The Baby Theory

Ch 4: The Parents part I

The morning after last night's incident, Chiron arranged an emergency Head Counselors' meeting to introduce the child to his parents. He wanted to collect everyone so that it'll appear as though everything was completely unplanned.

Not only that, Chiron was as sure as Athena that Aphrodite wanted a very 'grand' encounter, especially when it comes to Percabeth. Pleasing gods surely take a lot of careful planning; he swears on the River Styx that he could almost feel a migraine, that is, if centaurs could ever have one.

Percy surprisingly had a normal night's sleep. By normal, he meant no monsters chasing him or no strange premonitions that could lead to another great prophecy. In fact, he savored it so much that he decided to sleep in late; unfortunately the gods weren't always (make that never) in his favor…well, except Poseidon, of course.

A loud knock echoed throughout the interior of Cabin Three. Percy groaned and buried himself deeper to the comforts of his soft bed. After a minute of attempting to block the noise out, the son of Poseidon finally have had enough so he forced himself to open the damned door.

"What?" He asked groggily while rubbing his eyes.

"Well, good morning to you too, Seaweed Brain."

Apparently that woke him up. His vision cleared immediately so he was able to see Annabeth with her usual smirk and intimidating stormy gray eyes. He was about to retort when he noticed something different about her that day.

Instead of the usual orange Camp Half-Blood shirt and jean shorts, Annabeth wore a simple white summer dress that reached above her knees with a light gray jacket that brings out the color of her eyes. The only thing that remained in ordinary was her bead necklace. Heck, even her Converses were replaced by cream-colored doll shoes. A pair of freaking doll shoes!

"Hello! Earth to Seaweed Brain?"

"W-What?" Percy asked rather stupidly. Thank gods his mind was still too hazy to have the decency to command his face to blush.

"Gods, you really are such a Seaweed Brain. I said you should get ready as soon as possible because we are having the Head Counselors' meeting this morning."

"Okay. But what on Hades' Realm are you wearing?" He suddenly blurted. Now that the words are out, Percy thought it sounded rather insulting than genuinely curious to which what his original intention was.

"I know right? Gods, I totally loathe those Aphrodite kids right now. They ransacked all my clothes and replaced it with super girlish ones!" Thankfully Annabeth seemed to take his words as pure curiosity.

Mental note to myself: Thank all the Aphrodite kids later.

"Anyways, you should really prepare now. I'll see you at the Big House at 9. And oh, by the way, nice drool trail!"

Annabeth then ran towards the Big House, her blonde hair flying in a very flattering manner as she left a very red-faced Percy by his cabin door.

When Percy arrived at the Big House, it was chaotic, as usual.

Ping pong balls bounced everywhere: some were harmless while others were thrown a hundred miles per hour. Empty cans of cheese spray littered the floor but then again, Grover ate most of the trash away but still, cheese decorated the walls and table and some even reached the ceiling.

Travis and Connor Stoll ('What is Connor doing here? I thought Travis was head counselor for Hermes cabin?' thought Percy) were playing pranks on Clarisse, Chris, Katie, Will and the rest of the counselors. This totally explains the complete mess, by the way.

Beckendorf looked calm and cool as he sat beside his girlfriend Silena who was at the moment busy styling Annabeth's hair into an elaborate French braid.

Percy took a seat next to Annabeth, completely ignoring the sly looks and the temporary silence that came along with it and attempted to start a casual conversation with her. Silena thought it was rather sweet of him to do so.

"Aww, you guys are sooo cute! And Percy dear, doesn't Annabeth look stunning today? We're still waiting for your 'thank you', though."

"Shut up, Silena." Annabeth mumbled, but she looked red in the face. Percy thought he looked much, much worse.

"Ehem." A voice suddenly interrupted all of them.

The campers inside managed to get seated, wipe the cheese-decorated table clean (the Stoll brothers slid on the table and used their selves as rags) and shoved the empty cans and ping pong balls under Grover's hooves all under five seconds flat; a feat none of the Demigods were proud of.

Chiron strutted his way towards them; obviously ignoring the fact that there were still cheese spray on the walls and ceilings, the Stoll brothers looking brightly orange from head to toe and Grover's hooves raised from the pile of trash underneath.

"How are you all today?" He asked as if all of them were kindergarteners.

"Cheesy." Travis replied as he wiped the cheese off his face as did Connor.

"I'll ignore that. Anyways, I've gathered all of you here because of a certain incident."

"Is that the one causing the weird noises coming from the room across the hall?" Annabeth asked perceptively.

"Why yes, very good, Annabeth. You see, last night, we had a certain, err, visitor. And apparently, we could not locate his parents. Godly and mortal, I mean." Chiron explained.

"Whoa, he got lost?" Percy asked.

"Well, you could say that." He replied vaguely.

"Please stop beating around the bush Chiron, I can sense that there's something you're not telling us." Annabeth said calmly as all eyes stared at the centaur accusingly. Chiron smiled; as expected of the daughter of Athena.

"Alright, I'll make things clear and simple: we found a baby last night."

"A what?!" Disbelief and shock were painted on the campers' faces.

"I think things would be much simpler if I bring the evidence." Chiron gestured at the door. Suddenly, Mr. D entered carrying a toddler with gray-green eyes and messy curly black hair.

There was tense silence. When the child locked eyes with Percy, he screamed. "Dada!"

All eyes now turned to Percy as he started sweating. Mr. D looked at him in disdain.

"I hope next time you won't bring your offspring in camp, Phineas Johansson." The God of Wine said as he stomped his way and placed the toddler on Percy's shaking arms and exited, all the while grumbling incoherently.

Unbearable silence still filled the room. Percy decided he would at least defend himself.

"It's not true, you guys! I swear this kid isn't mine! I haven't even scored a girl at all throughout my 16 years of existence!"

As soon as the words were out, Percy wanted to die from embarrassment. He could literally translate each and every one of their expressions and read their minds.

Travis: Dude, I feel sorry for Percy. Maybe we could arrange someone for him so that at least he'd have experience?

Connor: You're right. But I think Annabeth is better suited for that. *Mental fist bump with Travis*

Silena: Oh my. That's just too tragic!

Beckendorf: I told him to ask Annabeth out on the fourth of July. He would've been enjoying his life right now.

Katie: I really shouldn't be hearing this. Poor Annabeth!

Clarisse: What a total dick. He couldn't even man up and ask Princess Curls out. Tch!

Chris: I am so gonna talk to him after this.

Pollux: So that's why Dad says he's a total loser.

Will: He has the looks so what's his problem?

Grover: I'm sorry, Perce. I thought you had things all under your control!

Annabeth: According to the Fourth Edition of Webster's dictionary for Students, score may be a noun which means a record of points, or a verb that means to make or cause a point…

Really, Annabeth? I just confessed something so embarrassing yet all you care about is reciting its meaning from the dictionary?

And how come she's almost always mentioned in the minds of everyone as if she's the one I want? Which is totally true by the way. Am I really that obvious? Gods, I thought I did a great job hiding it!

"Okay, I'm definitely convinced that Percy really is the father. All the similarities point out to him, well except for the eyes. So much for Percabeth." Silena said firmly but murmured the last one. All the campers, excluding Annabeth, nodded their heads in agreement.

"Hey! This is all crazy! You've based that just purely from our looks? Chiron, please tell me you're not agreeing with them." Percy turned to the centaur in desperation.

"I'm sorry child, but I'm just as convinced as they are. Anyways, I've got to talk to Mr. D about certain things. I'll be right back, all of you." Chiron said as he strutted his way out to the office.

"No way." Percy mumbled. Suddenly the kid in his arms made a 'grab-me!' gesture from his left side. The child continued squirming while Percy readjusted him so that he wouldn't fall.

"What's wrong with you, kiddo?" He asked as the fussing continued. The campers stared at him but he ignored it in favor of calming the kid down.


"Who?" Percy turned his head at the same direction where the child was looking. All he saw were the girls looking at the child in concern. Not helping.

"Mama!" He leaned closer, forcing Percy to move his feet.

"Seriously, kid, what's wrong?" His patience was starting to wear thin. Apparently, he said the wrong thing since the child started crying. The crying-slash-screaming continued to rise in terms of pitch and volume. Even his Achilles Heel did not render to lessen the pain on his eardrums. The rest started to distance themselves away from him all the while covering their ears.

"Oh Gods, please stop crying."

The weight in his arms and the ear-throbbing cry suddenly disappeared. Percy opened his eyes and saw Annabeth calming the child down. She moved around until the cries decreased to whimpers. Everyone in the room stared at her in awe, their jaws slacking.

"What?" Annabeth asked them as she realized all eyes were on hers.

"How- how did you do that?" Percy asked in his typical Seaweed Brain manner.

"I have brothers, remember? I took care of them for a while whenever my dad and stepmom are out."

"Oh, okay. Thanks for calming him down for me." Percy then made his way to Annabeth to take the child back in his arms. The kid refused and burrowed his face on Annabeth's chest.

"Hey, buddy. C'mon, go back to me, okay?"

There was this unexplainable tension in the room when the child still refused to look at Percy. The campers exchanged uneasy looks with Annabeth. Having fed up with this ordeal, Percy forcefully but gentlygrabbed him from the armpits and lifted him off of the girl.

Even when Percy grabbed him, the kid continued to lean towards Annabeth; again making that 'grab-me!' gesture. Finally frustrated that no one understood him, he shouted in his cute baby voice: "Mama!"

The campers' jaws dropped in shock while Annabeth and Percy looked mortified.

"MAMA?!" They all chorused.

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