luke after all."

Turns out, all of our friends are busy. In the end, I decided to just take them out for a family dinner. It's still considered a (semi) date right?

"Are you sure about this, Percy? We can just save the money for further use." Annabeth said skeptically as she bathed Luke inside our bedroom.

"Wise Girl, don't worry. My job pays well; actually, both of our jobs are. Besides, money isn't the issue here. I just wanted to take you guys somewhere nice for a change. And maybe take a quick visit to my dad or something like that."

As you all know, Annabeth's job is an architect. She works at a very famous company and holds a high position so her salary is naturally good. I, on the other hand, am a Marine Biologist who recently has been promoted. My pay increased and I actually think I can sustain my family with just my salary. But of course, I will never voice that out since Annabeth might kill me on the spot. That and I cannot get in the way of her dream which somehow came true.

The door of our bathroom creaked open and out came a dry Annabeth carrying Luke wrapped in a fluffy white towel.

"Okay, you somehow convinced me to go. But you better take us to a not-so-expensive place or else we'll switch positions for a week." By that, she meant I'll have to become a stay-home dad if I fail to do her condition.

"Yeah, sure. Wear a casual dress please? I haven't seen you wearing a dress for a long time now." Cue my signature pleading eyes and pout.

To my utter delight, she actually blushed and hurriedly left our room to Luke's after he sneezed. Even though we're already married, Annabeth and I still act like obnoxious teenagers flirting around. People sometimes get tired of us but who cares? It's just the way we are as a couple.

She came back after a few minutes with the blush still on her cheeks. I smirked at her and she in turn rolled her eyes. "Since you're all dressed up, watch Luke for a bit while I get ready."

I shrugged and stood up from sitting on the bed and grinned largely. She noticed and immediately shook her head while crossing her arms. "Oh no. Not now, Seaweed Brain. I'll never get ready at this rate."

Still grinning, I watched as her blush deepened right after I cornered her on the wall. "You look so cute and sexy right now I could eat you." I forced my voice to sound husky as I leaned over and whispered on her ear.

Annabeth stilled for a moment before finding herself again. To my surprise, she actually played along. She started running her fingers through my hair, then my scalp, to the back of my neck and settled on my long lost Achilles spot (all of which are my erogenous zones) and I bit my lip to prevent moaning.

"You know, if you somehow impress me with this semi-date, I'll reward you later tonight." She whispered and kissed my lips before gently pushing me away.

"Now go and take Luke downstairs while I change. And please prepare his stroller since I don't think I'll be carrying him all the time. Thanks, dear."

I couldn't find my voice at the moment so I opted on nodding my head instead.

We arrived at a restaurant located near the ocean (duh) with me pushing Luke's stroller with one hand and the other intertwined with my wife's –I'll never get tired of saying that. We actually looked like a normal 26 year old adults for once.

Thankfully, no monsters have attacked us yet. Over the years, we attract less and less monsters since our scents weaken every time we mature physically. Annabeth hadn't told me of a monster attacking her at our house yet which makes me a bit reassured; unless of course she kept it as a secret.

We sat nearest to the ocean and thanked the waiter for bringing us the menus and a high chair for Luke to sit down. Annabeth smiled when Luke laughed lightly and turned to me; her gray eyes sparkling with happiness.

"This place is really lovely, Percy. How did you find this?"

I smiled at her. "Well, I just heard this place from my officemate because he said the food and location's great. So I asked him the address and I actually planned to take you here someday, on a date, that is."

"And forget about Luke? What a good father you are." She laughed. Judging from her tone, she wasn't being reprimanding; she was just teasing. But despite that, I still blushed and started talking incessantly.

"I-It's not like I'm ditching Luke. I mean…I just wanted to, you know? Go on a date with you. We haven't had those since Luke arrived. Not that I'm complaining because I love my son and I love you and –"

"Honey, calm down, I was just teasing you. And don't worry because I totally get your point. I miss going out alone with you too."

Hearing Annabeth say those somehow calmed me down. I smiled sheepishly at her and finally looked over the menu. "So, is there anything good to eat?"

"I wouldn't say that aloud, if I were you. And to answer your question, I don't know since they all sound delicious; not to mention they're all at an affordable price."

"Okay, let's just try something that sounds a bit fancy."

"No seafood?"

"No seafood."

We ended up ordering steaks instead since most of their specialties involve seafood. Annabeth knows how I feel about eating my father's people (fishes?) so she politely asked the waiter if they had any meat courses after she noticed me turning pale.

For Luke, gods bless his stomach capacity, Annabeth ordered mashed potatoes. I know, weird right? But Annabeth often told me that our firstborn apparently inherited my bottomless pit and my ability to digest anything that's considered as food, so she said he's good to go.

I didn't want to argue with my wife since she'll win anyways, so I opted on keeping my doubts to myself. And knowing that she's the daughter of the goddess of wisdom, I suppose she knows a lot of stuff regarding Luke than I do (just like everything else).

Dinner went fine. We talked about random things, then play with Luke for a bit and just do a bit of PDA. But that was quite short-lived since whenever we kiss, couples/families from neighboring tables would either snort or clear their throats rather loudly while some kids even yell 'cooties' and the like.

Embarrassed, I pulled Annabeth and Luke towards a secluded spot on the restaurant's dock. There, I kissed Annabeth properly with Luke beside us (in his stroller, of course) laughing loudly in that high-pitched baby voice of his.

Again, gods bless our baby's inherited super intelligence for he stayed quiet and closed his eyes when our kisses started becoming intense.

It went on for a bit until we had to part in order to breathe. It was right then and there that we remembered Luke was still with us. I flushed when I realized I was acting like a bad father who apparently forgot that his own son was there in favor of making out passionately with his wife. I was a bit glad though when Annabeth thought the same.

Luke managed to fall asleep because our passionate make-out session lasted for a long while. Annabeth crouched down and kissed his forehead tenderly as a form of a silent apology.

We got a bit of trouble on the way home since an empousai suddenly appeared behind a bush. I honestly got a bit turned on when Annabeth went and killed the monster herself. Hey, don't blame me; it has been a long time since I last saw her fighting.

Oh gods, she looks totally hot right now with her dress skirt swaying from the momentum, strands of hair flying all over in a sexy manner and silvery gray eyes that seem to glint dangerously at the enemy.

I sound pretty much perverted right now, I know. Gods, what is up with me being kinky today?

After the empousai turned to dust, Annabeth spun with a smile on her face. "Gods, that actually felt good. I haven't had that much action save for the occasional monster visits at our house!"

My jaw dropped. "W-What?"

She actually had the decency to blush. "Oops, sorry love. I didn't want to worry you so I kept it for myself. Besides, monsters rarely come at our house and they're mostly those ones that I can handle all by myself so I guess it’s okay for me."

I just sighed as I quickly latched her hand in mine. "Its fine, I guess. I mean, I haven't exactly told you that I sometimes get attacked as well."

To my utter surprise, Annabeth hadn't started going on a lecture about how I should be careful at all times and whatnot. I supposed she got over that considering I normally never listen to her worried rants and same goes with me to her.

We went inside the car in a comfortable silence and listened on the radio as we rode all the way back home. Annabeth occasionally checks on the sleeping Luke at the backseat and then settles her head on my shoulder as she hums along the music.

I don't know how it happened but as soon as Annabeth returned from settling Luke in his bedroom, I found myself placing my lips firmly on hers and my hands fumbling on the back zipper of her white sundress. Her hands started unbuttoning my shirt and she lightly squealed when I gripped her legs on my waist and carried her to the bed.

Our tongues started battling for dominance as I finally slipped my wife off of her dress. I pulled out for a bit in favor of discarding my shirt and went back on kissing her in full force. Annabeth ran her hands all over my torso until it lingered by the belt in my pants.

I just wanted to get rid of the thing that's keeping my hardened manhood away, so I helped her unbuckle it as I switched to trailing kisses on her neck and giving her hickeys.

Now dressed only in our underwear, I paused for a bit to stare at Annabeth; pleased to know that I'm not the only one getting aroused. I focused my lust-filled eyes on her darkened ones.

"Luke's getting lonely by himself. Why don't we give him a sibling?" I asked as I started kissing her back on the lips again, my tongue dancing around to ask for entrance.

Annabeth struggled to reply since I was practically swallowing her mouth so she tugged on the tip of my hair and parted when I let out a low growl.

"Not yet. We are not giving him a sibling at his age. Let's wait until he's a few years old, darling." (She only calls me that when in arousal.)

I know for a fact that Annabeth wanted to wait for a few years until becoming pregnant again. She told me that while she embraces motherhood openly, the thought of redoing the whole stressful pregnancy ordeal gives little appeal to her. Plus, she said, she's perfectly content with Luke at moment because she finds just enough time to do her job.

But despite knowing all these, I still wanted to do it right now. She knows that I love kids and that I wanted to have as many as we could afford and it honestly saddens me a little. It must've been evident in my eyes since her expression softened.

"I'm sorry, darling. I promise we'll have as many as you want as long as we can afford it, just not right now. But we can still do this, you know, just…put on protection. If it makes you feel better, we could even do this as often as you wish."

My partner clearly fought off her pride as she made this deal since she's actually letting me control for once. Annabeth rarely lets me in control because of her hubris, but when she does, she's considerate enough to throw her plans and keeps the judgments to herself.

I grinned despite the heavy atmosphere minutes ago and kissed her fully on the lips again. "Consider it done."

We spent the next hours doing a couple of love-making rounds without being disturbed by Luke once.

In the end, Annabeth was right (again). We have three wonderful children: two sons and a daughter who all had their mother's smarts (unfortunately for me). Luke Perseus, the eldest, with his messy curly black hair, gray-green eyes and half of mine and Annabeth's personalities.

Charles Aaron is our second son with blond hair and green eyes who apparently is a mini me in terms of personality but still manages to be at the top of his class. And lastly, there's my youngest daughter, Silena Zoe, with her straight dark hair, gray eyes and more of her mother's personality.

My family's probably the best right thing that has ever happened in my demigod life. I actually couldn't have done this without a certain goddess of love meddling with my love affair when I was a teen and her experimental-slash-proven Baby Theory.

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