The Baby Theory

Ch 2: The Devious Plan

It had been hours –or was it days? Honestly, being immortal made time so confusing for Aphrodite – since she locked herself in her pink room. She was still pissed on the fact that Percabeth (the name she created for the pair) hasn't dated yet.

She glanced back again at magically-repaired mirror and sighed. The strings were still unconnected. Now, many people would think that being a Love Goddess is a fun job but in actuality, things just aren't that simple.

Of course, Aphrodite had tried meddling directly on the strings at a certain mortal couple-to-be a thousand years ago and immediately she found out that it was a really bad move.

As soon as she held the two black strings in her hands, it burned and disintegrated before her therefore doing the same to the poor mortals. She stood in shock after the discovery and vowed to never interfere with the strings personally; her way of honoring the lives of the mortals she meddled with.

Aphrodite stood and decided to leave in favor of getting a bit of fresh air. She gazed sadly once at the white door of the adjacent Matchmaking Room and finally left.

As the blonde goddess walked through the newly constructed hallways, she noticed that the door of Hera's temple was slightly ajar. She cautiously took a peek inside and saw that the Queen of the gods was doing her 'fertility' thing to a mortal couple projected on the mist.

"Since you've done me many great sacrifices and offerings, I will bless you with a child." Hera mumbled to herself, but since the room was large and spacious it created an echo therefore intensifying her voice.

Suddenly an idea popped into Aphrodite's head like a switched light bulb, whatever that is.

"With this, I shall create a life form." The Queen raised a laurel with mortal hairs (Yuck, thought Aphrodite) and spoke an ancient incantation.

Aphrodite had no idea why but she made sure to memorize the incantation while she watched as the hairs on the laurel glowed and formed a life. Literally.

She pressed herself hard on the marbled columns to get a good view as Hera wrapped the disgusting-looking life form in the laurel and magically sent it through the mist. When the whole glowing ceased, Aphrodite made a mad dash away from the temple.

As soon as she was out of clearing, Aphrodite squealed like a teenage girl. What Hera created might be the ultimate weapon to be used to finally bring Percabeth together ASAP. Of course, since the goddess was not known for her smarts, she simply imagined things like this:

Baby + Percabeth as the 'parents' = Immediate Couple = happy Aphrodite = happy couple world

She ignored all the consequences and the heavy responsibilities that came along with her plan, but who cares? The rest of the details are up to them, not her; after all, she's simply the planner, not the actual laborer. With that happy thought, the Goddess skipped her way all through her temple/room.

As soon as Aphrodite reached her room, the gears in her head started working. 'The what in the what? I should probably never hang out with Athena again. It makes me feel paranoid.' thought the goddess.

Before her plan could be realized, 'You're really rubbing on me, Athena dear.' she needed some DNA from the victims first.

The goddess was thankful for the fact that hanging out with Athena made her understand human anatomy and creativity, so she was able to know about the DNA stuff mortals spout on books. She had no one to do the errand for her –as if she'd waste her time collecting disgusting hair balls – but one certain god appeared in her mind. She smiled deviously.

"Ares darling!"

The God of War looked behind him to see who was calling him. He grinned when he saw his beautiful lover and cautiously looked for any traps or secret hidden cameras made by Hephaestus before finally reaching out to kiss her.

As soon as the make-out session was done, Aphrodite fixed her hair and make-up before giving Ares her best puppy-dog eyes. Immediately the god gulped.

"Darling, you know that I love you, right?"

Uh-oh, Ares thought.

Percy had a weird dream. It all started like this:

He was walking along a dark, deserted forest somewhere in America. He didn't know specifically where, but he had a feeling that it had something to do with his not-so-secret crush –Annabeth.

He kept walking along the dark path and finally came to clearing. The sight before him made Percy shake in barely-suppressed anger.

Annabeth had her back against a giant oak tree trembling violently as Ares, Percy's most loathed god, advanced towards her with a small dagger in hand. He smiled in a sinister way and said:

"Do not worry, daughter of Athena, for I am simply doing an errand."

Percy thought Annabeth had a good reason to be worried. The god was, after all, backing her up against a tree with a dagger held dangerously on level with her throat. Percy tried to move but his legs felt like lead, and for some reason, he couldn't even open his mouth.

He felt so angry and helpless at the same time as he watched his not-so-secret crush in danger. Ares must've felt his anger since he turned to his direction and smiled coldly.

'Well, well, if it isn't lover boy. So glad you could join us, but I'm afraid I'll have to let you out of this private matter..'

Percy woke up in a start. He remembered the dream so vividly he was afraid of what that blasted god may do to his, ehem, beloved.

He immediately scrambled to get changed and hurriedly left the Poseidon cabin to search for Annabeth. He was filled with dread after Malcolm - Annabeth's half sibling- told him she hadn't returned from her vacation yet.

Thankfully Grover was there to listen to his dream and to offer him company. As soon as he finished relaying his dream, Grover looked uncomfortable and nervous but at least he hadn't started chewing his shirt.

"I dunno, man. Maybe we could inform Chiron-"

"No! Chiron must not know!"

"Okay, okay, no telling Chiron. But maybe we could send a secret search party for Annabeth, courtesy of Juniper's tree nymph siblings and friends."

"You're the best, G-man. Say thanks to your girlfriend for me too."

"Don't thank me yet."

Thankfully, they needed not to worry about their plan since Annabeth arrived later in the afternoon. She had a frown on her face but nonetheless she looked perfectly fine.

Percy couldn't help but run towards her and engulfed her in his arms. She worried him so much that he hadn't really thought about the consequences of his actions. Annabeth on the other hand, stood frozen in shock and felt her face grow hot. The looks her fellow campers wore made her want to dig a hole and just die there.

Chiron's arrival was the last shot. Her face burned so hot she wondered if Percy could feel her heat. Speaking of Percy-


Percy let go of Annabeth as if she was a plague after hearing Chiron's obviously fakecough. The centaur's eyes twinkled in mischief as he stared at both of them, particularly longer towards Percy.

"Well, that was quite a show-" Cue snickers and giggles from the campers, "but we must let Annabeth rest. I'm sure she's tired from her travel. Travis, Connor, will you?"

"On it, Chiron." Replied the Stoll brothers as they held Annabeth's luggage and escorted her to her cabin.

"Now run along all of you, you still have activities to do. That includes you too, Percy."

Percy's face flushed as he made his way towards the lake. The sound of laughs, snickers, giggles and chants of what sounded suspiciously like Percabeth echoed through the camp.

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